The money from Oboronservis, which billionaire Sergei Amelin regularly received under government contracts, went offshore through duplicate companies. The network of such front companies, tied to the Stroyimpuls empire, was controlled by a group of “lawyers” together with an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mikhail Vatanin, the current eminence grise of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s business empire. In the summer, he headed the security service of the leader of the PMC Wagner; after his death, he remained in the position and began to control the heir, Pavel Prigozhin. Vatanin recently left his post, but retained influence on both the Security Council and Pavel. Continuing the investigation of

Back in the 2000s, Vatanin was involved in camouflage and counterintelligence for Stroyimpuls employees. At that time, the still active police officer, on the instructions of his senior comrades, created a legend (new documents, passports, entries in house books, etc.) for Amelin’s and then Prigozhin’s fighters. His most successful work is the double of the son of one of the founders of the construction company, General Alexander Vasilyevich Semchenkov. This man is well known not only as the head of the State Security Veterans Foundation, but also as a close associate of the all-powerful Anatoly Kurkov, Putin’s former boss, who headed the KGB of Leningrad and the region.

One “double” of Semchenkov Alexander Alexandrovich was “hidden” in Vatanin’s apartment at the address of St. Petersburg, John Reed... Another “double” of Semchenkov Alexander Alexandrovich was also registered there, although he was born in a different year. The man was found in the village of Nikolskoye, Kostroma region, in 2005, in the 70th police department of the Nevsky district, he was given a new passport with St. Petersburg registration, and they led him by hand to register companies for him. All in order to launder money from the defense industry or, for example, withdraw millions of loans. Take, for example, the process between JSCB Lanta-Bank and Stroyimpuls DSK LLC. The court was unable to prove that the line of credit for 8 million rubles was issued under a collateral agreement, which was concluded by “senior Semchenkov,” because “Semchenkov Jr.,” as the founder, did not give consent to this. As a result, dozens of such agreements were terminated, and no one wanted to argue with the son of a KGB general and the most powerful structure of state security veterans.


And Semchenkovs No. 1 and No. 2 have a huge number of such companies. Over time, “double” No. 3 also registered in the apartment on John Reed-8.

As found out, in 2008, for his success in camouflaging and controlling the KGB-Amelin network, Mikhail Vatanin also acquired his own piece of the empire in the form of Stroyimpuls DSK-3. Admission to the “family” was under the patronage of the general’s son, with whom the then policeman and criminal investigation officer became friends against the backdrop of a common passion for martial arts. Moreover, many of Semchenko’s veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, Defense Ministry and GRU vouched for the opera, which successfully controlled the Security Council of such a serious structure. By that time, half of them already formed the backbone of the future Wagner PMC under the leadership of Prigozhin.

Respect and a step to the top had to be earned, and brotherhood had to be sealed with blood. What sensitive tasks did Mikhail Vatanin perform, and who else did the future head of the Wagner security service shelter in one of his apartments? Read on to continue the investigation.

Timofey Grishin