The Prosecutor General's Office approved the indictment in the case of the ex-rector of Kazan University, ex-head of Yelabuga Ilshat Gafurov. As noted by the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, this is one of the bloodiest officials, which at the same time was the authority of the organized crime group "29th Complex". Gafurov will be tried for one murder, but in reality there are many more on his account.

The materials have already been submitted for consideration to the Savelovsky District Court of Moscow.

The former head of the largest Kazan university is now in custody on charges of serious crimes. He is accused of organizing a contract killing in Moscow of a Yelabuga businessman committed in 1999.

According to investigators, when Gafurov headed Yelabuga, he could not agree on the amount of deductions from sellers from the local market. As a result, Gafurov gave the go-ahead to shoot the co-owner of the market, Yelabuga deputy Ainar Israfilov. Gafurov's guilt is confirmed by the materials of the case and the testimony of numerous witnesses. Sources say that accusations of a number of other murders may follow.

Айнар Исрафилов

As VChK-OGPU and found out at one time, Gafurov is a man with a very interesting biography. He is known as an operative as a former member of the 29th complex organized crime group, who then wisely invested common money. The daughters of Ilshat Gafurov (with a father's salary of 89 tr) created and manage a dozen companies involved in various business areas, in particular in the management of housing stock, as well as scientific medical developments. Not without high-profile incidents. We are talking about a vaccine against hepatitis B, whose development "lit up a partner of the company in an international scandal involving the embezzlement of state funds of a billion rubles."

           When it became clear that he could "sit down", Gafurov decided to become a deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan. Gafurov did not get together as a parliamentarian by chance, but as bequeathed to him by his senior comrade in the "29th complex" Salimkhan Akhmetkhanov. This is how their relationship is described in the book Through the Looking Glass, written by retired FSB lieutenant colonel Yuri Udovenko, who was a member of the groups that provided operational support for the criminal case against members of the 29th complex organized crime group. The book has gone through several editions. And it literally reproduces the protocol of the interrogation of Igor Romanov, who was a witness in the case of the 29th complex organized criminal group. Here is a quote from this protocol: “... Ilshat Gafurov ordered Akhmetkhanov to organize the murder of Salyakhov for $70 thousand, Gafurov fears that Salyakhov may testify against him. ... Gafurov called Asadullin in Moscow and asked for guarantees that Akhmetkhanov would fulfill his obligations to organize the murder of Salyakhov.

Саляхов (справа)

It should be clarified here that at the time of receiving the “order”, Salimkhan Akhmetkhanov was a deputy of the State Duma of Russia of the third convocation (1999-2003), and before he moved to Moscow, he headed the Petrovsky state farm, the main asset of which was a distillery. The lion's share of the liquor products was sold by the 29th complex organized crime group and the Sevastopolskie organized crime group. Akhmetkhanov died on April 16, 2006. Few people believe in the official conclusion about death, because Akhmetkhanov died very “timely”, literally a few days before he was supposed to come as a witness to the court, where the trial of the 29th complex organized crime group was going on.

Note that the 29th complex organized crime group was one of the largest in the dashing 90s. The group got its name from the name of the microdistrict in which most of its members lived at the very beginning. The first leader of the organized crime group was Mansur Safin, but after his arrest, the group was headed by Salyakhov. Gradually, the organized crime group expanded its sphere of influence, the criminal interests of the "complex" extended not only to Tatarstan, but also to Moscow and Ukraine. The bloody list of organized crime groups includes at least 20 murders, more than 30 members of the "complex" were convicted.

In 1992, Gafurov became CEO and Chairman of the Board of the regional inter-farm association Zilant, located in Naberezhnye Chelny. There, the future rector was in charge of the recreation center, which, according to local residents, in fact, became the headquarters of the 29th complex organized crime group.

With the support of criminal friends in 1995, Gafurov was elected a deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan. He thanked the partners in the "29 complex" by helping to take control of the hotels "Visit" and "Toima", State Unitary Enterprise "Voda Prikamye", etc.


The story of the murder in which Gafurov is accused occurred in 1999. Then Tatarstan was preparing for the next elections to the State Council of the Republic and the 38-year-old head of the city administration intended to take part in them.

His opponent was the deputy of the Yelabuga United Council of People's Deputies, businessman Aidar Israfilov.

He spoke out against the mayor of Yelabuga a lot, including on local television, and accused Gafurov of raiding. And a little later, on August 29, 1999, in Moscow, near the CSKA sports complex, where there was a clothing market at that time, Israfilov was ambushed by a killer.

After firing several bullets at him and making sure that the victim was dead, he fled in a white VAZ-2106. The car was soon found nearby. The killer could not be apprehended then.

Israfilov controlled the local market in Yelabuga. However, he then had disagreements with the city administration over rent payments. As the investigation established, Gafurov, who headed the administration, gave the go-ahead to his "brothers" in the 29th complex to eliminate the inconvenient Israfilov.

  To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin