From the side of the Krasnodar Territory, a powerful official of the head of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation, Bastrykin, received another spit on the part of the resonant criminal he personally controls. Although just a couple of years ago, from the severity of Alexander Ivanovich’s statements about crooks who tried to deprive pensioners living in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, it seemed that this time not only swindlers, but also their high-ranking accomplices. The promises of personal supervision of the leader over the course of the investigation gave the Kuban Investigative Committee authorities a courageous and brave look. The propagandist interest in this topic was understandable: after all, more than twenty episodes of criminal eviction of housing... For some time, the topic even became the main one for all, without exception, the central television and newspaper media.

But as it usually happens with everything that Bastrykin takes personal control of in this southern region, where his father comes from, the case ended with a huge methane in a puddle. The Kuban investigators entrusted to Alexander Ivanovich, in fact, very professionally ... ruined the case. Substituting the leadership of the UK in full. Details - at

Well, isn't it a miracle that only seven were taken into "development"! of over twenty episodes. Just the most suitable for the collapse. The remaining fourteen were "forgotten". Yes, and on the "investigation" of these seven episodes that made it to the court, there are more than questions. Eskashniki, in the materials submitted to the court, painted everything in such a way that this painting practically freed the defendants from criminal liability, but there was not enough truth in the final documents of the investigation. Only the names of the victims were truthful. Much of the rest is pure fantasy of the UK staff.

The scheme by which this organized, well-echeloned criminal realtor-notary community operated was simple. The crooks received from (for some reason not found by the investigation) representatives of the regional services information about lonely old people. Then the members of the organized criminal group applied to the workplace to the key figure of the gang - "their" notary Tamara Tsikunib, who promptly issued "left" notarized powers of attorney to dispose of the property and savings of the elderly for their accomplices. Then a series of fictitious resales was launched to “their own” accomplices of the second echelon ... Pensioners did not even suspect that they were “officially unsubscribing” their houses and apartments to some unknown people. But, as is clear from the final materials of the case, without exception, all the victims ... “were aware ... handed over passports for issuing powers of attorney” and, in general, the grandfathers adored all this crooks and completely trusted them, in cases that should have ended in their complete homelessness. But the fact of the matter is that the old people in the notary's office, located on the street. Levanevsky, 174 were not ... And all these descriptions in the case file are nothing more than an attempt to fit the evidence by the investigators of the UK. And most importantly, it was not a secret for either the investigators or the victims why this case was being so vigorously ruined in the region. After all, the notary's office according to Levanevsky is the office of the president of the notary chamber of the Krasnodar Territory, Galina Timofeevna Chernova, the wife of the former chief judge of the Krasnodar Territory, Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov. And under all the "leftist" powers of attorney is her personal seal ...


The Chernov clan to this day has considerable leverage in the judicial and law enforcement system of the region. So the “requests” for the collapse of the case were heard by the investigation. Tamara Tsikunib, notary's assistant Chernova, who executed all these criminal powers of attorney, was held not according to the 159th Art. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Fraud", and according to the easy 202nd. Where it is said only about exceeding the powers of notaries. The case was considered in the Pervomaisky Court of Krasnodar by “our own”, instructed and interested judges for more than 2 years. Until the statute of limitations expired. Tamara Tsikunib was never sentenced. Released with God.

Now what is the juiciness of spitting in Bastrykin's face, committed after the court's decision to dismiss the criminal case? Here, it would seem, Tamara Tsikunib - a notary who was not called a criminal only because the Chernivtsi clan delayed her from a more than well-deserved sentence with connections and bribes. But then she must have been infringed on at least some of her rights. A swindler, though he escaped the verdict, he is still a swindler. Should the public have been shown some kind of demonstrative action to “cleanse the notarial ranks”? Well, there, to deprive the notary's license of a member of the OPS, or at least fire him.

It would be logical if there was something to clean. And what if the Kuban notarial ranks themselves have long been mired in corruption? What kind of purge are we talking about? But could Chernova at least sustain a pause appropriate to the moment? Personally for Bastrykin? In order not to be surprised Alexander Ivanovich, how is he plentifully ignored in the region? But no. Almost immediately after the trial of Tsikunib, two annihilating information was made public. The first from the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, dated, as it turned out, still ... On 11/11/22, the Ministry of Justice reported that its regional division reacted with all severity and responsibility and, Tsikunib T.M. assistants to the notary Chernova no longer work. Let's quote:

This message was presented as a triumph of justice and morality.

In the same Ministry of Justice report, outstanding in terms of incredible credulity, signed by the entire deputy minister, it was reported that the Federal Notary Chamber would check the professional activities of Chernova herself.


