After a series of scandalous publications by and the Cheka - OGPU about the gang of Mikhail Mikhailov, nicknamed Don't wake up, the criminal case of the 2007 murder committed by members of this gang was transferred for further investigation to the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.

In today's article, we will talk not only about the Don't Wake gang, but also about the members of Dmitry Makarenko's gang, and the crimes committed by it.

The participants of these bandit formations were not familiar, did not commit joint crimes. However, members of one group were convicted of crimes committed by another gang.

As we said earlier, the investigation of crimes committed by members of the gang of Mikhailov M.V. is in 4 (four) separate criminal cases.

1) UD No. 9941 initiated on February 10, 2007 on the fact of the murder of Senichkin V.V. At present, it has been submitted for a comprehensive and objective investigation to the CA of the RF IC.


2) UD No. 137629 in relation to Drozdov A.M. (an active member of the Mikhailov M.V. gang, who is on the federal wanted list until April 2022). It was in the production of the GSU of the IC of Russia in the Moscow Region, and is currently transferred to the Central Administration of the IC of the Russian Federation.



3) UD No. 79191 in relation to the main gang and the crimes committed by it. On June 30, 2015, the Moscow Regional Court issued a guilty verdict on this CA.


4) UD No. 41225 on the burnt corpse of an unknown man. From the testimony of the witness Sadovsky M.A. it follows that this murder was committed by Drozdov A.M. and Mikhailov M.V.

All criminal cases related to the gang of Mikhailov M.V. were in the production of subdivisions of the UK in the Moscow region.

Criminal case No. 376610 on the crimes of the Makarenko D.S. gang, were initially in the production of the Investigative Committee departments in Moscow, and then in the production of the SO Investigative Committee of the ICR in the Central Federal District.

That is, the cases of these two gang groups were investigated by units of the Investigative Committee from different regions of the Russian Federation.

Among other crimes of the gang of Mikhailov M.V. its participants (Gumnikov A.S. and Mikhailov M.V.) were charged with the murder of Vakulin Dmitry Sergeevich, committed on November 25, 2008 in the village of Tokarevo, Lyubertsy district. According to the investigation and the court, the murder of Vakulin D.S. was committed in order to conceal another crime, the murder of Marat Albertovich Mullashaekhov. Murder of Mullashaekhov M.A. It was committed on September 30, 2008 by members of the Don't wake up gang in the city of Lyubertsy. The customer of the murder of Mullashaekhov M.A. was Vakulin D.S. The consequence, based on the "identification" of Gumnikov A.S. witness Zaripov Davlet Kharisovich and the testimony of the "witness" Sadovsky M.A. concluded that Vakulina D.C. they killed to prevent the latter from contacting law enforcement agencies, in order to report that he (Vakulin D.S.) ordered the murder of Mullashaekhov M.A.

Do you really feel the lack of common sense?

Well, now in order ....

Members of the gang of Mikhailov M.V. were arrested on March 18, 2009.

Members of the gang Makarenko D.S. were arrested on December 9, 2011.

Accordingly, in November 2012, in the case of Makarenko D.S. and his accomplices were still under investigation. And the criminal case against the gang of Mikhailov M.V. On October 18, 2012, it was submitted to the Moscow Regional Court for consideration on the merits.

Accusation of the murder of Vakulin D.S. was presented to Gumnikov A.S. and Mikhailov M.V. in 2009-2010 That is, when Makarenko D.S. and his accomplices were still at large.

Purely by chance Gumnikov A.S. it becomes known that at the beginning of 2012, at the scene of the murder of Vakulin D.S. investigative actions were carried out, with the participation of a man brought under escort. Later it became known that the man brought to the place of investigative actions under escort was Makarenko D.S.

At this time, about the fact of the charge brought against Mikhailov M.The. and Gumnikov A.S. in the murder of Vakulin D.S. it became known to the participants of the investigative - operational group (hereinafter referred to as the SOG) investigating the crimes of the Makarenko D.S. gang. It turns out to be absurd. Accusation of the murder of Vakulin D.S. brought against one (Mikhailov M.V. and Gumnikov A.S.) whose case is already in court, while others (Makarenko D.S. and Shevchenko G.S.) confess and testify about this crime. And this is followed by very “simple” actions…… Makarenko D.S. SOG participants are instructed to “forget” about the murder of D.S. Vakulin. Makarenko D.S. strictly follows the instructions of the SOG employees, and they begin to clean up the criminal case. In this connection, Makarenko D.S., Khasanov Yu.S., Shevchenko G.S. are repeatedly interrogated, reporting on new interrogations information identical to the previous interrogations, but without supplementing them. This is done in order to avoid any information in their interrogations about the fact that they committed the murder of Vakulin D.S. Disappear from the materials of UD No. 376610 is Makarenko D.S. That's just the dry cleaning of the criminal case failed! Protocol of additional interrogation of the accused Shevchenko G.S. dated 11/14/2012 from mate rials UD No. 376610 remove FOR-WOULD-BE! He is currently on trial. And during the interrogation of this dated 11/14/2012 Shevchenko G.S. among other things, told the investigator the details of the preparation and commission by him (Shevchenko G.S.) in complicity with Khasanov Yu.S. and Makarenko D.S., the murders of Vakulin D.S. It is worth noting that the testimony of Shevchenko G.S. regarding the murder of Vakulin D.S. are consistent, detailed and logically complement other established facts related to the murder of Vakulin D.S.

06/04/2013 by the Moscow City Court Makarenko D.S. in a special order (a pre-trial agreement on cooperation was concluded with him) was sentenced to 17 years in a strict regime colony. Makarenko D.S. was found guilty of murdering 4 (four) people, attempted murder, banditry and arms trafficking. To serve the sentence Makarenko D.S. was transferred to IK-7 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia along the river. Mordovia.

Gumnikov A.S. being in complete bewilderment, in connection with the indictment of the murder of Vakulin D.S., he hires a lawyer, Retyunsky Pavel Emelyanovich. Before Retyunsky P.E. the task is set: to come to the colony to Makarenko D.S. and find out from him the maximum information known to him (Makarenko D.S.) about the murder of Vakulin D.S.

At the disposal of the Cheka - the OGPU and there is an audio recording of the conversation of the lawyer Retyunsky P.E. and convicted Makarenko D.S. During this conversation, Makarenko D.S. directly says that the murder of Vakulin D.S. completely directly to them. D.S. Makarenko tells how, shortly after his arrest in December 2011, he wrote a confession on the fact of the murder of Vakulin D.S. About how he went to check the testimony on the spot, directly to the place of the murder of Vakulin D.S. He says that when checking the testimony on the spot, the widow of Vakulin D.S. was present. - Madrakhimova Irina, who immediately recognized him (Makarenko D.S.) as the murderer of her husband. D.S. Makarenko tells in detail. and about how the operatives came to him and told him: do you want to save the court case and not get a life sentence?! You forget about the murder of Vakulin D.S. You didn't do it. During the conversation, Makarenko D.S. reports his awareness that for the murder of Vakulin D.S. another person was convicted, namely Gumnikov A.S. At the same time, Makarenko D.S. clearly indicates that he will not say anywhere else about what he said and will not officially confirm anything. The reason for the unwillingness to officially confirm the details of the murder of Vakulin D.S., he (Makarenko D.S.) calls a possible revenge on the part of law enforcement officers. But that's not all….

To be continued

Arseny Dronov