According to, PMC Wagner, which was left without the leaders of Prigozhin, Utkin, Chekalov, can break up into many independent units. Separate "branches" of Wagner in the regions are actively cleaning up the heads of the regions. The head of the Perm Territory, Dmitry Makhonin, especially succeeded in this. We don’t know if he is preparing a “campaign against Moscow”, but he clearly wants to have his own “mini-army”.

Андрей Борисенко

Right on the eve of Prigozhin's death, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reported that Andrei Borisenko (call sign Borov), a representative of PMC Wagner in the Perm Territory, was seen in the administration of Governor Dmitry Makhonin. It is not known what they discussed there, but the information is confirmed that it is Perm, with the active support of local authorities, that is becoming the new regional stronghold of PMCs. The link is not new. The Perm Territory has always been a leader in the recruitment of mercenaries to Wagner (without recruitment in the FSIN system), for which Borov almost monthly received bonuses in the amount of 100% of his monthly salary. Such indicators became possible with the full support of Makhonin and his team. What kind of new joint project is being prepared will become clear in the near future.

Дмитрий Махонин

And after the death of Prigozhin, Makhonin clearly imagined himself as the new leader of the Perm cell of PMC Wagner and picked up a sledgehammer, which became a symbol of Prigozhin and PMC Wagner. With a smile, Makhonin presented this sledgehammer during the inauguration of the new head of Perm, Eduard Sosnin.

“This hammer can be used to kick officials out of their heads,” Makhonin told Sosnin.

Recall that the Prigozhinites used such sledgehammers to kill the guilty fighters of the PMC Wagner.

What else does “Prince Makhonin” need Wagnerites for? Protect his corrupt interests in the region.

Information has appeared on the Web that Governor Dmitry Makhonin is pouring hundreds of millions to his friends, hiding behind the anniversary of the regional capital. Let's study schematosis using the Green Ring project as an example.

Who is the author of the schema?

Mahonin himself. His experience in the FAS allows him to find loopholes in the law and abuse his powers to enrich his criminal community. And he calls the “Green Ring” his personal project, about which the regional media sweetly publish custom-made jeans for our taxes. “Since the project is personal, then my money is personal, I will dispose of it as I want,” thought the Ryabininsky swindler and set to work.

Who implemented the schematic?

Dmitry Andreev, head of the city department for ecology. Makhonin's colleague in the 2016 elections, who as a result received the position of assistant to Nadezhda Agisheva in the Perm City Duma. He personally owes his career rise to Makhonin, he has to pay that way.

Who got 300 lyams for lawlessness?

All the same "VIAL Group", owned by Viktor Permyakov. Also an associate of Makhonin in the 2016 elections, a cousin of the main Makhonin accomplice Alexander Smertin, a professional scammer of workers and subcontractors.

What does a schematic look like?

A request is made for prices for 305 million for the improvement of the Yegoshikha river valley. Many organizations tried to offer their services, but they all were sent by the forest, and without any competitive procedures, they entered into a direct contract with the death trough of VIAL Group. Even the public procurement website does not have this contract, although VIAL Group in its releases promotes both city and regional authorities as a contractor.

How is this possible?

All projects for the 300th anniversary of Perm were declared a priority, and documents were signed allowing distribution of works on such projects through direct contracts. After all, God forbid, there is an organization that will perform the work cheaper and better. This cannot be allowed, Vitya and Sasha must master the budget money. “Without competition, there will be stagnation,” Makhonin beautifully flooded us when he became acting governor of the Kama region. But he quickly realized that without competition there would be personal wealth for himself and friends.

It is noteworthy that the second part of the work on the "Green Ring" could not be dragged through the schematization of the 300th anniversary, and a competition had to be held. The contractor was a certain Moscow LLC Construction Management. There are two options: either VIAL Group was no longer able to digest so much money, or after the federal scandal, they had to hide the unwashed ears of Smertin and Permyakov away from these purchases. Considering that in Perm this "Construction Department" manages to win contracts only in subordinate institutions of the same Dmitry Andreev, we will closely monitor the success of this company in the field of development of the Perm budget. Previously, this office was successful in carrying out work on the housing and communal services block in the Moscow mayor's office, where another legendary Makhonin corrupt official Anton Udalyov now holds a high position. From there, perhaps, this contractor was dragged to Perm for sweet contracts.

By the way, in the regional treasury there is no longer enough money for appetites for the Green Ring, and Makhonin climbs into the pockets of ordinary Permians. To this end, he issues public bonds worth half a billion, which we will have to pay for from the budget. And who will master these finances, we are already up to guessing. Whether they again throw subcontractors and hard workers, stupidly appropriating all the money for themselves, we will find out in the course of the play.

Finally. If you think that this is a one-time action - by no means. Hiding behind the same resolutions on the 300th anniversary and even on the NVO, the Makhonin gang distributes contracts for landscaping and road construction everywhere. About how much contractors roll back Makhonin and Smertin through the profile Deputy Prime Minister, and under what sauce they demand this money from the road builders - I will tell in one of the following posts. In the meantime, I am sending deputy appeals to law enforcement and supervisory authorities, let them check how these sour fruits are mastering the anniversary budget.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued