As it became known to, a huge scandal erupted in the law enforcement block of the city of Moscow, the instigator of which is Anatoly Korniychuk, a businessman of a small hand, previously convicted for possession of drugs, and now introducing himself to everyone as a "FSB colonel".

According to the source, Korniychuk is known for boasting to all his acquaintances of a very close relationship with Sergei Natarov, who is the deputy head of the FSB for the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Natarov oversees the management of the Moscow direction. Andrey Kartsev is in charge of the regional administration.

Anatoly Korniychuk made the necessary acquaintances and became one of the founders of the large construction company AltStroy.

AltStroy has a large income, which Korniychuk had to share with his business partners. However, you cannot deceive genetics and Anatoly decided to simply “throw” his partners, taking the business for himself.

The partners, like ordinary normal people, did not like this situation, and therefore they decided in the legal field to return what they were entitled to and applied to the Moscow Arbitration Court, where they successfully won the process.

But Anatoly did not give up and turned to his friend, Sergei Natarov, with a request that he help and achieve the initiation of a criminal case against Korniychuk's former colleagues. Of course, not just like that. For such a request, Natarov demanded 150 million rubles for initiating a criminal case and charging the defendants.

Korniychuk agreed. Natarov went straight to his namesake - Sergei Yarosh, who recently received a general and is the deputy head of the GSU SK in Moscow.

Yarosh sent Korniychuk to the SAO investigative department, which registered the material of the check, opened a criminal case and brought Korniychuk's former associates to criminal liability on absolutely far-fetched grounds. Given that the territorial jurisdiction is absolutely not the Northern District.


Yarosh has been subordinate to Natarov since the time when Natarov was the head of the “M” department and helped Yarosh several times so that he would not be taken away in the Drymanov case.

Everything would be fine, but the Central Office of the Investigative Committee, which had long abstracted from the requests and wishes of the FSB of Russia, became interested in this case, so they were very interested in this case, since it could turn out to be a very high-profile case against the leaders of Moscow.

It is worth noting that Korniychuk was given a clear understanding: the case is based on far-fetched grounds, but we are ready to send him to court and condemn them - carry the same amount. Anatoly Korniychuk boasted to his entire entourage, thanks to whom his former colleagues were closed and how much he paid for it.

However, the misunderstanding that has arisen between Strizhov and Yarosh, Dorofeev and Natarov, Popov and the prosecutor of the SAO Popkov, is growing.

By the way, in the decision to initiate a criminal case, investigator Abdulkhaerov just points out that "the Arbitration Court of the city of Moscow was misled." Personally, this phrase was asked to be inserted into the resolution by Sergei Natarov. After all, his wife, Yulia Zhdanova, is one of the judges of the said court and does not mislead insultingly for her husband.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov