On the eve of the New Year holidays, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow limited the period for familiarizing Yevgeny Moiseev (defender of the Police Ombudsman) with the materials of the criminal case. The reason was the delay in the familiarization process. It is noteworthy that the investigator himself was with Moiseev in the pre-trial detention center for only 2 working days (8 hours each) in 1.5 months, but the court considered that the defendant was delaying the process. Moiseev's requests for time to prepare his position and for the provision of a lawyer were rejected by the court without explanation. Yevgeny Moiseev himself commented on this process: “Now you are witnessing the triumph of lawlessness and injustice over obviously innocent people. Stock up on popcorn, it will be an exciting public reprisal, and no one can change anything. So, just sit back and enjoy the spectacle" .

Project participant Police Ombudsman Yevgeny Moiseev has prepared a new appeal to all those who support the Police Ombudsman team persecuted for the truth. The appeal was transferred to Rucriminal.info and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, which we publish:

"Hello comrades! Today is December 29, 2022. Three days ago I learned that we all had already been sentenced. Yes, yes, he already is. The verdict is this: found guilty of deliberately false denunciation of Vorontsov and falsification of evidence in his case. Even the term of punishment was appointed: actually served in a pre-trial detention center at the time of the verdict + 1 year “from above”. Considering that the sentence will be closer to the spring of 2023, and our term is 1 year after 1.5 years, then all three of us will be given a term in the corridor of 2-3 years in a general regime colony. The deadline will be real. That is, the case has not yet been sent to court and we have not yet been handed the indictment, but the verdict has already been passed. The only thing left to do is to hold a show trial, print this very verdict on a piece of paper and officially announce it. That's the kind of "law and order" we have now. More precisely, lawlessness and disorder. How is this possible? Now I'll tell you.

On October 20, 2021, we dealt a crushing blow to the Chief of the Metropolitan Police, in fact, exposing a whole gang of criminals in general and colonel uniforms. Naturally, no one was going to forgive us such a blow to the reputation of both the Moscow police and its individual ranks.

For 9 months they puzzled over what to do with us and how. And they did not come up with anything better than to accuse us of the fact that it was like we ourselves falsified the evidence in the criminal case against Vorontsov, and not they themselves. Mdaaa ... Megaminds!

But some of them, from their gang, apparently, someone from the GSU, understood that not a single court would arrest us for such nonsense, not a single prosecutor's office would coordinate the initiation of a criminal case. And then these fools came up with something.

They thought of declaring the three of us a "new opposition", which is raising the radical masses against the current authorities in the Russian Federation. And I'm not joking now, it is precisely such wordings that are indicated in the reports of entire colonels of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Exactly the same words, only with a bunch of spelling errors.

And since the investigation (reprisal against us) was planned to be entrusted to the Main Investigative Directorate, all sanctions, including our detention, had to be done through the Tverskoy District Court. This is a court that serves the very center of Moscow with all state institutions. Naturally, this court is not under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, another federal service rules there (we will not say it out loud). And the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs went to "bow" to this very service, they say, we have terrible oppositionists here, they should be thrown into a pre-trial detention center.

What to do here? Not boys from the street came, but whole generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Of course, they agreed on everything, but under guarantees to provide evidence of opposition activity. Weeks, months passed, but no such evidence was found. Yes, because they don't exist! We are not opposition! We have always been on guard of state interests. We even told the court everything at first, and only then made the film public. September, October, November - we have no evidence. None at all: neither in opposition, nor in a criminal case. Well, here the guys from the federal service shrugged their shoulders, they say, the guys from the Ministry of Internal Affairs deceived us, what kind of support is now? And at the very beginning of December, the court even began to consider my complaints, which it did not do for 4 months. Everything, the turning point has come in our favor. But this simply cannot be allowed - this is the second terrible blow to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Well, here the head of the Glavka Baranov himself personally went to the "bow" to the prosecutor's office and the Moscow City Court. And so, through humiliation, he was able to “push through” so that we would be convicted. So watch and enjoy the massacre ... "

Source: www.rucriminal.info