As part of a series on police corruption in Russia, continues to publish materials of the criminal case against Maxim Kagansky, a former employee of the Economic Security Department (DES) in the interior ministry, and Nelly Dmitrieva, an investigator at the ministry’s Main Directorate for Investigation (GSU) in Moscow. Both Kagansky and Dmitrieva were arrested on charges of extortion and receiving a $3 million graft from Boris Yudin, head of Medika LLC.

Kagansky and Dmitrieva were just fall guys getting the blame, the FSB and the Chief Economic Security and Corruption Fighting Directorate (GUEBiPK) under the Interior Ministry believe. They are secondary figures in the criminal case, who geared money to the real bribe-takers - General Andrei Khorev, former deputy head of the DES (now reorganized into the GUEBiPK), and General Glukhov, head of the GSU.

In the second part of the exposé, Rumafia publishes the witness statement given by businessman Roman Molchanov. It was his birthday party when the huge bribe was given. Along with Molchanov’s evidence, Rumafia also publishes a statement of Dmitry Alexandrov, an agent who probed first into Yudin, then into Kagansky and Dmitrieva.

It becomes clear from Molchanov’s statement that Kagansky invested money that he received in the form of bribes and other half-legal payments into the legal business that is into Molchanov’s motorcycle store. The businessman venerated Kagansky and treated him as if he were an omnipotent figure. He cringed before Kagansky, and even postponed his party in Azerbaijan restaurant for a few hours only to wait until Kagansky, who was late, came.

The former DES employee prepared most unordinary birthday present for Molchanov - a stitch-up. Molchanov was drunk and gave his car key to Kagansky’s driver and bodyguards. The MVD’s problem-fixers used Molchanov’s car to get to the place where they planned to receive the bribe. In a sting operation, the police arrested them and could also possibly lock down Molchanov, because it was his car’s boot where the money was found.

Dmitry Alexandrov was an investigator at the DES, then at the GUEBiPK under the MVD. He carried out the investigation into Medika and into businessmen affiliated with it. The firm procured CAT scanners for state hospitals at the price much higher than the market one. Alexandrov’s statements do not feet together. For instance, as part of the investigation into the CAT scanners, the police opened a number of criminal cases under Article 159, that is fraud, whereas agent Alexandrov gathered materials to open a criminal case under such exotic article for the cases of the sort as Article 188, that is smuggling. The MVD department for the Cenral Federal District, where Alexandrov had worked for a period of time, refused to open a case under this article. The only person who agreed to begin the investigation was Nelly Dmitrieva, an investigator at the ministry’s Main Directorate for Investigation (GSU) in Moscow, led by General Glukhov.

From Alexndrov’s statements it follows that he has known Kagansky since long ago. Maxim offered his friend to fix Yudin’s promblem. Soon Dmitrieva raised the same issue, saying Kagansky had offered a rock (a million dollars). The other two millions that came from the bribe were to be divided between Khorev and Glukhov. Alexandrov reported the situation to his bosses and from that time on he taped his conversations with Dmitrieva.

Giving witness testimony before the judge, who considered issuing the arrest warrants, Dmitrieva focused on Alexandrov. She said that after the sting operation in Azerbaijan restaurant, Alexandrov called her on the phone and asked her to leave Moscow for three days. According to Dmitrieva, Alexandrov planned to gear money directly to Glukhov, but she refused. Next time he tried to induce her into testifying against Glukhov. She had to say that she had been forced to give part of a million dollars to GSU head Glukhova. Again Dmitrriva refused. Soon after that she was detained and then arrested.      


Roman Molchanov's personal data


Molchanov testifies about his acquaintance with Kagansky


Molchanov goes into detail about inviting Kagansky to Azerbaijan restaurant


Molchanov describes how he handed over the car key to a person from Kagansky's retinue and how after leaving the restaurant he found a stranger lying near his car and a box in the boot of his car


Signatures under Molchanov's witness statement


Witness Dmitry Alexandrov's personal data


Alexandrov's statement concerning his job


Alexandrov explains how he became a member of investigatory staff in the CAT scanners case


Alexandrov testifies that Tsarkov offered Dmitrieva a $1 million bribe to come back to Russia


Alexandrov reports the conversation between Dmitrieva and Yudin