One of the most active opponents of the WTO, the president of Rosagromash association Konstantin Babkin, intends to unite opposition forces rejected Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization.

Babkin said that his Party of Action movement takes the second and, as he believes, successful attempt to register the party in the autumn. All the State Duma oppositionists are ready to cooperate with him and build coalitions. Also, he is supported by the leader of The Other Russia Party Eduard Limonov.
Babkin said that in September, he is beginig to closely interact with all potential allies. It will be considered a possibility of coalition with the Communist party, Just Russia, LDPR, as well as Limonov, to work together to achieve revision of the conditions of Russia's membership in the WTO and favorable conditions for domestic manufacturers.
"The main idea of ​​the party is that it is necessary to create conditions for the industry and development of domestic production. It shouldn’t destroy domestic manufacturers,” Babkin said. “We will explain to people that the WTO is a dead-end road, going down the drain. It is unnatural and not predetermined. We will act both in the streets, and over the Internet. "
He was warmly supported by the leader of The Other Russia Eduard Limonov. "I’ve been writing since 1993 that the WTO is a fatal mistake. Thus, we will ruin the domestic industry, farmers and bring great damage to our country. I have always advocated the development of national industry and national production ", he said.
According to Babkin, the WTO has already led to a drop in demand and to reduction in production volumes, including his own Rostselmash factory. According to him, from January to June 2012, the volumes of agricultural machinery production were dropped approximately by 25% compared to the year earlier. Adaptation measures are not sufficient, because the fundamental reasons are different. The market will be heavily open and all subsidies are stopped, and it's impossible to compensate all that.
“All these bills are dead poultices,” Babkin said. “We are also concerned about the problems at the federal level - the system of taxes, customs management, raw materials prices, and tariffs. Since a federal election in the next five years is not expected, we can prepare for the fight at this time and participate in regional elections. "
According to experts, it is possible to become party of national business having not the singular business leader in it. While Babkin's party is perceived only in a context of the WTO, it has no prospects. It is necessary to concentrate on ideas of supporting national producers, to achieve subsidies and compensation to affected branches of Russian industry, to lobby interests of producers at various levels.