The Telegram channel VChK-OGPU and have more than once drawn attention to the bias of the Presnensky Court judge Natalya Sergeevna Karzhavina, who with her decisions deprives mothers of their last hopes.

This was the case with Artem Chaika’s wife.

This is how things stand now with the claim of billionaire, ex-senator, friend and business partner of Roman Abramovich, Efim Malkin, who with one snap of his fingers sued his ex-wife Anastasia Gulynskaya for the right to have her daughter live with him. Although the girl did not part with her mother all her life. The lady in the robe works out her fees contrary to all the laws of judicial practice: she creates separate proceedings specifically for the client, as if there are no other cases in the Presnensky Court, arranges dates to please the former senator and refuses the mirror demands of the mother.

Exactly the same thing happened to the ex-wife of the son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Artem Chaika - their girl no longer sees her mother, she was removed from the family and placed in a golden cage.

The parents of the baby, who spent her entire life in the Mother and Child perinatal center, after her recovery were unable to take their daughter home with them, despite years of separation due to illness - Karzhavina assigned her to another family.

Finally, Yulia Staleva, who lost her leg while walking in the Hermitage city garden due to a tree falling on her, right now, sitting in a wheelchair in front of the presidium of the Presnensky Court, is fighting to get her children back. The father, who was not involved in raising her, allegedly took them for a walk and never returned her. Who will the children live with next: with a caring disabled mother or a rich and indifferent father, Judge Karzhavina’s decision seems obvious.

The Cheka-OGPU talked about the apartment of a judge who was born in a village near Moscow, in the center of Moscow, worth more than 20 million rubles, about 4-room apartments and a plot of land in the family nest in Shchelkovo. To buy such real estate, people in robes officially need to work for at least 20 years, and that, to be honest, is to save their entire salary. But why, if the court hearings are entirely filled with oligarchs, sons of former prosecutors general and ex-senators?

The only question is how to take it. And Judge Karzhavina’s sister, Yulia, clearly succeeded in this. In Moscow she is well remembered as the press secretary of the Moscow-Yaroslavl transport prosecutor's office, where at one time the girl managed to work as an assistant prosecutor. Before this, Natalya Karzhavina helped Yulia with employment in the Meshchansky District Court, then in the Office of the Judicial Department. The expectation is that no one will notice how, immediately after the next meeting on removing a child from the family, she will meet with the assistant of an influential plaintiff and “discuss current affairs,” for example, the purchase of a new Toyota Prado SUV, which will need to be registered in the parents’ name, just like the rest of the fleet.

Another intermediary, who first became close to the younger Karzhavina, and then gained the trust of judge Natalya, is operative Ruslan Kabirov from the same line department, which is supervised by Yulia’s colleagues. The policeman fully matches his sister-in-law's clientele. The opera is suing his ex-wife, who is trying to win at least a penny of alimony for their common child. He will not only share the views of the offended fathers, but is also ready to help them through almost family ties in the Presnensky court.

As found out, Marina Chaika, fleeing persecution from her ex-husband, tried to leave for Tomsk. But even there he continued to persecute her, putting pressure on her with the help of bailiffs, guardianship authorities and psychologists.

As a result, Karzhavina, without any clear reasons, decided to take the girl from her mother and hand her over to her father.

Now Chaika does not allow the girl to see her mother and older daughters, who took their mother’s side in the divorce process.

The girl turned out to be of no use to either Chaika or his new wife, psychiatrist Yulia, and spends all her time with the nanny.

True, Chaika introduced his daughter to his mistress Ivanna Shcherbakova. Sometimes they spend weekends all together - Chaika, his two wives and daughter Sofia.

Chaika's wife Yulia is quite a match for him. For more than three years she has been suing her ex-husband Kiselev for the child and alimony. Moreover, Yulia’s child did not want to live with her and after the divorce he stayed with his father.

Sofia doesn’t want to live with them either, but she has no choice.

Timofey Grishin