Oleg Karchev received the nickname “bank killer” after his Rost Bank group, which included 7 credit institutions, came under reorganization in 2014. Back in 2008, Karchev planned to create a federal bank, but failed. Surprisingly, the banker was not blacklisted by the Central Bank and later bought two more banks, which he later merged into one - Realist. Details are available from Rucriminal.info.

“Rost Bank” was transferred to B&N Bank for a symbolic 1 ruble. This is exactly how much the assets of Oleg Karchev were valued at, and he could withdraw money from them. Binbank never coped with the problems of “Bank Growth” and in 2017 fell under the reorganization of the Central Bank. The “hole” in the bank’s capital amounted to 300 billion rubles.


Avoiding being blacklisted by the Central Bank indicated that Oleg Karchev has patrons among representatives of the Russian government. One of them may be the Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, a prominent representative of the “Russian world”, who previously controlled the entire communications market in Russia.


From 2016 to 2021, Karchev was a co-founder of the Charitable Foundation “Society of Friends of the Vatopedi Monastery on Holy Mount Athos named after St. Maxim the Greek” together with Sergei Rudov, executive director of the public all-Russian organization “Tsargrad”, of which Malofeev is the chairman.


The former executive director of Tsargrad, Andrei Pinchuk, holds a similar post in the interregional public organization Union of Donbass Volunteers, led by Alexander Boroday. This organization was closely supervised by former assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov, who held this position from 2013 to 2020.


After Surkov’s resignation, a criminal case was opened against Oleg Karchev and his partners Vladislav Mangutov and Alexey Abramov on suspicion of attempted murder of the top manager of their company Merlion, Boris Levin. Almost a year later, everyone was released from the pre-trial detention center, and in 2022 the case was finally closed.


How much it could cost the owners of Merlion, only they know. The situation was very reminiscent of an attempted raider takeover of a company, which very often begins with the initiation of a criminal case on a far-fetched pretext. As a result, the “roof” could change for “Merlion” and its acquitted owners.


The business interests of Oleg Karchev and his partners are very wide; each was the founder of several dozen companies operating in different fields of activity and regions. The extraction of valuable ores is carried out by Zolotoy Aktiv LLC, owned by Anatoly Zolotykh. Until September 2022, the owner was Oleg Karchev. Now the company is headed by Igor Rudachenko.


Zolotoy Aktiv LLC has 6 operating “subsidiary” structures, the financial activities of which may be of interest to the competent authorities.


Boguslavets LLC in 2022 with revenue of 151 million rubles. received a loss of 367 million rubles. , Duhamel LLC ended last year with 0 revenue, the company has 1 employee, the profit of Dalzoloto LLC fell by 99% last year, Smart Polyus LLC with 1 employee was also left without revenue, like LLC “Yakutskoe Zoloto”, which went into negative territory by 55 million rubles. Boyan LLC did not lag behind these companies, receiving 0 revenue and a loss of 15 thousand rubles.


An analysis of the financial condition of the subsidiaries of Zolotoy Aktiv LLC shows that money can be withdrawn through them, otherwise it is impossible to explain the existence of companies mining ore and non-ferrous metals with 1 person on staff.


Until 2020, Zolotoy Aktiv LLC was the owner of Hort-v LLC, which mines ore and sands of precious metals (gold, silver and platinum group metals). Now the founder of the company is Elena Tarasova. Hort-v LLC has had no revenue since 2018, no profit since 2020, loss in 2022 – 35 million rubles.


Start LLC belonged to Zolotoy Aktiv LLC until 2022, now it is owned by Dnepr-Gold LLC and the founder of this company, Astan Gutiev. Its revenue in 2022 amounted to 4.2 billion rubles, profit – 483 million rubles. Gutiev’s share in Start LLC is pledged to ATB Bank.


The founder of T-Cement LLC, owned by Zolotoy Aktiv LLC from 2016 to 2023, is now Marina Shaldybina. In 2022, the company with revenue of 643 million rubles. received a loss of 16 million rubles. Profit for the year fell by 942%, and revenue by only 20%.


Oleg Karchev skillfully disguises his assets by transferring them to other people. He can do the same with the acquired JSC Siberian Mining and Metallurgical Alliance (SiGMA), which in 2022 received revenue of 4.6 billion rubles. and profit of 438 million rubles. The value of the company is 13 billion rubles, there is something to be taken out of it.


Karchev can get money for the purchase of Sigma from his Realist bank, which he owns together with his partners through Bureaucrat LLC, or from Merlion LLC, which in 2022 received revenue of 192 billion rubles. and profit of 2.2 billion rubles.


Over the last reporting year, the value of companies owned by Oleg Karchev increased from 9.6 billion rubles. up to 55 billion rubles. – more than 5 times, whereas from 2017 to 2021 it increased only 2 times. Everything is going well for Karchev. Moreover, since February 2022 The Central Bank allowed banks not to publish reports in open sources. Do what you want.


Judging by the subsidiaries of Zolotoy Aktiv LLC, Oleg Karchev’s new acquisition of JSC Sigma may face a sad fate. The “Bank Killer” has learned to “deal with” other assets.


Evgeniy Tomin

Source: www.rucriminal.info