The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and became aware of the unprecedented humanism of the Kuban Themis. An authoritative local resident shot a local farmer from a pistol illegally kept by him, firing three bullets at him. The judges regarded it as self-defense.

On November 13, 2020, in a field near the Kumatyr farm near Anapa, the corpse of a 41-year-old man was found with gunshot wounds to the chest.

Anapa detectives on the same day opened criminal case No. 1200203000060000139.

And soon, on suspicion of committing a crime, a 35-year-old resident of Kumatyr, Rustam Khudoyan, was put on the wanted list. According to the operational data, which the investigation already had at the time of the arrest, on November 13, 2020, in the Anapa district of the Krasnodar Territory, he committed the brutal murder of farmer Mikhail Agapov, a veteran of the Chechen war, with three shots from a pistol.

On this fact, a criminal case was opened under articles 105 and 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Investigators collected, as it seemed, an iron evidence base. Even despite the fact that Khudoyan, the murderer of the village, changed his testimony more than once.

The outcome seemed predictable. The prosecutor's office requested a sentence of 9 years in prison for the killer. But, as almost always, in cases where the severity of the sentence is determined by one of the rare varieties of Themis - the Kuban, all-Russian Criminal Code ... did not work ... After all, unlike the classical Themis, which holds a punishing sword in one hand and scales in the other, as a sign of making a balanced decision, the Kuban version of the sword does not have at all, but a considerable number of banknotes lie on the scales.

The hearings on this seemingly obvious case dragged on for 1.5 years. Which gave an excellent opportunity to Khudoyan R.Kh. to use the corrupt features of the Kuban judiciary. The Anapa judges got the money, and the result is clearly visible. On August 29, 2022, the judge of the Anapa District Court Saliy O.N. rendered a verdict.

It is unique in its anecdotal. According to the judge's deepest conviction, three shots at point-blank range from illegally stored military weapons - this is "causing death by negligence" (Article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). In the original anecdote, the truth is a slightly different wording: “Now the deceased stumbled and fell on a knife. And so 15 times.

In the wording of Judge Saliy, this full version of the verdict should have sounded like this: “Khudoyan carelessly shot at farmer Agapov with an illegal weapon, then fired a second careless shot, and finally, a third, control careless shot, as a result of which, at that moment, he accidentally ended up on trajectories of careless shots, the farmer died.

"Careless" Khudoyan was eventually released from the shackles right in the courtroom. For him, the term of detention in the pre-trial detention center was also credited.

The joy of Khudoyan's freedom could not overshadow the regional court either. Amazing in its humanism, the verdict of the Anapa judges was sent for appeal to the region. Regional Themis in the Kuban differs from its municipal subdivision only in the size of corruption scales. Khudoyan also succeeded in “solving the issue” in advance. The judge of the regional court Galina Ivanovna Lobodenko, who considered the Khudoyanov case No. 22-7362/2022), did not hold the first meeting, and at the second she ... left the verdict unchanged !!!

No, well, really, what else to expect from Elena Khalaleva's girlfriend?

After the high-profile Kushchev case that thundered throughout the country, it seemed that somewhere, somewhere, but in the Kuban, special attention of law enforcement officers would be riveted to the brutal murders of farmers, and the courts would finally begin to pass sentences in accordance not with the personal judicial pocket, but with clearly defined articles of the Criminal Code. But no. It turns out that Kushchevka is rather an exception to the Kuban corruption rules. In that case, the public outcry was too great. In other cases, where Bastrykin personally does not control the investigation, it is quite possible to get by with the wording “negligent homicide” and release the bandit directly from the courtroom.

The latest encouraging news: the prosecutor's office plans to file a cassation appeal against the decision of the regional court to remove the killer from liability. Will it work? According to conversations, more than one million rubles have already been thrown onto the scales by the Kuban Themis Khudoyan. Is it possible to outweigh such an iron "Kuban argument"?

Roman Trushkin

To be continued