The son of the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in a pre-trial detention center, security officers and their sponsor are in the UAEThe Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and became aware of new circumstances under which Denis Zubov, the son of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov, got into the development of the Samara UFSB.

At the beginning of 2021, a group of self-confident employees of the Federal Security Service of the Samara Region (now arrested) and an experienced cashier, and in the past a professional wrestler - Sergei Surkov, decided to take control of the entire illegal oil business in the region. Such an idea came to them after Ivan Voronichev, the former driver of the president of the mini-football club Dynamo-Samara, Igor Karpov, who, being offended by his employer, decided to “pour out his soul” to Karpov’s sworn enemy-Surkov.

In February 2021, a meeting was held at Surkov’s house, which in the future will become a landmark in the war of security forces not only in the Samara region, but also at the federal level. The meeting was attended by Ivan Voronichev, Sergei Sergeevich Surkov and a FSB officer. At this meeting, all three actively discussed illegal oil taps in the Bogatovsky field and all the people involved, namely Ermakov Vasily, Karpov Igor and Zubov Denis (the son of Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov), who was in partnership and friendly relations with Karpov and Ermakov. The unfortunate conquerors discussed a method that could provoke V. Ermakov and I. Karpov to a bribe, and, on occasion, Denis Zubov himself. It was decided that all three would be carefully courted by FSB officers in order to win over. Development began immediately.

Months passed, all contacts transmitted by Voronichev I. were carefully tapped and studied. Development was in full swing. The provocation of a bribe was prepared in several stages. The employee himself several times, at the opportunity, showed attention to Karpov (given pens, notebooks and other things with the symbols of the FSB), and soon Karpov introduced the Chekist to his friend Denis Zubov.

The security officers already clearly understood that without the arrest of the minister's son, the whole scheme does not matter, because only after the arrest of Zubov Jr., the entire region can be taken under control, and money from illegal oil production will flow like a river.


Everything seemed to be going according to plan. And in February 2022, the security officers carry out their provocation to give a bribe, and detain all three (Ermakov, Karpov, Zubov), red-handed.

The whole trinity is arrested by a court order and placed in a pre-trial detention center. But something went wrong... All three go into denial and plead not guilty. They insist that a provocation was carried out, and thereby frustrate the plans of the Chekists.

No more than a month passes, as Igor Zubov intervenes in the current situation (unofficially, of course), and demands an honest trial in the case of his son and his friends.

And so it happens - the case is taken by the CA of the RF IC, and all three are transported to Moscow for further investigation, and here the most interesting begins. As found out, shadowing begins for the UFSB employees themselves. Surkov is being monitored for illegal banking activities. Soon, one by one, the FSB officers begin to fall for the crimes of bygone years. Four out of six Chekists are detained for various reasons. Two security officers manage to escape from the country, and the main villain (Surkov S.S.) also flees from the country to the UAE.

Absolutely every FSB officer who came across gave out some episode of the crime. At the moment, the federal security forces are increasingly interested in two individuals from this community - these are Mikhail Fomin and Sergey Surkov. It is these two who must put together the final puzzle in the case of a planned provocation against Denis Zubov. According to reports, Surkov will be charged along the way with 18 episodes of cashing out money.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued