The Russian mafia portal, famous for its investigations on criminal activities of high ranking officials of the country and major companies, has fallen under an unprecedented hacker attack few ever seen.

 Because of the actions of the criminals, the site was partly unavailable from October 1, 2012. The editors of the Russian mafia portal were interested to find out who had been the paymaster of this action.

 We have all good reasons to suspect Viktor Mikhailovich Remsha – the owner of the FINAM Company.

It was the very page with the dossier on this person that the hackers concentrated mostly. Also, during the attack, a letter signed by the president of the FINAM CJSC Vladislav Kochetkov came to the editor office. The author of the letter urgently demanded to delete Viktor Remsha’s dossier from the Russian mafia portal. As an argument, Mr. Kochetkov quoted Wikipedia’s definition of the word mafia. With that he claims that the FINAM Company is not mafia.

 Of course, the editors of the portal don’t have 100% evidence that was really attacked by Viktor Remsha’s or any other FINAM top-managers’ orders, but, at the same time, to protect the information in the dossier, the editors decided to spread the information on Remsha as wide as possible to ensure that the persons unsatisfied with the media investigation wouldn’t want to organize hacker attacks in future.

 The editorial staff of will continue to study Mr. Remsha’s and other top-managers’ past to make sure if the FINAM can be considered part of the “Russian mafia” or not.

These materials along with other investigations and dossiers of the Russian mafia portal can be read by clicking the link below:

All right, then; we shall see if the Russian mafia has enough of its dirty money to organize hacker attacks on the biggest blog-platforms of the world.