A tale about how the chief lawyer of the state corporation VEB of the Russian Federation, Igor Krasnov, and the former head of PJSC Aeroflot, Mikhail Poluboyarinov, squeezed out elite real estate in Crimea. In addition to property abroad for only “honestly earned” government money, the chief lawyer of the state corporation VEB.RF Igor Krasnov somehow received elite real estate in the Crimea, in Yalta as a bonus. And everything would have been fine, but the mansions and villas along the sea suddenly turned out to be unauthorized construction. But the chief lawyer of VEB.RF is a lawyer because he protects his “honestly earned” real estate not only in Cyprus and the USA, but also in Crimea, without fear of any sanctions.

Михаил Полубояринов

It is characteristic that also in this elite seaside in Crimea, real estate belongs to a friend of the chief lawyer of VEB.RF, Igor Krasnov, and also to the former deputy chairman of Shuvalov, Poluboyarinov. After VEB, he briefly headed the leasing company GTLK and Aeroflot, from where he fled abroad, but, according to a source of Rucriminal.info, he continues to knock on the doors of state corporations with a request to shelter the defector. Thus, Krasnov and Poluboyarinov were participants in a court case regarding the recognition of elite villas in Yalta as unauthorized construction and, using their administrative resources, were able to convince Themis that their villas overlooking Yalta and the sea were not unauthorized construction and they also had the right to fly there on private jets.

Игорь Краснов

Earlier, the Cheka-OGPU reported that Mikhail Poluboyarinov, who disappeared from all radars after his triumphant escape from Aeroflot and Russia as a whole, unexpectedly appeared in one of the structures of Rostec, as an adviser to the head. His appointment with a perspective, like all previous ones, was lobbied by First Deputy Prime Minister Belousov. It is expected that in this status Poluboyarinov, as an experienced banker who sent Svyaz-Bank to the bottom, will oversee and restructure the work of banks controlled by the state corporation and participate in the creation of a certain project to operate a unified payment center to service the state corporation. To create the latter, Poluboyarinov may need his longtime partner in interests and service, Artem Dovlatov. At 43, he hasn’t had time to work anywhere: at Aeroflot, State Transport Leasing Company, Power Machines, VTB, Sberbank. In general, he obviously also has the necessary contacts, which help him effectively move up the career ladder. Poluboyarinov, after “resigning” from the post of head of Aeroflot, expected to be appointed to one of the state development corporations, to replace Tsekhomsky, who was leaving for another job, overseeing the corporate lending sector in the status of deputy chairman. However, the position of the latter could be taken by a young and rather inconspicuous native of Dom.RF - Tarabrin. The latter is gradually being prepared to replace Tsekhomsky, for which in December 2022 he was promoted to the level of Deputy Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation (VEB.RF).

Mikhail Ermakov

Source: www.rucriminal.info