But the information, which is 100 percent contrary to the first, turned out to be more difficult to find. It is about the fact that Tsikunib T.M., who was suspended (according to the conviction of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation), is now working ... as a notary's assistant in a notary's office on the street. October, 62.


Ryazanskaya E.A. owns this office. Notary Elena Alexandrovna Ryazanskaya, Vice-President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory. And she is also ... the daughter of Galina Timofeevna and Alexander Dmitrievich Chernov.


After reading this news, the words of the regional prosecutor Tabelsky are somehow perceived differently, from the answer to the request of one of the State Duma deputies P. Isakov on this case. The fact that Chernova's interest in this series of apartment crimes, the basis of which is just notarial actions, was not found.


As, however, S. Tabelsky was able to ... not even discover the involvement of Tsikunib herself in the “deed” of Tsikunib. Just the highest prosecutor's aerobatics.


Well, at least the rest of the OPS members are moving forward. Even at the speed of a turtle. And it is very similar to the fact that all these "black realtors" are now trading, in terms of lightening their sentences. They know a lot about the affairs of the Chernov office, but this knowledge is the trump card for negotiations.

After all, even such a transfer of a swindler notary from under the wing of a mother to a wing of a daughter suggests, rather, that, quite possibly, the Chernivtsi clan was aware of all these criminal acts of the OPS. And not just "in the know".

And the fact that the Chernovs have always considered their positions as a personal sinecure of corruption seems to be ceasing to be a "terrible Kuban secret" now. And since we are talking about Galina Chernova, who is the notary president of the Kuban, let's start with the stories of her "shadow" earnings.

In December last year, Valentina Matvienko, having invited the President of the Federal Notary Chamber Konstantin Korsik to a meeting of the Federation Council, gave him a small demonstrative scolding. Among the issues that Corsica was entrusted with sorting out was the issue of corruption in the organization of competitions for filling vacant positions of notaries. Korsik promised to look into it. With all severity! Regardless of faces!!

What impracticable you just can’t say with fright. Is the president of the Federal Notarial Chamber aware of the fraudulent lawlessness perpetrated by his Kuban colleagues? Definitely! Both the victims and the leaders of the media who covered this high-profile case repeatedly sent requests to him asking for an assessment of the notarial-criminal situation in the region. The answer to these requests was ... thanks and letters, with which Chernov was plastered like a wall with wallpaper, making it clear that such "valuable personnel" were under federal protection.


Did the leadership of the Russian notary know that it was in the Krasnodar Territory that for years the system of selling “fat notary places” worked very financially and, most importantly, with absolute impunity? Without any doubts. Indeed, those numerous participants who saw that without a multi-million dollar bribe you will not win the competition, and you will not get a notary position, also wrote angry requests. Which Korsik and his colleagues completely ignored. Valentina Matvienko's statement about criminal "victories" at ongoing notarial competitions was based, among other things, on information from the Krasnodar Territory. And what? Will there be a "debriefing" after Valentina Ivanovna's instructions? Of course not. Why? If all this crime has not interested anyone for years, now why start to be interested?

Well, maybe this side of Chernova's life will be taken under personal control by Bastrykin? The texture here is the richest ... It pulls for more than a dozen years in prison. For all "in especially large". But maybe without personal control? (because it has already become a bad omen in the Krasnodar Territory). And just send a team of experienced investigators from Moscow. Of those that will not be led to feasts in their honor and other "excursion program". It would be possible to start with an analysis of the technologies of the Chernovsky competitions.

  Officially, competitions for filling vacant positions of notaries in the notarial districts of the Krasnodar Territory are clean and transparent. Applicants need to go through a series of stages, consisting of written work and personal interviews with special commissions from, so to speak, the “most experienced”, leading notary staff.

But all this is in theory. The real Kuban practice is much less pathetic A. In reality, only two categories of applicants have a chance to win the competitions. These are children or other relatives of the leadership. For example, a member of the board of the notary chamber of the Krasnodar Territory, Galina Fedorovna Klimenkova, “made” her daughter-in-law, Natalya Anatolyevna, and son, Artem Robertovich, through her boss Chernova, notaries in 2001 (his mother helped him become a notary in 2016). The daughter of Irina Kovaleva Kovaleva (more on this caring mother below) - Evgenia Vladimirovna Shirokina, became a notary in July 2020.

Another option: those who are able to provide a worthy remuneration for the position become notaries (there is a longer list: Dunamalyan A.N., Simatov A.A., Nartova A.V., and others who became notaries selflessly).

