Last year, the Investigative Committee completed an investigation into the criminal case of Russtroybank JSC. According to the denunciations of the adviser to the president of the bank, Alexander Sytin, the bank was deprived of its license, several top managers of the bank were arrested. But neither the DIA, nor the Investigative Committee, nor the prosecutor's office want to see Alexander Sytin embezzle several billion rubles in the form of bad loans and collateral. Sytin is simply not in the criminal case. The second question for the investigation is: where is this money and what kind of illegal activity did it finance? Details at

Alexander Sytin, being a family friend of Andrey Strukov, the Chairman of the Board of Russtroybank JSC, under the guise of obtaining loans that he initially planned not to repay, through a number of organizations and nominees that he actually controlled, embezzled the bank's funds.

Since the DIA and the investigation themselves could not and did not want to understand the situation, we give a complete breakdown of the theft by Alexander Sytin through persons under his control: Sergey Gennadievich Sokolov (TIN 503202708405), Sergey Vladislavovich Susloparov (TIN 773771329780), Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Karyakin (TIN 77257263150 8) cash funds in the form of non-performing loans. The above persons, under the leadership of Sytin, create a large number of one-day companies in order to implement criminal schemes for the withdrawal of funds and the sale of collateral.

We provide information on loans issued to a number of legal entities, the founders and beneficiaries of which were the above persons controlled by Sytin.


Company name TIN Contract number Start date End date Amount under the contract

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 8011 06/24/2011 01/22/2016 40,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 16812 27.08.2012 05.07.2017 60,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 20313 11.11.2013 10.09.2017 15,000,000.00

OOO SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 3314 03/11/2014 03/10/2017 20,000,000.00

OOO SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 6014 21.04.2014 20.04.2017 30,000,000.00

OOO SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 10114 06/17/2014 06/16/2017 15,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 14614 10.07.2014 07.07.2017 3,500,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 16414 09.09.2014 09.08.2017 65,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 17614 07.10.2014 06.10.2017 15,000,000.00

OOO SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 22114 11/27/2014 11/24/2017 30,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 10515 07/01/2015 06/29/2018 40,000,000.00

LLC SOK VOSTOK 7709660480 15215 25.08.2015 24.08.2018 70,000,000.00

LLC "Business Center of the Capital" 7721533696 6515 05/18/2015 05/18/2018 210,000,000.00

LLC "Business Center of the Capital" 7721533696 15715 10.09.2015 07.09.2018 40,000,000.00

Diamant LLC 7713535474 1709 03/26/2009 12/20/2016 232,592,500.07

Ital Rent LLC 7703613878 10310 09/23/2010 02/26/2016 15,000,000.00

Eviton LLC 7705619924 7212 04/18/2012 04/22/2016 110,000,000.00

Total: 1,011,092,500.07



Company name TIN Contract number Start date End date Amount under the contract

OOO Lesnye Polyany 5032070610 1112 02/14/2012 02/05/2018 120,000,000.00

OOO "Lesnye Polyany" 5032070610 2913 02/26/2013 11/24/2017 20,000,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 3813 03/07/2013 02/24/2017 6,200,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 13713 07/26/2013 07/25/2016 15,000,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 17813 10/16/2013 10/14/2016 690,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 5814 04/17/2014 04/07/2017 30,000,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 12614 07/16/2014 07/14/2017 20,000,000.00

Lesnye Polyany LLC 5032070610 18614 10/28/2014 08/30/2019 60,000,000.00

Total: 271,890,000.00



Company name TIN Contract number Start date End date Amount under the contract

CJSC "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 0212 01/13/2012 12/23/2016 59,500,225.00

CJSC "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 5113 21.03.2013 18.03.2016 127,538,420.00

CJSC "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 7013 10.04.2013 06.04.2016 50,995,480.00

ZAO "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 9113 27.05.2013 26.05.2016 19,033,600.00

CJSC SelenaStyle 7721686004 9514 06/19/2014 06/16/2017 10,000,000.00

ZAO "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 18514 28.10.2014 30.08.2019 40,000,000.00

CJSC "SelenaStyle" 7721686004 17115 21.09.2015 14.09.2018 20,000,000.00

Total: 327,067,725.00


The total amount of issued non-performing loans is more than 1.5 billion rubles.

With obvious facts indicating that Sytin is one of the main beneficiaries of the above organizations, he was never mentioned in the reports of the DIA working group.

In order to conceal the traces of the crime and create a situation in which the return of funds stolen from Russtroybank would be impossible, as well as to sell Russtroybank's collateral property in the form of real estate and land plots in his own selfish interests, Sytin planned and carried out a number of actions to revoke the license, further liquidation and disposal of the bank's assets controlled by him. In order to implement the developed about the criminal plan, Alexander Sytin writes denunciations against the management and employees of Russtroybank, on the basis of which ORMs are carried out and criminal cases are subsequently initiated. Through the security forces close to Sytin, who are part of the task force, control is exercised over the actions of the DIA employees and the course of the investigation.

During the inspection of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of RUSSTROYBANK JSC, on 10/06/2015, Sytin and the operational group searched the premises of RUSSTROYBANK JSC at the address: 109004, Moscow, per. Drovyanoy B., d. 7/9 bldg. 1. According to the testimony of bank employees, Sytin actually directed the actions of the task force, in particular, he gave instructions on the seizure of documentation and interrogations of bank employees. The main witnesses about the theft of billions by Sytin and about Sytin's connections with the security forces have been arrested.

One and a half billion non-performing loans is just the tip of the iceberg. After the bank's license was revoked through Sytin, the bank's most liquid assets were sold at reduced prices, etc. Documentation on real estate objects, of which the bank had about 150, was transferred by the task force to Sytin and kept by Sytin in the business center of his accomplice Yuri Ravin at the address: Zemlyanoy shaft, d.75. The criminal case on Sytin’s fraud in relation to the Russtroybank SOK Vostok asset worth 2 billion rubles is in the court of Serpukhov, the course of the investigation is deliberately dragged out by the judge in order to hold out until August, when this episode simply “flies off” after the statute of limitations expires.

Alexander Sytin has been in the pre-trial detention center in Serpukhov for more than a year and a half on charges of sexual and economic crimes, in the next cell with his father Boris Sytin. The criminal case is once again actively falling apart by the security forces. Sytin has money to pay both judges and prosecutors for the collapse of a criminal case. And most importantly, there is a “roof” that has been pulling him out of criminal cases for more than 10 years.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued