The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and received a letter from Oleg Antipov, who was accused of committing a terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge. It only confirms the critical theses of the Cheka-OGPU on a number of issues for the official investigation. After all, the entire "disgusting eight" - eight defendants who were sent to jail, are not at all the same as the heroes of Tarantino's western. There are no bounty hunters or sheriffs among them. On the contrary, sedentary merchants, farmers and small intermediaries were called terrorists. Take the same Antipov. 33-year-old young father, CEO of the logistics company TEK-34. Literally on the eve of the state of emergency, he accumulated debts and bought an apartment on a mortgage. Oleg, like other defendants, and even the employees who worked with them, up to a certain point, could not even imagine that everyone would be sent under arrest. Some independently traveled to the locations of the organs, including to other cities. There were no objective allusions to the involvement of the detainees, except for a formal attitude to the transportation of cargo. But then a command came, and everyone who had anything to do with the ill-fated truck was arrested. Despite all the evidence of their innocence, the defendants in the case are simply kept in custody. There must be at least someone in the pre-trial detention center according to the “loud” one, according to which, obviously, there are no mobile and real defendants. We publish Antipov's letter.

“06.10.22 At 15 o'clock I received a call from a regular customer. We know each other only through the phone, we have never seen each other in person. He is an employee of a regular client of the "company", I will not mention the name, because. I have been working on a permanent basis for more than 3 years, applications and all supporting documents are available. There was not the slightest reason to suspect that there was not and could not be a cargo “with a catch”. An employee of this company calls and writes many times a day and gives applications for work.

So, he called and gave a job application: to find a driver to transport 21 tons of packed film on pallets from Armavir to Simferopol. We agreed on the price and date of loading 06-07.10.22. He gave the exact addresses of loading and unloading warehouses, contact numbers: on loading, unloading, responsible for the cargo. Within an hour I found the car, filled out the accompanying documents, where I registered all the information received. I gave the driver data to the customer via whatsapp. We agreed that the driver would load on 07.10 and unload on 08.10 in the morning.

On the morning of 10/08/22 I learn from the news about the explosion, but it said that the train was the cause. In the mornings I make scheduled calls to drivers, and the phone of the driver with the film was unavailable. Then I called the consignee - unavailable. Then I called the customer, he expressed concern and said that he would go to the unloading warehouse to look for a driver. This all happened from 11:00 to 13:00. At about 2:00 pm, I called the customer again, he was at the unloading warehouse and said that a car with a film on which I had issued documents had probably blown up on the bridge.

I immediately called the FSB reception and asked them to contact me about the explosion on the Crimean bridge. I sent the application for transportation and all the data to the FSB officers via whatsapp. Then he himself went to the office in St. Petersburg on Liteiny Prospekt, where for 8-10 hours he gave the most detailed testimony and himself gave his mobile phone and password for use. The staff were polite, fed and watered. They expressed verbal gratitude, said that they did everything right, if only all citizens behaved the same way. Together we compared my correspondence on the phone via whatsapp, e-mail and calls, I gave high-quality explanations and actively helped the investigation.

Around 04.00 on 09.10.22 we arrived home. FSB officers conducted a search and confiscated the phone. In the morning I restored the SIM card and from the morning of 09.10 I received daily calls from the FSB, the investigative committee, the prosecutor's office and tried to help everyone with testimony. I either did not answer dozens of calls and letters to the media, or said that I would not give information, because. I was asked to answer like this by operatives, I did not give anyone else any information.

Further, on 14.10 at 06.00 in the morning, operatives arrived at my house, with whom I spoke on 08.10, and said that I would need to go to Moscow and testify there. They warned that it might be necessary to stay there for a couple of days, although this is unlikely. We all went together on a peregrine falcon. In Moscow, I was detained in the investigator’s office, interrogated again, and the investigator said: “Tomorrow there will be a trial, where it will be decided on me, maybe they will release me, or maybe they will send me to a pre-trial detention center for 10-15 days.” The next day, on October 15, in court, the same investigator asked the judge to detain me for 1 month and 24 days. He pointed out that my involvement in the crime "is confirmed by the testimony of witnesses, protocols of investigative actions, the results of operational search activities and other evidence."

Before the trial, I was allowed to familiarize myself with the materials of the case. There were a lotth testimony from customers, the head of the warehouse, storekeepers, loaders and other persons, but no one said that I or my company was involved in any crime. There were no protocols of investigative actions or other facts indicating my involvement in the case. My lawyer and I talked about this, but the judge didn't seem to care. Apparently the decision was already known to me.

The lawyer asked to change my preventive measure to house arrest, but the court refused, arguing that “Antipov O.A. can hide from the preliminary investigation and court, including outside the Russian Federation, continue to engage in criminal activities and threaten witnesses.

How can I hide if I myself went to the FSB headquarters in St. Petersburg and Moscow?! I answered all calls, was on the phone 24/7. No one spoke about specific testimony, there is no evidence. Since then I have been sitting. Well, at least they transferred from the punishment cell. Three times I wrote statements to the investigative committee that I want to give additional evidence, to prove my innocence, but they ignore me. For a month no one has ever talked to me, but I have something to say! I am not guilty! I didn’t see the cargo, I didn’t communicate with anyone except the regular customer and the driver! My responsibilities include only finding a vehicle for the needs of the client on the ati website without checking the cargo for the presence of explosives. I have never been to the place of loading or unloading! I fear for myself and my loved ones!

I have reason to believe that our services, as they cannot catch the real criminals, they will make me the culprit and most likely others, namely: storekeepers, loaders, etc. Please publicize! The truth is on our side and we must be heard by the people!

Timofey Grishin

To be continued