Russian television celebrated the thirty-year anniversary of the October events of the shooting of the White House by showing documentaries, where the main emphasis was not on the causes of the crisis of power, but on the events of October 3 and 4, the siege of Ostankino and the storming of the White House itself.

Channel Russia-1 showed Naili Askar-Zade’s original film “The Turning Point” several times, in which, along with the main participants in those events, such as Khasbulatov, Rutskoy, Filatov, Baburin and others, for some reason the former chief of ITAR - TASS Ignatenko and ex-Minister of Culture Shvydkoy, the latter at that time had nothing to do with the government crisis.

But the main culprit, the executor, the person who wrote Yeltsin’s famous decree 1400, was not shown or named.

Sergei Shakhrai, it was he who was the official who prepared the now infamous decree for Yeltsin’s signature on the suspension of the activities of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR and the usurpation of power in the hands of one president.

Events developed several months before the October events of 1993, when Sergei Shakhrai, on Yeltsin’s personal secret order, immediately received enhanced FSO security, an escort vehicle and mobile security. So a graduate student at Moscow State University began to quickly prepare a criminal document in a very narrow circle. Only Yeltsin's other assistant, Viktor Ilyushin, was a little aware of the events. No one other than these people knew about Yeltsin’s plans to dissolve the Supreme Council; even Chernomyrdin and his head of administration, Sergei Filatov, were not trusted.

Of course, the events in the Kremlin on the evening of October 3 are not clearly shown. Not a word about how the president’s team was preparing to flee on several planes from Moscow, how they woke up a drunken Boris Nikolayevich and, after waking up, he and Korzhakov went to the Moscow Region building, where the decision was made to storm the White House.

It is curious that after the events of October 93, the hand of Sergei Shakhrai, the night before the popular vote to approve the Russian Constitution, will make fateful amendments to the main document of the country, thanks to which Russia will turn into a super presidential republic.

It is also interesting that the current Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly awarded the works of graduate student Shakhrai with high government awards, even personally awarded the Order of Friendship in 2014, apparently for the victory of the Yeltsin-Gaidar economic model of development of Russia, which they embodied thanks to the dispersal of the Supreme Council.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued