This spring, Russian law enforcement officials announced a real crusade against infogypsies, or rather, infogypsies, whose targets have already been bloggers Valeria Chekalina, Alexandra Mitroshina and marathon queen Elena Blinovskaya.

What do all these lovely ladies have in common? They position themselves as wealthy and successful, backed up with pictures of their own beautiful lives, which helps them sell advice that has no practical value to a bewitched audience.

The legal community keeps up with the times, and some of its representatives turn into information gypsies from Themis. The main difference from bloggers is that the victims of information advocates are not only regulars of social networks striving for success, but also citizens who have already achieved it, but are still surprisingly gullible. Details are in the investigation.

Meet - Ekaterina Roy-Grigorieva, until the last, and as we will see, a fateful marriage for herself - Ekaterina Roy. Hereditary lawyer: mother - a Moscow judge, stepfather - a lawyer, both retired from business, transferring them to Catherine's care. From her mother, she inherited confidence in her right to decide the fate of the participants in the trial, and from her stepfather - a small law office "Braginsky and Partners", huddled in a five-story building on Studencheskaya. Perhaps Catherine described her future successful career and marriage on leaflets, tied them to balloons and released them into the sky, as in a wishing marathon, we do not know. And one day the universe heard her request. The life of our heroine has changed after meeting with a handsome prince. Nikita Grigoriev had a valuable dowry - connections with quite successful entrepreneurs. According to the tax authorities, for the last 20 years Grigoriev has not been engaged in an independent business, but before that he was a minority shareholder and top manager of the financial and construction corporation Tesco, which thundered in the late nineties and early zero with its residential complexes in the most prestigious western district of Moscow. Tesco's swan song was "Island of Fantasy" in Krylatskoye - a village of small houses and cottages in a conservation area on the banks of the Grebnoy Canal. A couple of serial officials Golikova-Khristenko, a Chechen businessman Umar Dzhabrailov, etc. settled on this "island of luck". By a strange coincidence, Grigoriev, probably the only surviving leader and shareholder of FGC Tesco - the rest, as well as their relatives, fell victim of mysterious murders in the early 2000s. Even Tesco's key shareholder Sergey Grishchenko, having retired from the development business, managed to steer the Kaliningrad airline KD-avia, go through a series of bankruptcies, go to jail and die suddenly in March 2023 at the age of 60. So the only living keeper of the secrets of Fantasy Island turned out to be Nikita Grigoriev, currently working as the husband of a successful Moscow lawyer.


Stage one. Family litigation.

The last business of Nikita Grigoriev in the register was Formula Prostor LLC, which he owned jointly with a Muscovite Elena Kalinskaya, who was almost the same age. Kalinskaya's number is recorded in the telephone databases as "Lena Nikita Moscow", which is probably Grigoriev's previous wife. By a strange irony, the first large commercial cases in 20 years of practice of the lawyer Ekaterina Roy are connected with disputes around JSC Farmengineering, an investor in an elite building on Tolmachevsky Lane opposite the Tretyakov Gallery, on the lands of the state scientific center Rosatom. Several years ago, many articles were published on the subject of this conflict in the paper and electronic media. One list of defendants is worth something: Sergei Kiriyenko, the Kovalchuk and Mutsoev families, Igor Sechin's ex-wife Marina. Judging by the materials of court cases, one of the victims of the actions of Pharmaengineering was Elena Kalinskaya, and the interests of creditors of the bankrupt company were represented by Ekaterina Roy. That's a lawyer's Santa Barbara. The result of the courts is sad: not a ruble out of more than a quarter of a billion of official debt was returned to creditors, the site was sold by Rosatom to the former top manager of Rosbuilding Alexei Tulupov (Sminex). According to the laws of infogypsyism, the result of the provision of information services is in no way connected with the success of the "star". During the fruitless struggle for the assets of Pharmaengineering, Ekaterina Roy, who became Roy-Grigorieva, renamed the law office into Braginsky, Roy and Partners, moved to a brand new Mercedes and moved to an office on Smolensky Boulevard. Ekaterina's acquaintances even talk about the outward transformation of the lawyer: the image of a provincial teacher of Balzac age in massive glasses, provoking high school students with her expressive outfits, was replaced by Ekaterina with a luhari-style icon from Instagram.

