As it became known to, a gigantic case of embezzlement during the construction of the National Center for State Defense Management (NTsUOG) "Center 2014" is now being investigated. From 2014 to 2022, Mikhail Mizintsev headed the NCUOG, who then moved to the post of Deputy Minister of Defense for Logistics. The other day he was removed from his post and Prigozhin announced that he was taking him into his army of mercenaries PMC "Wagner". The NCUOG, which Shoigu called one of the main priorities of the Moscow Region 2014, along with the development of infrastructure in the Arctic, in reality has become a giant “feeding trough”, both for the top of the Ministry of Defense and for its top managers. It is clear that the investigators will stop at these top managers. But they are remarkable personalities. One of them is the "father" of the VZG early warning radar "Voronezh" - stations designed to detect ballistic and cruise missiles - Major General Vyacheslav Lobuzko. In the near future, charges will be brought against him in the “case of the NCUOG.

           According to a source of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, measures are now being actively taken with Lobuzko as part of the case of embezzlement during the construction of the Center 2014 National Center for State Defense Control (NTSUOG). Lobuzko was interrogated several times as a witness, and now measures are being taken to bring him as an accused. This will happen in the near future. Moreover, the investigation team sent requests to all the structures where Lobuzko had previously worked. Investigators demand that information be provided as soon as possible on other projects in which the Major General took part in order to identify possible theft there. And the list of places where Lobuzko served and worked is extremely long.

He was the division commander of the 3rd separate air defense army (missile attack warning system). Then he became Deputy General Director of RTI PJSC, was the head of Vympel IAC, worked at RTI (part of AFK Sistema), was a co-founder in a number of enterprises, including NIIDAR (Institute of Long-Range Radar). It was Lobuzko who, since 2006, actively promoted and mastered the money for the construction of stations for the detection of Voronezh ballistic and cruise missiles. With its help, the military acceptance and command of the VKS were put into operation and then put on combat duty new stations of the Missile Attack Warning System (SPRN) and signed contracts for the construction of the next radar stations.

           In general, the version that the “rocket-space shield” is full of holes due to corruption finds more and more confirmation.

As it became known to the Cheka-OGPU, in the near future a criminal case of fraud in the modernization of the Russian missile attack warning system will come to light.

For several years, Putin has repeatedly received notes about the deplorable situation with the Russian PRN system. All assurances about the “reliability of a continuous radar field” and the high tactical and technical performance of the early warning locators of the Voronezh radar turned out to be untenable. Serious problems have been identified in the work of the ground and space echelons of early warning systems and blatant corruption.

On average, the price of each radar before the crisis was more than 20 billion rubles, the production of stations of high factory readiness was carried out by the structure of AFK Sistema, JSC RTI. The Soviet developments of the Scientific Research Institute of Long-Range Radar NIIDAR and the Radio Engineering Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences were taken as the basis. Most of the components, as usual, were purchased abroad and under the guise of expensive transistors protected from interference and radiation, the brains of the radar were supplied with cheap and unsuitable parts for military use. This made it possible to have a huge walrus, a thousand different kinds of radio components were purchased for cents, and issued for hundreds of dollars each.

According to the source, at the exit, now Russia has unstable radar stations that provide a “window of opportunity” for an unanswered strike on Russian territory. While building expensive stations along the entire perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation, the system itself for informing the country's top leadership about a missile attack has never been seriously modernized. It's like putting new digital fire sensors on an analog alarm.

In Soviet times, Vympel was the lead enterprise for the development of early warning systems, institutes and factories closed on it, which, in close cooperation, solved the problems of developing and operating the system. After the collapse of the USSR, Vympel lost its leading role and since the time of the union, the PRN algorithms have not been seriously updated in accordance with modern realities. In recent decades, the world has been actively developing near-Earth space and there are already hundreds of commercial and military satellites in earth orbits, which often interfere with domestic early warning systems, because all the mathematics for it was laid down in a different near-Earth environment, when there were very few satellites in orbits.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued