The story continued with an unsuccessful project (VITAWIN sports nutrition stores) by Roman Rotenberg, the son of co-owner and member of the board of directors of SMP Bank Boris Rotenberg and nephew of Arkady Rotenberg. has repeatedly written about Roman Rotenberg's close friend Yana Ivantsova, whom he made the owner and head of Doctor Sport LLC. She still continues to be listed as the sole owner, and after the court approved the amicable agreement imposed on creditors and the termination of bankruptcy proceedings, they appointed a face value.

Яна Иванцова

At the end of 2020, through its bankruptcy trustee and with the consent of controlled creditors with more than 50% of the votes, they carried out a settlement agreement through the court.

According to this "settlement agreement", 70% of the debt was discounted (written off), the remaining 30% Doctor Sport undertook to pay within 3 years - by the end of 2022. And now the real businessmen who worked with the Rotenberg family, as expected, were again taught the lesson of "forgiveness" . A well-known family probably needs other people's money more. Issues of the health of the economy, the survival of small businesses and the salaries of their employees in this difficult time are not very interesting. And among the creditors there is even a charitable foundation.

As found out, two applications have already been submitted to the court for the issuance of a writ of execution for the enforcement of a settlement agreement. The problem is, the Doctor of Sports never made it. Judging by the reporting, there is no activity, and the accounts have been blocked by the tax authorities for non-payment of taxes since 2018. The Cheka-OGPU counted 83 effective decisions to suspend operations on accounts. It is noteworthy that the accounts of Roman Rotenberg's organization are opened in his father's bank (SMP Bank) and Gazprombank, in which he himself was vice president. By the way, SMP Bank was the founder of this business, which they also tried to bring to subsidiary liability. But it was never considered by the court.

Initially, lenders understood the dire prospects. The Moscow Arbitration Court also took its place in this story. To cover up the true plans, Rotenberg's employees even wrote a "business plan" for conquering the Russian sports nutrition market on 10 pages. They announced the creation of a federal retail network No. 1, the organization of production on the territory of the customs union, and even the creation of a marketplace No. 1. The Napoleonic Plan or New Vasyuki only aroused a smile from market participants then. The document itself was also assessed by an independent legal expert organization: 1. does not meet the basic technology for developing business plans for investment projects, 2. does not meet the requirements of the current legislation, 3. its use is unreasonable and carries high risks. The Moscow Arbitration Court was not interested in such conclusions.

Thus, the company of Roman Rotenberg absolutely legitimately evaded the return of debts. This required: 1. controlled creditors, 2. own bankruptcy trustee, 3. specific, unwilling to understand, justice. Creditors, of course, no longer expect anything from the recovery of balances from a long-inactive organization by bailiffs.

To be continued

Tomas Wisniewski