The State Duma is looking for ways to dismiss Kirov region Governor Nikita Belykh for paying his non-staff adviser Alexey Navalny from the regional budget.  Such conclusions were drawn by the deputies on the basis of the hacked e-mail correspondence between the governor and its former adviser that were laid out in the network.

The State Duma accepted United Russia deputy Michael Markelov’ legal request asking the Constitutional Legislation Committee to investigate  the possibility to discharge Kirov governor Nikita Belyh from his post. 231 deputy of the State Duma supported the decision.

The paper noted that it is clear from the published e-mail exchange  between Governor Belykh and that time "non-staff adviser" Alexey Navalny that the head of the region "paid certain services of Mr. Navalny from the budget of the Kirov region". From the correspondence, the facts of "distillery plundering" and "Mr. Belykh’ settling of cases with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB” became obvious to Mr. Markelov. In the published correspondence between the Kirov region governor Nikita Belyh and the lawyer Alexey Navalny,  the question is a certain sum of money which Navalny, being an adviser on a voluntary basis, demanded from head of the region. A distillery, which was plundered, if to trust Navalny letter, is mentioned in correspondence as well. Belykh and Navalny have confirmed authenticity of the correspondence.

Markelov has noticed that, according to the law, the President can dismiss the head of the subject from his post “due to the Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation subject has no-confidence on him”. The State Duma has charged the Constitutional Legislation Committee "to inform deputies on possibility to apply the given article on Nikita Belyh". As well, the vice-speaker of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznjak has suggested the Kirov head to retire or at least to suspend powers for the period of investigation.

But Kirov governor has declared that he isn’t going to resign. "I know that nothing bad is behind me", Belykh said. He assured that the story mentioned in the correspondence "doesn't concern neither the budget, nor the region enterprises, and it emerged long before his appearance in the Kirov region”. Besides, the governor noticed that he hasn’t communicated with Mr. Navalny for one and a half year. "All who know the way of Navalny’s interacting, all they can understand", — Belykh noted.