Catherine's attitude to the new type of her principals also changed. While still dealing with family disputes, she was convinced that wealthy divorced clients did not shine with intelligence and decency. When thanks but her husband got into her lawyers' network of businessmen dividing the joint assets obtained in very muddy ways, Catherine finally believed that they all amassed their capital by chance and very unfairly, therefore there are no moral barriers against sharing some of their part with a talented lawyer. Representatives of the bankruptcy trustee JSC Farmengineering confirmed in private conversations that the employees of the law office Braginsky, Roy and Partners were repeatedly involved in litigation in cases of a bankrupt company, but their work was invariably paid by creditors directly. At the same time, a number of lawsuits launched by lawyers had no judicial prospects and worsened the legal positions of creditors. Elena Kalinskaya, being a minority creditor, did not take any financial part in the compensation of expenses, and her interests in the courts were represented by employees of the law office of Ekaterina Roy.


Stage two. Donut Millionaire.

The figures of the participants in the court battles around JSC "Pharming Engineering" lift the curtain on the next project of our heroine, the vicissitudes of which have been repeatedly written by the Cheka-OGPU. We are talking about the return of almost $ 9 million of debt by restaurateur Arkady Novikov to his partners in donut "Krispi Krim". Novikov's creditors Vladimir Mukhin and Alexander Sysoev were shareholders of BRT Bank, which went bankrupt in 2016. The main beneficiary of the credit institution that died in the Bose, Alexei Chepa, is a prominent right-wing man, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs. Apparently, it was Mukhin who actively participated in creating the problems of the investor of the elite construction site on Tolmachevsky, which Ekaterina Roy solved unsuccessfully for creditors and successfully for herself. And who are the victims? Alexander Sysoev was the director of Agrotorg LLC, associated with Pharmaengineering, and now liquidated, whose interests were represented in the courts by Roy. Alexey Chepa's company is listed by Vedomosti as the founder of Pharmaengineering.

How long, how short, but the lawsuit between the partners of the deputy Chepa in the banking and development business and his partner in the restaurant business ended in favor of the first, despite the assistance to Novikov provided by representatives of the Deposit Insurance Agency on behalf of the reorganized BRT-bank, who submitted falsified documents to the court documentation. And the point is not in the well-thought-out strategy of the lawyer Roy, but in the proximity of Sysoev to one of the highest Lubyanka towers, which was previously pointed out by sources of the Cheka-OGPU. Our heroine, on the other hand, was able to replenish the family budget with a seven-figure fee by playing the old game of "guaranteed admission to a prestigious university", creatively modifying it for judicial practice. This specific from the point of view of lawyer ethics, but formally legal way to facilitate the client's finances looks like this: the lawyer enters into an agreement to represent the interests of the principal in a litigation (or a series of disputes) with a reasonable regular remuneration and a serious success fee (in the range of 15-25% of the amount condemned). After the preliminary hearing, he comes to the client and says: “We are absolutely sure of the legitimacy of our position, however, thanks to connections (you remember who my relatives are), I managed to find out that the opposing party offered the judge an immodest reward for a decision in his favor, but we trust more, and if we give a little more, then victory will be ours.” Further, the client plunges into heavy thoughts, because big money is at stake. It would seem that there are no risks, the main expenses are tied to the result - both the lawyer's success fee and the judge's remuneration, which the lawyer takes in advance, but in the event of a negative decision, he unconditionally returns it to the gullible principal. According to the classical canons of infogypsy, the business works flawlessly: if the client agreed and transferred the money, the lawyer actively participates in the process and, in the event of a legal decision in favor of the client, takes the judge’s cash reward and the success fee under the official agreement. But if the client is tight-fisted and naively believes that the success fee is enough, then his legal representative prepares for the court formally, and explains the inevitability of defeat by the financial injections of opponents and the greed of the principal. In the event of a defeat against the background of the advance payment made, the explanation is also straightforward: at the last moment, the opponents significantly increased the referee's fee (the option was to bring in the pre-roster), but since the money was kept with me, I, as a decent woman, will return them. The most difficult and rare case is a victory that is not supported by a cash deposit. But here, too, the talent of the information advocate is indisputable: for the sake of victory, I gave the judge my money. If you appreciate my dedication, you can compensate for the costs, otherwise, just pay the agreed success fee - after all, for me, the interests of the marathon participant, that is, the client, are above all.

It's funny that despite the many cases and the generosity of the fees, a successful lawyer was never able to achieve the much-anticipated Chepa and Sysoev prosecution of their former partner in the bank, development and Vladimir Mukhin's donuts, but she rendered an invaluable service to Mukhin himself. His lawyers simply copy-paste Sysoev's claims and use the precedent set in disputes with Novikov. Whether our heroine, who has come into the taste of high advocacy, receives her small share from this, only she and the unfortunate banker know.

