The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel learned that Pavel Te, co-owner of Capital Group, who applied for South Korean citizenship a few weeks after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine (in March 2022), received it already 3 months later through a simplified consideration procedure . Together with him, 29 more people applied for citizenship of this country, including all his closest relatives and nominees, as well as the CEO of Capital Group Valentina Stanovova and her family.

Сергей Собянин

It is especially interesting that the list also includes the owner of PIK Group Sergey Gordeev and his wife. Almost all applicants (including Gordeev) acted under the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship. Considering yesterday's deeply symbolic drone strike on Moscow City, which also damaged the Oko-2 tower, it can be said that Cho and Gordeev acted very presciently, attending to the creation of another alternate airfield.

Cho already has citizenship of Russia, Uzbekistan and a Spanish residence permit issued in the Balearic Islands. "Capital Group" is a company that is engaged in large-scale embezzlement of funds from the budget of Moscow and the federal budget under the auspices of a number of high-ranking officials. The account of funds withdrawn from state contracts and received as a result of overestimation of the cost of real estate sold to the state goes to many tens of billions of rubles. Capital Group employees are driven to rallies in support of the war. The owners themselves prefer to live in other countries.

Thus, the other two shareholders of Capital Group are Vladislav Doronin, a citizen of Sweden and a resident of Switzerland, and Eduard Berman, an Israeli citizen and a resident of Spain.

All these developers are favorites of Moscow Mayor Serey Sobyanin

As journalists found out, a business jet owned by Aman Resorts and its CEO Vladislav Doronin, who bought the Gorsuch Haus property on Mount Aspen last year for $76.5 million, has not been able to fly since November due to sanctions imposed on the operator of the aircraft by the Office US Treasury Department of Foreign Assets Control.

The Bombardier Global Express aircraft has been on the OFAC Nationals of Special Purpose list for nearly nine months. OFAC maintains a public sanctions database. The Aman aircraft is among eight aircraft operated and operated by Malta-based and Russian-based Emperor Aviation Ltd., which has also been sanctioned, according to OFAC.

OFAC said in November that it sanctioned Emperor Aviation because it coordinated luxury travel for relatives of Suleiman Kerimov. US sanctions have been imposed on Kerimov since 2018; following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union identified Kerimov as an oligarch and ally of President Vladimir Putin.

In its November sanctions, OFAC added Kerimov's wife, son and two daughters to the list.

The tail number of the Aman aircraft, or N number, is 9H-AMN; the prefix "9H" indicates that the aircraft is registered in Malta, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. All eight aircraft operated by Emperor Aviation are based in Malta.

The documents found at indicate that Pavel Te was tried in his native Uzbekistan. On August 10, 1988, he was arrested and then sentenced to four years on charges of committing a crime under article 147 of the Soviet Criminal Code (Fraud committed on a large scale or by an organized group). The term of Pavel Cho was serving in ITK-29 of the city of Navoi, Uzbek SSR. And on February 16, 1990, the Navoi court decided to replace the remaining term (2 years 3 months 15 days) with a conditional one. Then he went to Bukhara, and then showed up in Russia and became a co-owner of Capital Group in 1993-1994. Remarkably, four years later, Pavel Te was registered with the IC as a convicted citizen. During the election as a deputy, the head of Capital Group forgot to indicate his criminal record.

One of the main defendants in the case of giving a bribe to employees of the TFR for the release of "authority" Andrei Kochuykov (Italian) was his friend, also an "authority" Oleg Sheykhametov (Oleg Sheikh). In recent years, the Sheikh has been engaged in business, primarily construction. And his partner in these projects was the co-owner of Capital group Pavel Te. In particular, Sheikh and Te had a joint project - the construction of the residential complex "Faces".

Roman Trushkin

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