On Thursday, in the village of Otradnoye, Krasnogorsk district, a farewell was held for Pyotr Chuvilin, an ex-adviser to Ramzan Kadyrov, once a major shadow banker, one of the main witnesses in the case of giving bribes to Dmitry Zakharchenko by the co-owners of GK 1520, as well as a witness in the investigation of money laundering through Landromat, the threads from which lead to Vladimir Plahotniuc. Then the body will be delivered to the Mitinsky cemetery, where it will be given to the ground.

Петр Чувилин

According to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, on the eve of the funeral, the main topic was what the examination, appointed at the insistence of the FSB of the Russian Federation, would show. Yes, Chuvilin hasn't gotten out of bed since last fall due to unsuccessful joint replacement surgeries, but the deterioration came very quickly.

Chuvilin was at home among top bankers, security officials, officials, shadow workers, leaders of Chechnya until 2014, until he was sent to jail by his own curator, the current head of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Ivan Tkachev. Chuvilin was imprisoned on a complaint about extortion of another shady banker, Oleg Kuzmin (Oleg Vokzal). So Tkachev punished Chuvilin for talking a lot, constantly mentioning Tkachev, taking money for him (millions of dollars).

When Chuvilin was released into elite circles, he did not return, he talked with the same "downed pilots" like him, such as German Gorbuntsov, but he became a serial witness - he testified in many high-profile cases. Of course, Chuvilin was silent about the laundering and attachment of the gigantic funds of Ramzan Kadyrov and Adam Delimkhanov, and he would not have given rise to such testimony. But the same Oleg Vokzal, according to Chuvilin's testimony, went to prison for nine years in a colony, since he was recognized as the leader of the laundering channel Landromat. And in total there were more than ten people who "crouched" after Chuvilin's testimony. And all people are difficult.

Especially among them is the former "king of state orders", the ex-co-owner of GK 1520 (the largest contractor of Russian Railways) Valery Markelov. According to Chuvilin's testimony, he was brought to justice as a person who gave bribes to Dmitry Zakharchenko, an employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is difficult to call Markelov just a businessman. He started in the team of one of the bloodiest authorities, Maxim Kurochkin (Max Beshenny), who organized dozens of murders. Markelov can often be found in Beshenny's famous mansion-fortress-office on Rublyovka.




Then he hunted by seizing banks, the owners of which would certainly die under strange circumstances.

In May 2022, Markelov was sentenced to 8 years and immediately released for health reasons. After that, there was talk in banking circles that difficult times await all those "involved" in Markelov's landing. Especially, Petr Chuvilin and banker Vladimir Antonov, the main witnesses in the "case of Markelov, Zakharchenko."

Less than a year after the verdict, Pyotr Chuvilin died...

Сергей Менделеев, Борис Ушерович, Валерий Маркелов

It's time to get acquainted with the testimony of Pyotr Chuvilin in the Markelov case. He told a lot to the investigation, and then in connection with this he asked to be taken under state protection, which was done. For this reason, the interrogation of Chuvilin in the Presnensky Court took place behind closed doors. Rucriminal.info publishes one of the protocols of his interrogation, in which he describes the hierarchy established in the Russian Railways group and talks about the role of the former president of all Russian railways, Vladimir Yakunin.


  Question of the investigator: Explain what you know about the personalities of Gorbuntsov G.V., Markelov V.A., Usherovich B.E., Krapivin A.V., Krapivin A.A.?


Answer: Regarding these persons, I can explain the following:




- Gorbuntsov German Valerievich: I met him around 2004, the following banks were under his control: Incredbank, Interprogressbank, Capital Trade Bank, ZATO-Bank, Baltika, Universal Bank of Moldova (on the territory of the Republic of Moldova). As I know from the words of Gorbuntsov G.V., as well as Markelov and Usherovich, the Russian Railways group (that is, Krapivin, Usherovich, Markelov) were strategic partners of Gorbuntsov in all these banks, either in official status (through shares in authorized capital), or in as large customers, at the expense of funds placed on the settlement accounts of these banks belonging to the Russian Railways group. According to my personal feelings, Gorbuntsov G.V. did not take any active and permanent part in the control over the work of his banks, but gave such control at the mercy of the following persons: Mendeleev S.V. (he was the Chairman of the Board of the Capital Trade Bath), Yana Lvovna Lefler (she was the Chairman of the Board of Inkredbank), Oleg Leonidovich Vlasov (he was the Chairman of the Board of Baltika Bank), Marina (was the Chairman of the Board of ZATO-Bank). Vlasov O.L. actually answered before Gorbuntsov G.V. for the reporting of both Baltika Bank and ZATO-Bank”, the other persons were each responsible for their own bank. As far as I know, Gorbuntsov G.V. reporting on the current activities of the bank was provided both in paper form and via electronic communication channels, that is, Gorbuntsov G.V. always knew how much he had left in banks on correspondent accounts on a given date. In addition to official reporting on the activities of the banking group, Gorbuntsov G.V. information was also provided on the "black" accounting of the back office, as far as Gorbuntsov G.V. provided by Stankevich and Stolyarov. The specified information about Gorbuntsov G.V. and persons associated with him are known to me both from himself, as well as from other persons with whom I have in one way or another communicated over the past 10 years. In April 2009 Gorbuntsov G.V. called me, said that he had big problems and he had to leave, and that later, after solving the problems, he would return to Russia. About a couple of months later, when I flew to Gorbuntsov G.V. for a meeting in Munich, I informed him that there were serious problems in his banking group, a big hole had formed in the budget of banks and there was nothing to pay off creditors, all the people from the management of the banks and the back office (Lefler, Stankevich, Vlasov, Mendeleev and many others) came under the control of the Russian Railways group represented by Markelov and Usherovich. As a result, Gorbuntsov G.V. once again returned to Russia, for about a year he tried to solve his problems with creditors and partners, but nothing worked out for him, a very large number of his assets in the form of legal entities, this time was spent by the Russian Railways group and some other persons, more precisely Gorbuntsov G.V. didn't tell me. As I saw myself, Gorbuntsov G.V. after his return to Russia, for some time he continued to come to his office at the bank, but at the same time he was not the head, no one reported anything to him, and G.V. Gorbuntsov himself. I did not give any instructions to the employees of the banking group. Regarding the legal ones, which are from Gorbuntsov G.V. passed under the control of the Russian Railways group, I can name the following: LLC Flat and Co, LLC Raduga-1, LLC Raduga-2, LLC Azarovo Severnoye, LLC Azarovo Yuzhnoye. In addition to legal entities, a large amount of collateral property previously owned by the banking group Gorbuntsov G.V. passed under the control of the Russian Railways group. The property that came under the control of the Russian Railways group included apartments in residential buildings on Vavilov Street in Moscow (in houses No. 6 and 7), cottages in the cottage settlements Rublevsky Prostory-1, Rublevsky Prostory-2, Nikolino and others.

