The source of and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU spoke about the secret mission of the ex-minister of the Moscow government and deputy of the State Duma Sergey Kapkov in the company of Roman Abramovich. Before infiltrating the circle of billionaires, his headquarters was the legendary club-casino "Metelitsa" on the Arbat. In the 90s, Sergey Kapkov tried to engage in advertising and PR, producing, but best of all he was pandering. In this field, he met Roman Abramovich and his team: Evgeny Shvidler, Andrey Gorodilov, Efim Malkin and others. Already in 1999, Sergei Kapkov headed the chief's campaign headquarters and managed to find an approach to the entire environment of the oligarch. But his main advantage, which was appreciated not only by men, but they say that Roman Abramovich's accountant, business lady from Forbes Irina Panchenko, did not neglect the services of a PR specialist, remains unchanged to this day.

According to the memoirs of the interlocutor of, Sergey Kapkov traveled inextricably with the chef for a long time, renting and managing entire hotels with escorts for him (Israel, France, England, Germany), and until recently he organized incendiary parties. Holidays of life in the spirit of the good old Metelitsa were relocated to Balchug, opposite which for a long time the office of Sibneft Roman Abramovich was located. But there were also away parties: almost every more or less significant Chelsea match or weekends at the villas of ex-senator Efim Malkin or the oligarch's accountant Irina Panchenko (her chic house is located nearby, in the same commune of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the Cote d'Azur of France ). Recently, when the industry was touched by technological progress, all members of Roman Abramovich's team got special tablets, where an "exclusive file cabinet" with round-the-clock support (pimps) was carefully installed. For example, Efim Malkin, a lover of educated ladies, was repeatedly caught red-handed by his wife Donya Malkina. A jealous wife even found one young “teacher” in a dressing gown over a cup of tea in a country house in Odintsovo. Roman Abramovich himself does not accept any tablets, still uses the services of a good old partner, and appreciates him very much. So much so that even after the divorce and emigration of Sergei Kapkov's ex-wife Sofya Gudkova, he provides the latter with his business jets for use and takes care of his family in every possible way.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued