In Dagestan, they continue to dance the head of the republic, Sergei Melikov. Systematically bringing the general under the label of face value, the Dagestan clans continue to purposefully create precedents for changing the head of the republic.

According to the interlocutor of, relying entirely on the interests of the oil tycoon and state secretary of the republic Magomed-Sultan Magomedov, Sergey Melikov is rapidly losing his weight inside Dagestan. In this sense, the general has something to think about: the ex-head of the republic, Magomedsalam Magomedov, is breathing down his back, quietly cherishing hopes upon his return to the post of head of the republic. The Secretary of State is wholly and completely the conductor of the shadow applicant for the main position in the republic. And in order to minimize talk about a conspiracy against Melikov, Magomed-Sultan Magomedov launched a rumor wave about a quarrel with his status namesake. Allegedly, a black cat ran between them and they are no longer friends.

Sergei Melikov himself gives an account of who and how he sits up. In this sense, last year's dismissal of the head of the Internal Policy Department of the Republic of Dagestan Zapir Alkhasov, who was accused of negligence in suppressing mass riots in Makhachkala, is typical. Expert observers of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel report that the true motive for this dismissal lies in the close ties between the retired Alkhasov and the shadow candidate for the post of head of Dagestan, Magomedsalam Magomedov. This turn of events gives a clear understanding that Melikov is really afraid of Magomedsalam Magomedov's interference in the work of his unfortunate team.

In fact, the dismissed Zapir Alkhasov became a lightning rod for the head of the administration of the head of the republic, Alexei Gasanov, who is in fact the main favorite among Magomedsalam Magomedov's agent network. Interestingly, almost from the very moment Alexei Gasanov took office, his own brother was killed. And in this regard, there is a clear version that this murder is dictated by the desire of the clans to keep Gasanov in a tight grip.

Another source of told how Melikov competently evaded responsibility and uses in Dagestan the previously worked out scheme of theft in the National Guard. Key persons of corruption in Dagestan and their games in front of the exhausted and protesting people of Dagestan. Or how the tanker is drained.




head of Dagestan - Sergey Melikov


Secretary of State of Dagestan Magomed-Sultan Magomedov, he is also a tanker


Head of the Administration of the Head of Dagestan Alexei Gasanov, aka Petrovich


Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Dagestan Ruslan Aliyev, he is also a portfolio of kickbacks on all budget infrastructure loans and state programs, he is a snitch


Minister of Construction of Architecture and Housing and Public Utilities of Dagestan Artur Suleymanov, he is also a technical contractor for rollback schemes



Once upon a time, Melikov’s team in the Russian Guard already had a technical executor of rollback schemes - Zolotov’s famous deputy, General Mileiko (now a private and convicted). According to the Main Military Investigation Department, Mileiko took possession of almost 400 million rubles by signing a contract with the only supplier of uniforms. But Melikov denied Mileiko, testifying that he had not coordinated anything and was puzzled himself.


Now Melikov’s technical executor is the Minister of Construction of Architecture and Housing and Public Utilities of Dagestan Artur Suleymanov, who, together with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Dagestan Ruslan Aliyev, stamps out orders to conclude contracts with the only suppliers, that is, bypassing competitive procedures, enlisting the support of the Presidential Administration through Aliyev’s old trodden paths. To date, the amount of contracts has approached 20 billion rubles. The average rollback is 20 percent. And the total debt of Dagestan on loans rose to 30 billion during the period of Melikov's leadership. And you say Mileiko, he is just a boy with his 400 million dollars.


You say: there was no such thing even under Abdulatipov (meme of Dagestan about the worst and highly corrupt time).


As we know, money loves silence, and big money even more so. And the noise that the residents of Dagestan are making is not planned at all, and the situation requires an urgent solution. The Presidential Administration has decided who is the weakest link and who needs to be dumped all the toxicity. It was decided to be the first to hand over the tanker, and when they come for Melikov, they will hand over the new Mileiko - Artur Suleymanov, what to do with Melikov, if anything, the question is open. Loyalty to the first person of the state, which Melikov deliberately demonstrates, is no longer enough.


According to a source, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office initiated an inspection of the Makhachkala Oil Depot of the tanker. The corresponding order has already been launched. The purpose of this audit is to return the organization to state ownership. This work was organized at the suggestion of Petrovich, who leaked the entire invoice to the Presidential Administration on a friend and already almost former accomplice - a tanker.


What are you? I am you rmil, watered, and again watered, watered a lot, and you? - the manager will exclaim.


Intrigue is a delicate and slow business. Considering that Melikov was drinking heavily, he began to perceive hints of his weakening very painfully. So, according to the source, the tanker corny fell out of favor with Melikov, who became furious when he learned about the latest initiative of the tanker to voluntarily-compulsorily confiscate government numbers of the "LLC" series from a number of officials and deputies, followed by transferring them to his cortege without the consent of Melikov. However, it later turned out that the tanker had nothing to do with it, and this initiative came from Petrovich. It is not yet clear what exactly Petrovich was trying to achieve, either he wanted to give the tanker an unexpected gift, or deliberately set him up, provoking the discontent of officials, deputies and Melikov personally. But why? After all, the decision has already been made on the tanker.

But Petrovich is not alone, and in the case of the tanker, besides him, Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Aliyev is especially zealous, he is also a portfolio of kickbacks, which the general visits every other day and brings to him every step of the tanker.


The loss of the position of the tanker is also confirmed by the fact that he can no longer buy everything and everyone. For example, having recently decided to squeeze out the pretty Teatro cafe on Buynaksky Street, owned by the man of the former speaker of the National Assembly Khizri Shikhsaidov, he received a sharp refusal. then in the White House he brought the situation to Melikov and even arranged for him a meeting with the owner of the cafe, who convinced the general that he had many creative plans for the development of this cultural facility and Melikov supported him. , and concurrently the 1st Deputy Mayor of Makhachkala Nariman Temurkaev, offering tens of millions of rubles through him, if only he would give the institution, but was again refused. Petrovich.

Given the trend, we can assume that the drain of the tanker is not far off. Alas, they undressed, took off their shoes, ate and drank, and let go).


Alexey Ermakov

To be continued