Stage three, but obviously not the last. Priceless views of the LES.

Having witnessed the past financial successes of her principals and her husband, who earned capital, including on real estate, in 2021 Ekaterina decides to become a private investor. The example of her husband's ex-wife, who lost millions on an unsuccessful development, did not turn her away, because she is the real Roy-Grigorieva. Again, we open the data of the register of legal entities and see that Vladimir Mukhin and Alexander Sysoev had not only a senior partner in the banking business - Alexei Chepa, but also in real estate - Sergey Krasavin. Mukhin left the joint business with Krasavin about 7 years ago, but Sysoev continued to work together. Sergey Krasavin's largest current construction project is the LES business class apartment complex in Yasenevo, next to Bitsevsky Park. By a happy coincidence, during the period of the struggle for the collection of donut debts, our heroine enters into an equity participation agreement for an apartment in this residential complex with an area of ​​almost 150 square meters for a moderate price of 20 million rubles. However, more than a year after signing, the developer terminates it due to the complete absence of payments stipulated in the contract. Roy-Grigorieva, who disagrees with the loss of the asset, files a lawsuit with the Khoroshevsky District Court of Moscow. A cursory acquaintance with the materials of this case quite clearly describes the attitude of our heroine to the law, as well as the mores of the Moscow judicial community. Deceived in the best of feelings, the winner of donuts in the statement of claim indicates that she has fulfilled all her obligations under the contract and demands that the unilateral refusal of the developer be recognized as illegal. There is a small nuance: in accordance with the Sberbank extract submitted to the court, 0 rubles 0 kopecks were paid under the contract, that is, the lawyer intended to receive the apartments for free, and when the developer, who disagreed with this, terminated the contract after more than a year of waiting for payments, she went to court. Judge Ekaterina Ledeneva accepts the application for proceedings and promptly seizes the apartments that Roy-Grigorieva has not paid for. That is, a federal judge simply at his word, without a single payment, believes a successful lawyer and, on the basis of his faith in a fellow lawyer, takes interim measures. Further, more: consideration of the issue on the merits is postponed by Judge Ledeneva for six months. What is the reason, because it would be problematic to pay off the multimillion-dollar debt under the terminated Roy-Grigorieva agreement due to the closing of the escrow account by the bank, that is, she could no longer fulfill her obligations, even with a huge delay. But Roy-Grigorieva was not going to pay - she was just waiting for the complex to be put into operation. As soon as the object was handed over, the lawyer filed an amended statement of claim with the court. In it, she again indicated that she had fulfilled her obligations under the contract, although a certificate of absence of payments had long been attached to the case, and also asked the court to oblige the developer to transfer the apartments to her under the deed of transfer, that is, in simple terms - to give. This is how a person with a higher legal education in the status of a lawyer of the Moscow City Bar Association submits an application to the court stating that the only obligation of a shareholder in a new building is to sign a contract, and it is not at all necessary to pay for it to register ownership. And a person with a higher legal education in the status of a judge reads and listens to this nonsense for half a year, postponing meetings in order to enable the unique real estate investor to declare her right to receive a 150-meter apartment for free with a view of the Bitsevsky Forest. Apparently Roy-Grigorieva is no worse than Blinovskaya and Lerchek knows how to talk about successful success not only to wealthy clients, but also to his namesake from the Khoroshevsky court or her leadership. But either the lawyer, due to her practiced habit, did not bring her promise to the court, or the judge assessed her career risks from such a precedent decision. As a result, the court denied Roy-Grigorieva the claim, nevertheless forbidding the publication of the text of the decision at her personal request. Can you imagine what the advertisement of the law firm "Braginsky, Roy and Partners" would be like, the director of which is trying to squeeze business-class apartments from the partners of his naive principals for free.


Will the marathon of desires of the Moscow lawyer Ekaterina Roy continue? Like other masters of selling successful success, once Ekaterina has tried the basics of infocapitalism, it will be difficult for Ekaterina to stop. The main thing is not to cross the line beyond which 400 ways to honestly take money from gullible clients turn into a reason for disqualification and prosecution of a successful lawyer. You can take money from yourself to resolve issues with the court, but this is unlikely to help if another victim lawyer marathon will be consistent and principled.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued