It seems that the former hockey player of Dynamo Riga and Torpedo Yaroslavl, and now famous coach Gennady Mylnikov, is not very worried about the fact that he killed a man and relies on his influential friends.

As learned, on June 18, in the very center of Moscow, at house 44 on Taganskaya Street, under video cameras and in front of passers-by, a black Mitsubishi Pajero O 582 UO 197 jeep hit Anna Drozdova at a pedestrian crossing. She died from her injuries at the scene. The woman did not live exactly a week before her 44th birthday.

Video recordings clearly show: the Mitsubishi driver ignored the brake lights of the car driving in front of him in the right lane, which began braking when pedestrians appeared. In the same way, he ignored the appearance of people at the pedestrian crossing. The speed of the SUV at the moment of impact, according to the examination, was 65 kilometers per hour. In other words, the driver of the jeep did not even try to slow down.

After the tragedy, and this was recorded by video cameras, he did not rush to ask if help was needed, but calmly waited in the car until the police and his friends arrived.

These acquaintances, apparently, are very influential. Indeed, despite the obvious circumstances of the incident (surveillance camera recordings) and the initiation of a criminal case on the grounds of a crime provided for in Article 264 Part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of traffic rules resulting in the death of a person through negligence), Anna Drozdova may be declared the culprit of the incident.

The Mitsubishi driver, judging by information from, has every chance of not even receiving a suspended sentence. Why? Because this is the coach who trained the famous hockey player Dmitry Yushkevich, Gennady Mylnikov.

In this case, the family and Anna’s orphaned child will not receive a penny of insurance. There is no need to appeal to the conscience of Mylnikov himself, who did not even try to contact Anna Drozdova’s relatives.

In 2015, Gennady Mylnikov, in his interview, answered the question of whether the criminals responsible for the death of the legendary Soviet hockey player Viktor Yakushev had been found: “Unfortunately, no. The fourteenth year has already passed, and the scum who beat the Honored Master of Sports to death remain unpunished."

In the story of the death of Anna Drozdova, someone also hopes to remain unpunished.

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Yuri Prokov