The decision on new appointments is not made by all members of the commissions, no matter how authoritative they may be. The decision for a long time was up to two people - the head of the notary chamber of the region - Galina Timofeevna Chernova, and the then leadership of the Ministry of Justice for the Krasnodar Territory. Previously, it was headed by Irina Kovaleva (who, together with her accomplice Chernova, built a corrupt system of "selling" notaries' positions, moved to lead the justice of the Republic of Adygea).



Corrupt streams for these ladies were organized by others. The task of Chernova and Kovaleva was to protect their “tax collectors”, and, well, to accumulate what these corrupt publicans bring to them.

Let's get acquainted with the then main organizer of corruption flows. Nikolai Igorevich Zakharov is a man with a rich biography. Former police officer who worked in the Seversky district of the Krasnodar Territory. And fired from the ranks. Because in addition to serving the cause of the fight against crime, using the experience gained, Zakharov himself created ... a kind of criminal group. No one made much noise then. They removed him from the organs quietly ...

But his legal knowledge and ... manhood were in great demand in the regional department of justice. Zakharov worked here at first as a modest head of the accounting resources department. And when his boss, Irina Kovaleva, got the feeling that Zakharov’s former “sins” had been forgotten, she transferred him to the post of deputy head of the department. It would seem that in the life of Zakharov everything was fine. He met high commissions. I picked up the submitting boss, after noting the successful completion of the work of these commissions. In general, one could rely on him.


True, it soon became clear that law enforcement officers had not forgotten Zakharov's criminal "exploits". One day, employees of the Department of Justice got the opportunity to observe a picturesque picture of the withdrawal of their then deputy head in handcuffs.

The reason why at that moment Kovaleva began to rush to the Investigative Committee and the FSB, trying in every possible way to “smear off” a valuable employee, was not a secret to anyone in the department of justice. Because in addition to official duties, Kovaleva assigned to Zakharov and others. Well, those without which a divorced woman cannot do. Which becomes more and more ardent with each drunk glass.

And yet. The criminal case against Zakharov was brought to court. On December 12, 2016, the judge of the Seversky District Court of the Krasnodar Territory Evgeny Ivanovich Polozkov, refusing a bribe of 2 million rubles from Zakharov, read out the guilty verdict in criminal case No. 230/2016 against Zakharov N.I. 33 part 5, article 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - fraud committed by an organized group) and other persons (Ivanov A.I., Shergina V.A.). Zakharov was sentenced to 2 years in prison.




And here a real battle began for a valuable employee sentenced to imprisonment. On March 1, 2017, the Krasnodar Regional Court (rapporteur Judge Karpenko Nikolay Alexandrovich) issued an appeal ruling, by which the sentence of the Seversky District Court was changed. 2 years of real imprisonment were changed to 2 years probation, with a probationary period of 2 years ... The reasons for such judicial goodness, in general, are also on the surface. The chairman of the regional court at that time was still Alexander Chernov, the husband of Galina Chernova, who always helped his half and her business friends as much as possible.

Zakharov's further "rite of purification" is also curious. convict N.I. Zakharov has been registered with the branch in the Dinsky district of the Krasnodar Territory of the FKU UII UFSIN RF since March 22, 2017. But a month later he was deregistered due to his departure to the Central District of Krasnodar. In the regional capital, “solving issues” was much easier. On December 20, 2017, the Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar (Judge Dovzhenko Andrey Anatolyevich, Deputy Chairman of the District Court) ruled to cancel the probation and release him from further serving the sentence. Nikolay Zakharov's conviction was expunged.

Why so much detail about Zakharov? It is these people who are needed in the corruption schemes of Chernova and Kovaleva. Those who are able to calmly “not be friends” with the law, and be infinitely grateful to their “patrons” for saving them from prisons s. Zakharov was appointed by them as the main collector of bribes for positions.

Zakharov began to "milk" applicants even at the time when he was under subscription. And although Kovaleva was forced to fire her close friend under investigation (you must admit, it would be strange when the deputy head of the department of justice in the region is a fraudster), but Zakharov, communicating with those who longed to become notaries, presented himself as ... Kovaleva's acting deputy. Basically, he was. Deputy for bribery.

Zakharov acted simply: Kovaleva and Chernova handed over to him the personal files of the participants in the next competitions. Zakharov, experienced in this part of evaluating the volume of wallets, calculated the most promising candidates in terms of receiving bribes and offered them guarantees of victory in exchange for a certain amount of "gratitude". Depending on the "catching" of the notarial site, this price ranged from 20 to 150 thousand dollars. There were exceptions, except perhaps very rotten regional centers, where the applicants did not have that kind of money. But if we were talking about a "rich" site in Krasnodar, or in a "fat" plot with Sochi's money.