— Valery Markelov: was a member of the Russian Railways group, supervised all commercial issues related to the conclusion, execution and closing of contracts with JSC Russian Railways. Markelov was also responsible for interaction (including corruption) with law enforcement officers, which he needed to cover up and ensure his activities to receive funds from Russian Railways. In addition to Markelov, the Russian Railways group included Krapivin A.V. and Usherovich B.E., while Krapivin A.V. provided administrative resources in making important decisions by the head of Russian Railways V.I. Yakunin, with whom Krapivin A.V. there were some special relationships, and Usherovich B.E. was responsible for the forceful cover (if necessary) of the actions of the Russian Railways group, as well as for communication with some obviously criminal structures. One of Markelov's connections in law enforcement was Zakharchenko D.V. After the death of Krapivin A.V. Markelov became the head of the Russian Railways group. To maintain relations with law enforcement officials, Markelov played football with them every Friday on the football field in the Rublyovka district, not far from the Barvikha Luxury Village shopping complex.

Борис Ушерович и Герман Горбунцов

- Usherovich Boris Efimovich: I met him at the same time as Markelov. Usherovich B.E. he was a member of the Russian Railways group, was responsible for interaction with criminals and for the power supply of some actions. As Usherovich boasted, his connections in the underworld were criminal authorities from various groups (Solntsevsky, Luzhnetsky). Interaction of Usherovich B.E. with thieves in law was fully reflected when Gorbuntsov G.V. in 2009 he left Russia, and literally the next week in the bank, together with Usherovich B.E. Representatives of the above-mentioned criminal gangs appeared, who observed the inventory of G.V. Gorbuntsov’s assets, which, according to the Russian Railways group, should have been transferred to them. Owned and actually used by Usherovich B.E. There is a large amount of expensive property (apartments, yachts, aircraft, land) both in Russia and abroad.


- Andrey Viktorovich Krapivin, was a member of the Russian Railways group, in my personal opinion - he was the most important in this group regarding Markelov and Usherovich. Krapivin A.V. there was a close relationship with the former president of Russian Railways, Yakunin V.I., there were cases when he called Usherovich and Markelov together with Gorbuntsov G.V. to his office in the village of Usovo, Moscow Region, Gorbuntsov G.V. on one of these visits he took me with him. I also saw Krapivin A.V. in restaurants where he met with Gorbuntsov G.V., Markelov and Usherovich. From the manner of communication Krapivin A.V. with the rest (Markelov, Usherovich, Gorbuntsov) it was clear that he perceived all these persons as his subordinates, to whom he could and had the right to issue instructions. It is during one of these track Krapivin A.V. when we called Yakunin V.I. and agreed on something, about what - I don’t remember, since the beginning of the conversation with Yakunin V.I. was with us, and then Krapivin A.V. left for further discussion in another room. Communication Krapivina A.V. and Yakunin V.I. found its confirmation for me when I was present at the game at the Lokomotiv stadium in Moscow, in one of the boxes adjacent to the one where I was, Yakunin V.I. was present. and Krapivin A.V., the latter constantly said something to Yakunin V.I. with the air of a persuasive person or a person giving advice. Also communication between Yakunin V.AND. and Krapivin A.V. repeatedly boasted Usherovich B.E. In my opinion, based on life experience, it would be impossible for the Russian Railways group to obtain such a significant number of contracts with Russian Railways without properly executing them and being held criminally responsible for them. As Usherovich B.E. boasted, thanks to Krapivin A.V. they (i.e. the Russian Railways group) have strong influence in all spheres of state power.

- Krapivin Alexey Andreevich: while Krapivin A.V. was alive, his son, in my opinion, did not play any decisive role in the Russian Railways group. With Krapivin A.A. I talked repeatedly, but all the time - on some everyday superficial topics, so I can’t explain anything significant by his personality.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info