In the Kirov region, the process of “liberation” of the region from the heavy legacy that remained until the end of the region of the Vasiliev-Churin tandem continues. The new leadership continues to study massive corruption schemes, and the authors of these schemes say they are confident in their impunity. After all, according to their estimates, earned in the region (read - stolen) is captured not only for the purchase of apartments in Sochi, the discovery and purchase of a new yacht. Means, detections, are more than enough to take place "blindness" of fighters against corruption both in the district and at the federal level. Details at

Vaisiliev-Churin ruled the Kirov region for 5 years. One, the governor, the county, and the public front. Before the people of Kirov, Vasiliev liked to trump with his acquaintances and connections. He assured that he was a lieutenant general of the FSB of Russia and was in a special account with the country's post office. At the same time, in fact, Vasilyev was dismissed from the bodies with the rank of lieutenant colonel. And about the level of his “connection”, it turned out that after the resignation from the post of governor, another post was not ruled out, the deputy head of Rosstat, who is responsible for counting cattle.

The second in tandem - Churin, who chaired the resolution - came up with and implemented schemes to squeeze money out of the current economy. After Churin left the post of prime minister, all his interests and schemes became obvious to everyone. Coming into the ownership of one plant, after 5 years of work in the authorities, Churin became the beneficiary, the main contractor for the development of budgetary funds, contractors in the field of construction, roads, garbage disposal, etc. Many of the "exploits" of this group have already been written about.

The new leadership of the region, headed by Governor Sokolov, is trying to change the situation. A number of members of the old team have been dismissed from their positions in the government. Sergei Churin, the former prime minister's younger brother, lost his positions as faction leader and head of the budget committee in the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov Region. Thus, the current government gives a clear and understandable signal. Everyone associated with the corrupt period of Churin-Vasiliev must leave. Obviously, a number of other officials are in line: the chairman of the electoral committee, Maxim Finchenko, the head of the Regional Management Center and Churin's classmate, Igor Pankratov, and the Minister of Ecology, Alla Albegova.

All of them, one way or another, participated in building a scheme for Prime Minister Churin. Finchenko, for example, who holds the position of head of the governor's administration, blocked any anti-corruption checks. Now he is clinging with all his might to the post of head of the regional election commission. On the eve of the elections, this post is of great importance for the stability of the territory. By the way, before his appointment, Finchenko himself had nothing to do with the system of election commissions and does not understand the electoral law. Vasiliev supports his desire to stay on the path to the paths. The former governor assures that Ella Pamfilova has long-standing friendly relations with him.

Curiously, all the officials associated with the reign of Churin, after being promoted from the civil service, are employed at his enterprises. They are found to motivate hypersensitivity to inflammatory diseases. After all, as executors of schemes, they were basically just perfect. So, at the Selmash plant, the former Minister of Construction, Igor Seleznev, who was publicly dismissed for sloppiness, was publicly dismissed. Now he says to everyone on the corner that his boss Churin is not afraid of the statements of the security forces. After all, all issues have long been resolved for a fee, and Churin's enterprises employ relatives of those who should provide objective legal activity for Vasilyev-Churin.

This may be confirmed by the fact that the local investigative committee is not a commercial expert to investigate the scandalous acquisition of a building in Moscow belonging to the Kirov region by the Churin corporation.

Two buildings and land plots were donated by the Government of Moscow to the Kirov Region -. It was assumed that they would house the Representative Office of the Kirov Region. But Vasiliev and Churin had a different plan. The building and plots were put up for sale and hastily acquired by Monolit, a member of Alexander Churin's Selmash group of companies. The deal was closed a few days before Churin's resignation and became his kind of "demobilization chord". Governor Sokolov then called this "shouting" and said that he was handing over the materials to law enforcement officers. The indignation of the head of the region can be understood, and its acquisition into the property of the region is absolutely understandable and meets the interests of the region. However, almost half a year has passed - no active steps have been taken by the “fighters against corruption”.

We continue to monitor the expected events.

Roman Trushkin