Zakharov, who was not working in justice, worked in this direction ... directly from the office in the department of justice. Not particularly embarrassed. Often, employees became unwitting witnesses to some corrupt negotiations. Such arrogance gave rise to confidence among all those working in the department: “Zakharov, Kovaleva, Chernova have high patrons, whom they “bring in” so that law enforcement officers turn a blind eye to all their art.

It became quite obvious to every family where the notarial shift was growing up: either you pay as much as they say, or you fly by. After all, the very structure of the competition is such that the applicant can be easily killed at any stage. Especially in an oral interview. Slow down the “upstart”, who decided to become a notary for free, that is, we won’t pay moms? - No problem. And vice versa: to admire (in the form of setting maximum points) those who have paid - it's easy.


The accomplices received financial benefits even from failures. That is, when a bribe was accepted, but the issue was not resolved. For example, in the Tuapse notarial district. In August 2016, V. M. Valkova, by agreement with the President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory G. T. Chernova, voluntarily resigned her powers as a notary, as planned, in favor of her assistant. A competition was announced for this vacant position on September 23, 2016. The following took part in the competition: Abrosova O.S., Raganyan V.V., Efremova E.V. They paid for the position with real estate, in the form of a three-story residential building at the address: Tuapse district, Agoy village, GLC Parus, box No. 79, cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:403, with gold items worth 300 thousand rubles, which were handed over to Chernova. Another 500 thousand rubles. was intended for transfer to I. V. Kovaleva. However, she did not accept this money, in view of their “insignificance”. "Outraged" by the meagerness of the amount, Zakharov, representing the interests of Kovaleva, demanded 2 million rubles. He was denied this, and then in the walls of justice he publicly declared: “Let Efremov win!” So Efremova became a notary of the Tuapse notary district. Valkova had to buy out the property, her daughter Valkova Elina Evgenievna, born on May 25, 1968, became the copyright holder. Gold items remained with G. T. Chernova.

The list of corruption goes on and on. In fact, all competitions in all attractive notarial districts had and still have a corruption component.

And with such “details”, if it makes sense to say that in the Krasnodar Territory the main goal of the notary is the high-quality protection of the interests of citizens and legal entities? It is unlikely. The main task: ensuring the personal and corrupt interests of the leadership. But, now, let's think sensibly: the relatives paid 20 or 100 thousand dollars there so that their young talent became a notary. How can this loss be covered? Making out the left transactions of roguish legal entities? Issuing power of attorney for black realtors? Otherwise, after all, do not beat off the bribe costs. This is confirmed by the Kuban criminal cases on the extraction of apartments and houses of lonely old people, when “left” powers of attorney are issued in notary offices (including the notary’s office of Chernova G.T.), contested by the heirs in courts of “left” wills (for example, drawn up by the same notary of the Tuapse notary district A. V. Nartova).

Now Chernova is pulling her daughter, Elena Ryazanskaya, to the “trough”. Now Ryazanskaya is the vice-president of the regional chamber. Galina Timofeevna is already quite a few years old, and the corruption family business must be transferred to reliable hands. And who here can act as a more worthy successor? Only my own daughter. As the Chernov family is sure, it is she who should become the future president of the notary chamber of the Krasnodar Territory.

As for Kovaleva. Her career in the Republic of Adygea seems to have been more than successful. Shortly after the appointment, by order of the President of the Russian Federation, the head of the Department M Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Adygea I.V. Kovaleva was appointed a member of the Board of the Ministry of Justice of Russia. In 2020, she helps her accomplice-lover Zakharov get ... a notary license. And it would seem...

In December 2022, Irina Kovaleva is out of work. The republican division of the Ministry of Justice is no longer headed by her.

At the end of April, the VI Congress of Notaries of the Russian Federation was held in Moscow. The delegation of the Kuban notary was headed by Elena Ryazanskaya. The fact that her Galina Timofeevna Chernova is now strenuously pulling her daughter to the President of the Regional Notary Chamber was not a secret for anyone for the participants in the congress. But, judging by the whispers on the sidelines of the congress, the Russian notarial community is distancing itself from the black deeds of the Chernov clan. And the chances for the appointment of Ryazanskaya are now estimated as practically zero. But the Chernov clan was never shy about choosing the means to achieve their goals. So, there is still a considerable chance that the daughter will still sit in her mother's chair. Intimidation, blackmail, bribes - these are the only ways to choose the "worthiest".


Roman Trushkin

To be continued