It has been five months since the beginning of a “series” one may call MVD corruption exposed. So far the main characters are Maksim Kagansky, former employee of the RF Ministry of the Interior Department of Economic Security (DES), and Nelly Dmitrieva, an investigator at the RF Ministry of the Interior Main Investigations Directorate (GSU) in Moscow. They have been arrested over an accusation of extortion and receiving a bribe of 3 million dollars from Boris Yudin, head of Medika LLC. Nevertheless, FSB and Main Directorate on Economic Security and Fighting Corruption believe that in fact Kagansky and Dmitrieva should rather be viewed as supporting actors in this series of exposures. They got money for their bosses, namely for Andrei Khorev, former DES first deputy head, and Ivan Glukhov, current Moscow GSU head.

According to the police, the two generals are the most corrupt police officials. They have long turned serving their fatherland into a business, making tens of millions of dollars. Among the sources of income in this business there are insurance companies involved in semi-legal activities and seeking protection, VAT scammers, numerous businessmen paying for initiation and termination of criminal cases or for not being prosecuted, etc. However, so far imprisonment of Glukhov and Khorev is out of the question.

Rumafia got hold of materials of the headline-making case against Kagansky and Dmitrieva. Our web-site begins its report on the actual events of this high-profile scandal. Rumafia is about to disclose the ties between the former police officer and the investigator. Our web-site will publicize witness statements concerning Kagansky's lifestyle, his relationship with businessmen including the owners of Don-stroy. Rumafia reporters will expose plotting by Main Directorate on Economic Security and Fighting Corruption that Kagansky fell victim to and publicize copies of documents he had when fleeing from Moscow…

To begin with, Rumafia will publicize the order by the Investigative Committee deputy head to institute a criminal case against Dmitrieva and the order by the investigator to institute a criminal case against Kagansky, as well as the order uniting the two cases into one investigation. This is the official part of the story.


A set-up in restaurant Azerbaijan

Moscow GSU senior investigator Nelly Dmitrieva led only major criminal cases including that against Medika LLC and particularly the activities of its actual owner, Aleks Tsarkov, and his business partner Boris Yudin. According to the investigators, when working on the smuggling case against Tsarkov and Yudin, Dmitrieva offered to close the case for a toll of 3 million dollars. Maksim Kagansky, who acted on behalf of Dmitrieva, persuaded Yudin to give the requested money to him as a mediator. To ensure success, he addressed Vladimir Kirillov, Dmitry Chuprin, and Roman Emelianov for assistance.  

On 23 September 2011 near the restaurant Azerbaijan Kirillov and Emelianov received from a mediator 50 thousand Euros, 1 thousand dollars, and fake banknotes of various currency and denomination as a bribe totaling to 47.8 million rubles, that is, half of the requested ammount. Kagansky and Chupilov were nearby to provide protection if needed. Three of the men were arrested at the crime scene, but Kagansky managed to escape.

The next day, on 24 September, a criminal case was initiated against Kagansky and Emelianov. On 30 September, based on the case evidence, law enforcers initiated a criminal case against Dmitrieva. Kagansky was put on the wanted list. According to the investigator, it is obvious that the two cases should be united and investigated as one.