United Russia accused Alexey Navalny of illegal pre-election campaigning. Deputy Secretary General Council of the party Victor Kidyaev sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor's Office and the Central Election Commission asking to deal with the leaflets published in the blog of Navalny in early July. They talked about an increase of housing and communal services tariffs. The following text was published on the letterhead with United Russia logo: "Dear tenants, your complaints about the increase of tariffs have been declared to be unfounded due to the fact that there is an insufficient level of the voting for United Russia in your region".
On October, 14th, in a number of Russian regions, elections at various levels are to be held. Navalny’ leaflets mislead voters, Deputy Secretary General Council of  United Russia Viktor Kidyaev believes. "We have a rule-of-law state, we must work, and we must work honestly and purely even if we are opponents. And we must convince people and prove with the actions which of us is better. And we have the result: Navalny took our letterhead and wrote, painted, and, most importantly, he wrote not what actually is. So, with these considerations, of course, I addressed to the relevant authorities to legitimate the case and to punished Navalny for his actions legally,” Kidyaev said.
This is not the first attempt of United Russia to draw Navalny to responsibility for the leaflets. On July, 5th, the State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergey Neverov sent a request to the Prosecutor General's Office. In his opinion, the distribution of these papers is directed to inciting social hatred.
In early July, Senator, United Russia member Ruslan Gattarov asked Prosecutor General's Office to verify the correspondence of Alexei Navalny and Nikita Belykh. According to some members of the party of power, with the help of the leaflets, Navalny tried to distract public attention from this scandal.
There is some uncertainty in the law: whether it is possible to consider such materials agitation from the beginning of election campaign and until nomination of the list of candidates.

United Russia seeks to seize the moment.