The topic of child bullying in Moscow has not surprised anyone for a long time. However, what happened last weekend in the south-west of the capital goes beyond ordinary child bullying. The teenagers first beat a 9-year-old Muscovite with sticks, and then help arrived and broke the nose of her father, who stood up for his daughter. The victim himself contacted the editorial office (we are not disclosing the parent’s last and first name at his request). gives the story almost without abbreviations.

On September 23, 2023 at 18:04, I received a call from my daughter, who was walking in the courtyard of house 34 on Michurinsky Avenue. She asked to come up urgently, explaining that the boys were beating her and other girls on the head with sticks. Coming downstairs from the apartment, I saw my daughter and her friends on the playground, next to whom stood 4-5 teenagers with sticks in their hands.

When asked who beat my daughter, everyone pointed to a boy named Yakub. Naturally, I took the stick away from him, broke it and took him to my parents. On the way, he escaped, having managed to “farewell” cover my family with a three-story mat. Having found out which apartment the boy’s family lived in, my wife and I went there, hoping to communicate with Yakub’s parents. Nobody opened the door for us.

After that we returned to the yard. At the playground, my daughter’s friend ran up to me and told me that older guys had come. They surrounded the defenseless daughter, pressed her against the fence, and began to threaten her. The little daughter was crying. Having pushed aside the hooligans and their leader, he gave her the opportunity to break out of the ring of an aggressive gang.

At that moment, the women standing nearby began to push me, while simultaneously shouting death threats at me. Despite the fact that I was outraged by this abuse, my wife and I decided to take our daughter home.

At 18:32 a call was received from an unknown number. An unknown female voice asked to come into the yard again to discuss the situation with the children. There was already a crowd of excited women standing there, who again began to threaten with violence. I didn’t answer, I sat down on the bench in front of the entrance. My wife came down to me. We began to wait for the aggressive crowd to disperse and for us to have a normal conversation with the boys’ mother.

At about 18:40 three more young men came up and started beating me. Everything was recorded on a street surveillance camera. At this time, both boys, being in perfect health, ran and incited those around them.

My wife called the police and an ambulance. The women made up a story on the spot that their children were allegedly injured, and begged the doctors to issue a false report about the children’s injuries. Blood was gushing out of my nose. The hospital diagnosed him with a broken nasal bone. In addition, I wrote a statement to law enforcement authorities regarding the fact of receiving bodily injuries.

As far as I know, the attackers are now trying to influence the work of the security forces and portray the victims as villains who beat the children. This is not the first such incident in our yard. Unfortunately, impunity breeds permissiveness.

Yuri Prokov