RODIONOV - pseudosilovik


   Another result of the activity of fragments of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV (pseudo-advisor) - SIZOv (current employee, adviser to the chairman of the St. Petersburg CTTI) - VELESEVICH (dismissed from the post of deputy chairman of the St. motives, deputy director of State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans) - LYZIN (defendant in criminal cases on corruption, director of State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans) - SELEZNEV (dismissed from the authorities for corruption reasons) - GAEVSKIY (Aspect LLC)


SELEZNEV - former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


   As already wrote, in the Defense TB private security company, which is covered by Seleznev, who is trying to sell services at every corner to "resolve" issues with the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Courts, the Prosecutor's Office, the Investigative Committee, the Ministry of Justice, there is a problem with the guards in general, and especially with trained ones. But it doesn't matter, the main thing is to take the contract and “saw” the money. And SELEZNEV with the deputy director of the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans NOVGORODSKII figured out how to do it. We signed a contract without a tender for the protection of the facilities of the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans. However, as a result of the systematic non-payment of salaries, the ranks of the security guards of the Defense TB private security company have greatly thinned out lately. Corrupt officials tried to cover the personnel shortage with guards from other facilities, but this did not work either, because people fled there too.

Naturally, the contracts will be paid in full, and NOVGORODSKII will cover this whole scheme of embezzling money from the budget, forcing Lyzin, who is completely under his control, to pay for the "dead souls" of "Defens".


NOVGORODSKY - Deputy Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Passazhiravtotrans".


   As a result, today the parks of the State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans are partially left without protection, where buses are stored that transport residents and guests of the city. And this means that you can carry and lay anything on the bus. Not only are the buses constantly on fire, but now there is a new misfortune.


LYZIN, director of State Unitary Enterprise Passazhiravtotrans.


   Also, one of the largest bus stations in the city was left partially unguarded, from where thousands of people leave around the clock - come in and do whatever you want. As a result, the money stolen from this contract will be divided by NOVGORODSKY and SELEZNEV, and LYZIN will answer for it. I wonder if the rest of the accomplices will get something or will they share everything for two, as usual?

   We wrote about the situation on the western high-speed diameter, the transport artery of the North-West, along which hundreds of thousands of people, cars, goods move daily, and today it continues to deteriorate - there are fewer and fewer guards there. We suggest that the officials of the customer, and in this case it is LLC Northern Capital Highway and JSC Western High-Speed ​​Diameter, pay attention to the deplorable state of security at the facilities entrusted to them.

   If we now mark with red dots on the map of the city those places where the employees of Defense TB are located, or rather absent, then it will charge in the eyes. We remind everyone that at this time the issues of protecting any objects from criminal encroachments of third parties are more important than ever.


GAYEVSKIY-owner of "Aspect" LLC

   Also, foreign software MILESTONE is still installed at customs and transport facilities with the ability to broadcast classified information in these same foreign countries. It was established that this equipment was produced by the notorious firm "Aspect", owned by a member of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg" GAYEVSKY.


KOMYAGIN - an employee of the KRTI


   They are actively lobbying for the installation of the "aspect" of MILESTONE on the bridges of our city - SIZOv - an adviser to the chairman of the CTTI and KOMYAGIN, an employee of the CTTI.


SIZov is an active employee, adviser to the chairman of the CTTI.


   According to our information, people responsible for the safety of citizens and guests of the city have already paid attention to the bare "transport gang of St. Petersburg" RODIONOV-SIZOV-VELESEVICH-KOMYAGIN-NOVGORODSKII-LYZIN-SELEZNEV-GAEVSKIY object security system.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin