The epic of the appointment of the former Moscow mayor as United Petrochemical Company (ONHK) chairman of the board (ONHK is a joint venture of Bashneft, which has 74.99%, and Yakov Goldovsky’ Petrochemical Holding) has already lasted for several months. According to the media, the ex-mayor was ready to lead the company, provided the modernization of the enterprises entered and restructuring the company to arrange a united technological chain. Luzhkov estimated the renovation program at 5 billion Euros, 15% of which was to be guaranteed by AFK System. However, Vladimir Yevtushenko refused to give the guarantees, and the ex-mayor did not want to be a “waxwork”, even well-paid.

As a result, the former mayor has been actively engaged in the development of agricultural business based on a stud farm in the Kaliningrad region. This farm was bought by Elena Baturina at the time of horse riding hobby, but when the passion was over, the farm began to come to desolation. 20 horses appeared to be washed-up.

Initially, Luzhkov had to deal with the farm to prevent the deaths of the animals. Now, basing on the stud farm, he is trying to create a model agricultural enterprise, but already at the family’ expense. The ex-mayor is now so fascinated with the agribusiness, that he has already bought and rented 5,000 hectares of land and planned to rear 5,000 head of sheep.