In the Russia’s Investigative Committee (SKR), Alexey Navalny will be questioned in a criminal case of causing property damage to the state unitary enterprise Kirovles GUP. Investigations will be carried out within the criminal case on Part 3. Art. 165 of the Criminal Code (Causing property damage not related to the theft) opened in 2010. The protection of the oppositionist doesn't exclude that the meeting with the investigators may come to the end with his arrest.

The statement in law enforcement agencies was filed by the former Kirovles director Vyacheslav Opalev and became the basis for pre-investigation check on the oppositionist. He argued that Navalny, being an advisor of Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh, in the period from 2009 to 2010, "by deception and breach of confidence", had forced Belykh to enter into a unprofitable contract on supply of wood with Vyatka Timber Company JSC. The damage was estimated at 1.3 million rubles. The check results were transferred from SKR regional offices to the central office for several times and then they came back for revision: the Kirov investigators didn’t find crime components in the actions of Navalny. It was the head of the department Alexander Bastrykin who ordered to reanimate the case against Alexey Navalny and transfer it to the GSU of the central office. "You had a criminal case against this person and you stopped it on the sly!” Bastrykin shouted at subordinates. “If there is a reason to dismiss the case you must report it. If you are weak, scared, pressured, you must report it!"

The oppositionist answered with a publication in his blog at the end of last week. The publication says that Bastrykin has business and residence permit in the Czech Republic. In his opinion, it constitutes a violation of the law by the official. The Czech authorities have confirmed that the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia has residence permit in the country. The document was valid for two years, from February 2007 to February 2009. It was given out to Bastrykin due to the fact that he was the managing director of the Czech Law Bohemia Company. Deputy Alexander Khinshtein strove for checking on this subject in 2008 but unsuccessfully. This time the presidential administration promises to transfer the address of Navalny to the General Prosecutor's Office.