On October 10, the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reported that Roman Abramovich had arrived in Ankara. He did this after negotiations in the Russian Federation.

After the open part of Valdai, a closed part was held with the participation of Putin in Krasnaya Polyana, where Roman Abramovich also participated. Among the high-ranking participants in this meeting, they announced in advance the need to prepare their reasoned proposals for the war on the territory of Ukraine and all related problems.

Meanwhile, as Rucriminal.info found out, Abramovich’s financial affairs are getting worse.

Роман Абрамович

Raspadskaya PJSC is managed by Raspadskaya Coal Company LLC (RUK), whose profit fell by 19 billion rubles last year. - 113%, although the company’s revenue increased by 28% to 212 billion rubles. Such financial indicators may be evidence of artificially understating profits for the purpose of tax evasion.


The founder of RUK LLC is PJSC Raspadskaya, which is an asset of Evraz, whose shareholders are Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov. In 2021, PJSC withdrew from the shareholders of Razrez Raspadsky JSC and Raspadskaya-Koksovaya JSC, but continues to control them through RUK LLC.

Александр Абрамов

In April, a court banned coal mining at the Shakhta Ugolnaya site, part of Raspadskaya-Koksovaya JSC, due to a threat to the lives of its workers. A fire broke out and it was only by miracle that none of the 275 people were injured. They were given 90 days to eliminate the identified violations.


One site, of course, does not make a difference for Raspadskaya PJSC, so the reasons for the drop in profits must be sought in the companies managed by RUK LLC, which last year saw a sharp decline in profits.


Already last year, the indicators of JSC OUK Yuzhkuzbassugol went down. Decrease in profit - by 94%.

The same situation is with the subsidiaries of JSC OUK Yuzhkuzbassugol. The profit of ATP Yuzhkuzbassugol LLC decreased by 139%, Uskovskaya Mine LLC by 24%,

LLC "Abashevskaya Mine" by 452% (!), LLC "Osinnikovskaya Mine" by 27%, LLC "Esaulskaya Mine" by 66%, LLC "Alardinskaya Mine" by 53%.

JSC TPTU, which operates in railway transport, has had no profit for the last 2 years, the loss in 2022 is 32 million rubles. Umgsho LLC, which repairs equipment, has been operating without profit since 2017, the loss in 2022 is 41 million rubles. The profit of JSC Central Processing Plant Kuznetskaya fell by 69%.

Over the past 6 years, Kuznetskpogruztrans JSC made a profit only once in 2020, the loss in 2022 was 54 million rubles. The profit of JSC Central Processing Plant Abashevskaya decreased by 18%.

Even a cursory analysis of the financial condition of Raspadskaya PJSC shows that problems with profit were predictable. The only thing that surprises is the decrease by more than 4 times. This may be evidence of the withdrawal of money from the structures of PJSC Raspadskaya.

In April, Vladimir Melnichenko took over the post of General Director of RUK LLC, replacing Andrey Davydov, he had been leading the company since June 2020. Melnichenko replaced Davydov as the head of Evraz Mezhdurechensk Management Company LLC, the founders of which were Evraz NTMK JSC (99.99 %) and the Luxembourg company EVRAZ GROUP S.A. (0.01%).

For the last two years, LLC Management Company Evraz Mezhdurechensk had 0 revenue, a loss in 2022 of 2.7 billion rubles. The company has 0 employees. It is through it that profits can be withdrawn from the structures of PJSC Raspadskaya.

LLC Management Company Evraz Mezhdurechensk is a defendant in lawsuits in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles. The largest claim in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles. from JSC "Trading House Yuzhno-Sibirsky".

The case is now being considered by the appellate court, the next court hearing is October 18.

EVRAZ GROUP S.A. there is a strange “daughter” LLC “Evraz Yuzhny Stan” that has had no revenue since 2017, profit since 2015 was only in 2021, loss in 2022 - 1.4 billion rubles.

The co-founder of Evraz Yuzhny Stan LLC, together with the Luxembourg company, is Sibmetinvest LLC, which has 0 employees. In 2022, the company with revenue of 259 million rubles. received a loss of 38 billion rubles. the profit drop was 4,610%.

This seemingly purely technical structure has 16 “subsidiaries”; the financial indicators of some may indicate a withdrawal of money. For example, Evraz TK LLC in 2022 with revenue of 11 billion rubles. received a loss of 584 million rubles.

This company is managed by Evraz LLC, whose profit in 2022 fell by 3,860% to negative RUB 3.4 billion. with revenue of 8.7 billion rubles. Evraz LLC manages 8 companies. One of them is Evraz KGOK JSC, with revenue in 2022 of 67 billion rubles. received a loss of 166 billion rubles, a decrease of 334%.

Evraz KGOK JSC has 13 “subsidiaries” companies, but it is already clear where the money that Raspadskaya PJSC earns goes. They disappear into the financial “labyrinths” of Roman Abramovich’s Evraz structures. The oligarch calmly demonstrates losses amounting to hundreds of billions of rubles. He apparently has no one to fear in Russia.


Evgeniy Tomin

Source: www.rucriminal.info