At the disposal of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU was the Emirates ID of the former deputy director of the FSB Vladimir Anisimov. Colonel-General, a trusted person of Nikolai Patrushev and chairman of the board of directors of the defense plant Degtyarev himself boasted of his residency in the UAE in front of the escorts. And after the scandal between the authoritative counterintelligence officer and prostitutes, the details of his civilian life were revealed.

One of the constant favorites of Vladimir Gavrilovich, a participant in blogging events of the State Duma with a biblical name, revealed the secrets of her client after he owed money to the workers. Anisimov is called “grandfather” in escort circles, and the glory of a complex customer has stuck to him.

The retired counterintelligence officer lives in the elite village of Deauville near Odintsovo. Guests also come to see him there. Before a rendezvous, the Chekist, as a rule, treats escorts in a country premium restaurant with oysters and sea urchins, where he can afford to close an account for 200 thousand rubles in an evening. There were also cases when Anisimov did not wait for the culmination of the evening, and fell asleep right at the table. According to this scenario, one of the last evenings of Vladimir Gavrilovich passed. The Colonel-General of the FSB got drunk and ruined the evening for himself and his companions: he did not give them money in advance, at first he was courteous, called everyone to Dubai, waving his personal card, and already plunging into oblivion, he did not recognize the ladies and left them without a tidy sum with six zeros.

Former deputy director of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Anisimov, Western journalists attributed a connection with Petrozamora, a joint venture between Gazprombank and the state-owned Venezuelan oil company Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). As well as other "Kremlin projects" outside of Russia. Anisimov really loves spending time abroad. It's just that he conducts it in a very peculiar way.

At the disposal of the Cheka-OGPU was a tearful letter from an escort addressed to the wife of the former deputy director of the FSB Vladimir Anisimov. A prostitute complains to her about the general, believing that she will somehow influence her husband and he will pay her off for an unforgettable weekend on a yacht in Montenegro.

“Julia, good afternoon) My name is Raisa) Nice to meet you. I would like to share with you information about your ex-husband or Vladimir Gavrilovich, who is ill. From the moment we met, he was a quite adequate and pleasant man, but after my close friend Eva and I flew to Montenegro on a yacht, it was as if he was replaced.

Shortly before departure, I had to take out a mortgage, to which VG swore and swore that I didn’t need to take anything, that he would give apartments and cars, including the addresses of the apartments to my parents. Of course, I did not believe in this dubious information, otherwise I would now be left without my apartment. On the yacht, he did what he wanted. He fell, I took off his stitches, then he died, then he resurrected and the like. I had only one desire to leave as soon as possible, he didn’t even let us sleep properly, a nightmare. I cooked on the yacht for everyone, including the commander every day. No thanks from the word at all. He kept saying that I was sleeping with the commander. Funny. They constantly saved him, carried him after restaurants, listened to insults, including from Nikolai Nikolaevich. At the Istanbul airport, they also helped with the hotel, as the connection was long. I have already forgotten this nonsense about apartments and cars, but he promised to pay me a year of my mortgage, and after arrival 4 months have passed, I have not seen a penny of money. He also persuaded me not to take out a mortgage, now I would just stay on the street. He promised to help my dad with the documents, he said it was a matter of honor, as a result, no honor, no conscience, just insults. Every day he has girls, and not one in Deauville, he systematically does not pay them, and gives some of them 2 million rubles each, and left me for two weeks without a penny and with empty promises!!! One girl ran out the window barefoot as he beat her and threatened her. He calls everyone Julia, catches strong squirrels. Does it apply to you as well?

The scandal “among her own” because of Anisimov was raised by “mommy”, who sent the girls to Anisimov - Eva P. She has known Anisimov for a very long time and began to get to know him as a call girl. The lady meets with the elderly Chekist herself and organizes leisure time with her “friends”. Judging by the page on the social network, Eva P. most recently participated in the Social Blogger event, which was held in the State Duma. Eva P.'s phone number is blacklisted by many, in the professional community she is criticized for "withdrawing models and customers." The VIP pimp specializes in "difficult" clients: among them are security officials, deputies and people from the Caucasus.

The source of the Cheka-OGPU told about another pimp who supplied girls to the former deputy director of the FSB, Vladimir Anisimov. According to the interlocutor, the girls went to bed with the general and his ilk straight from the impromptu catwalks of the Queen of Moscow beauty contests. Events were regularly held in various restaurants, for example, in Etazh on Tverskaya. O The organizer and part-time procurer was Roman V. He posted announcements about competitions in social networks and thematic chats, as a rule, novice models responded. The winner took 100 thousand rubles in addition to the title, for the second and third places the girls received 15 thousand rubles. Often Anisimov himself came to the bride, at that time he had already left the FSB and worked for billionaire Igor Kesaev. Well, then it's a matter of technology. His permanent presenter Denis helped Roman to recruit beauties, and a team of hosts and videographers of "Party vision" set the secular atmosphere. In recent years, this company has grown into a whole event holding: they reported on the 30th anniversary of Buzova, organized the weddings of Ovechkin, Voevodina and the King of Malaysia, etc. Roman, despite the fact that General Anisimov was taken away by the State Duma mom for some time, continues to work in industry.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin