By the decision of the Presnensky District Court of the city of Moscow, the petition of the investigating authorities to change the measure of restraint in the form of a ban on certain actions for taking into custody against the lawyer Georgy Udunyan, accused of committing crimes under Part 1 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 2 of Article .139 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, valid until January 25, 2023. Udunyan attacked his former lover Daria Glushakova and her new lover, top manager of Gazpromneft Evgeny Zykov, at the Lotto Plaza Hotel. However, the detention of Udunyan is not a “triumph of justice”, but the next stage of the “war” of two deciders, each of which is backed by security forces of various scales. Details - at

   On November 23, 2022, Udunyan, in a state of extreme intoxication, burst into the expensive Lotte Plaza hotel in the capital, after which he knocked out the front door and literally smashed the room in which Daria Glushakova, who had long since parted with him, was in the company of her new boyfriend, top manager of Gazpromneft Evgeny Zykov. The latter got the most - the doctors stated serious harm to health.

Евгений Зыков

It is noteworthy that exactly a year ago, a half-naked unfortunate lawyer, threatening visitors and staff with a gun, smashed the Moscow restaurant La Mare on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, from where he escaped in a Rolls Royce with the numbers of the talking HAM series. Then only after the intervention of the media and the public of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of Moscow, a criminal case was initiated for hooliganism with the use of weapons.

Surprisingly, a year later, the first case did not go to court, and Udunyan continued to hooligan. Perhaps the whole thing is in the investigator who is investigating the debauchery case at La Marais. As it turned out, this is an old friend of Udunyan, the son of the former Prosecutor General of South Ossetia - Azamat Dzhagaev, who became famous after being detained by traffic police in the center of Moscow on an expensive BMW with unregistered South Ossetian numbers M555MM.

But no less surprising is the fact that the material on the brawl at Lotte Plaza was written by the same investigator. As a result: the first case was not sent to court, the preventive measure was with minimal restrictions, and no one was in a hurry to initiate the second case, as if giving Udunyan the opportunity to close all urgent cases and escape abroad, for example, to the UAE, where he was seen about a month ago.

Сергей Говядин

According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, the situation changed when a new participant appeared in the war between the lawyer Gennady Udunyan and his former lover Daria Glushakova, her lover, top manager of Gazprom Neft Evgeny Zykov. Glushakova provided security and paid for legal services, a major solver Sergei Govyadin, a longtime opponent of Udunyan. Glushakova needs Govyadin as a witness of Udunyan's special relationship with the generals of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Biryukov and Alexander Krakovsky and, with the help of her testimony, to revive the case against the generals. And also in order to speed up the sending of Udunyan to the sieve. Govyadin himself says that “SK is my enterprise,” but still acts with the help of an assistant. Such was the lawyer-fixer Oleg Popov.

 Олег Попов

The result appeared quickly. On December 29, in the morning, accompanied by MUR operatives, Udunyan was taken to the investigator. Udunyan was detained in accordance with Art. 91 Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. Udunyan himself was sure that the current ban on certain actions would be replaced by a maximum of house arrest. According to operational information, Udunyan has established close contact with the judges of the Presnensky Court of Moscow, where he regularly represents various clients with a guaranteed positive resolution of their issues. Two years ago, Udunyan came to light in a case involving the transfer of a bribe to an investigator and deputy chiefs of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At that time, high-ranking investigators were detained by employees of the Department "M" of the FSB of Russia, but then they were released. It was not possible to solve Udknyan on his own. The court sent him into custody.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued