In the published investigation about the owner of the Soyuz aircraft engine scientific and technical complex, Mkrtich Okroyan, there is one small inaccuracy. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, it was not to strengthen defense capability and scientific technical progress that an enterprising Komsomol worker from Armenia appropriated defense complex enterprises for himself and his family. He appropriated it with the help of the then mayor of the capital Luzhkov and his partner in the division of Moscow property, Vladimir Yevtushenkov. The latter started with Yuri Mikhailovich in the Moscow City Executive Committee and headed the department, and then the committee on science and technology of the mayor's office.

After the collapse of the USSR, they managed Moscow enterprises for a certain bribe. Okroyan, in conjunction with Yevtushenkov, completely disposed of the ZiL plant, which now simply does not exist, and in its place are now residential complexes and business centers. All Moscow factories for the production of machine tools, bearings and other things were rolled into asphalt, and the 300th plant (the current Soyuz AMNTK), of course, did not go unnoticed by them. Now there is a huge pit where high-rise buildings with offices and apartments will soon rise into the sky, right in Luzhniki on the embankment.

Мкртич Окроян

This is why Moscow industrial enterprises with their infrastructure and energy capacities were grabbed for next to nothing, and not to improve engineering solutions in the field of aircraft and rocket science. Russia was never able to launch the production of the aircraft engines required for the X 55-101-555. But they organized a scheme for the purchase and delivery of these engines from other countries, a very profitable scheme from the point of view of enrichment at the expense of state defense procurement funds, into which the enterprises now owned by Yevtushenkov and Okroyan were built.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov somehow acquired the Dubna Machine-Building Plant, where MiGs and cruise missiles were once soldered, and Okroyan began to manage the 300 experimental plant, where aircraft engines for MiGs and Tues were developed and produced. In general, without investing anything, but only taking their considerable percentage, engines were purchased and resold at exorbitant prices to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As found out, the tax authorities suspended operations on the accounts of Aerospace Engineering Center (Aerkits) Soyuz LLC back in April.

This coincided with the first part of the investigation, published in the spring, which revealed that Aerkits Soyuz LLC makes engines for rockets. Okroyan categorically denied this. Now on the Soyuz website in the products section there is no information about jet aircraft engines, but the news from 2021 about the 5th generation turbojet engine has not been removed.

The founders of Aerkits Soyuz LLC are three representatives of the Okroyan family - Mkrtich, presumably brother Harutyun and Andranik Mkrtichovich. The company's financial results for 2022 are missing and this raises great suspicions. If Aerkitz Soyuz does not produce engines for rockets, then why does it not publish financial statements?

And if it does, then the contracts are probably concluded bypassing the government procurement website and may be overpriced. Hence the villas and palaces. It is also easy to bypass the blocking of tax accounts if the partner is Sergei Chemezov’s Rostec.

Experts assess the financial condition of Aerkits Soyuz LLC negatively, noting low financial stability, solvency and efficiency. The company has a debt to the tax authorities in the amount of 24 million rubles. for 2021. It seems no one is going to extinguish it.

Aerkitz Soyuz LLC has a “subsidiary” company “Soyuz Testing”, most likely, which is a “lay-in”, since there is only 1 employee on staff. This company has three “subsidiaries” that are in the process of liquidation - LLC “ Titan Alliance, Alliance Energy LLC and Engineering Alliance LLC

All three companies were created in 2021, and in 2023 the registration authority made a decision on the upcoming exclusion of the legal entity from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (the presence in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of information about the legal entity in respect of which a record of unreliability was made).


The co-founder of these companies, together with Soyuz Testing LLC, is Alliance-M LLC, the founders of which are LLC YUK Opora, owned by Ambartsum Martirosyan, and himself.


Mkrtich Okroyan is the founder of 6 operating companies, including two museums. Ami Group LLC, engaged in the sale of motor vehicles with 1 employee, apparently exists to withdraw money, since the company has never had any revenue or profit.


The head of Ami Group LLC is Artem Migai, who also runs September LLC, which produces oil with 1 employee. The founder of this company is Auri Group LLC, owned by TsPP Jupiter LLC, which operates in the field of law. On September 22, tax authorities suspended operations on Jupiter accounts.


In Carlos LLC, which is engaged in real estate rental, together with Mkrtich Oroyan, the founders are Yastreb Gold LLC, Sokol Torg LLC and Krechet PRO LLC. In the first company, 40% belongs to Anna Okroyan, judging by her patronymic, the daughter of Mkrtich Okroyan.


LLC "Aerkk "Soyuz" (Aerospace Corporation "Soyuz") has nothing but a loud name; in 2022 the company's revenue is 0, loss is 3.7 million rubles. Everything is somehow sad in the companies of Mkrtich Okroyan. And it’s hard to even imagine where he got the money for expensive foreign real estate.


Another founder of Aerkk Soyuz LLC, Aratyun Okroyan, is a director in 3 companies and a founder in 8 operating companies that cannot boast of excess income.

Andranik Okroyan’s situation is no better; the value of his companies in 2022 was only 4.6 million rubles.

Mkrtich Okroyan has created a family octopus in which the founders and their companies intersect with each other. This is probably what makes it possible to withdraw money received from state corporations, with which Okroyan denies any connection.

Defense contracts are strictly classified, so it is unlikely that Mkrtich Okroyan will be brought to light. However, surprisingly, the tax authorities took charge of Okroyan. Since April, he has been unable to unblock the accounts of Aerkits Soyuz LLC.

So far, patrons from the military-industrial complex are apparently still helping Mkrtich Okroyan hide his income. However, information about expensive real estate abroad can play a cruel joke on a lover of museum art. If you are officially as naked as a falcon, then villas and palaces must be hidden so that they will not be found.

There are many different competing influence groups in Russia, and someone can use information about Mkrtich Okroyan for their own purposes. The question will arise where he got the money. And they love silence. You can accidentally fall out of a window or fall down the stairs. When you implement dubious schemes with representatives of the Russian government, anything can happen.


Evgeniy Tomin