Garbage reform for the Oryol region is now the most pressing issue. The last two landfills are already overcrowded, and the construction of a new one will require at least 3 years and the land for it has not even been selected yet. The level of cancer in the region is off the charts, and complaints about the stench from trash cans are regular. However, the governor of the Oryol region, Andrei Klychkov, was successfully re-elected. According to, the secret is simple: Oryol garbage is a bottomless feeding trough for influential Muscovites who lobbied for the candidate and sponsored the campaign. We are talking about the Biryukov family. Pyotr Biryukov is Deputy Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin for housing and communal services, and his son Alexander is the Deputy Governor of the Oryol Region and the head of the representative office of the Oryol Region under the Government of the Russian Federation. But in fact, Biryukov Jr. is the “supervisor” of the garbage business. And in the regional government he is listed nominally, which can be seen even on the website. Biryukov does not participate in anything significant - entirely photo exhibitions and flower-layings; his benefit to the region is very doubtful.

Accordingly, Klychkov himself and his people in the region help Biryukov. The “gain” scheme is simple.

Firstly, the housing and communal services department calculated the tariff for the removal and processing of MSW based on inflated volumes - supposedly every year Oryol residents create 347.1 thousand tons of garbage. The Oryol Regional Court canceled this arbitrary indicator back in 2020; the decision came into force in 2021; the regional prosecutor’s office supported it at that time. But the housing and communal services department did not change the tariff and recalculate. Although in reality, from 2019 to 2022, the volume of MSW from the entire region never exceeded 220 thousand tons. Over four years, corrupt officials could have received about 2 billion rubles by inflating the volume of MSW. This information was published in the media, but the situation never changed. And if Klychkov’s inaction is already clear, then why the prosecutor’s office did not react in any way either in 2022 or in 2023 is not. But this is at first glance. The fact is that in 2022, Alexey Timoshin, the son of Nikolai Timoshin, a judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, was appointed prosecutor of the Oryol region. And now the courts “sang” differently. For example, recently the same Oryol Regional Court made a decision on the redistribution of MSW flows between waste sorting enterprises in such a way as to make money on logistics as well. Previously, waste from the largest Zavodskoy district of Orel was transported 50 km for processing to Ecocity, but now it will be transported 84 km to the urban-type settlement of Naryshkino to Ecograd (a diagram from the official order of the department, where this absurdity is visible, is attached).

Secondly, all the key “garbage” positions are occupied by Klychkov’s confidants. Thus, the activities of the relocation operator “Green Grove” were supervised by the “Oryol Region Development Corporation” under the leadership of the governor’s classmate, Nikolai Shin. The head of this registrar was first Dmitry Khromenkov, the brother-in-law of the head of the housing and communal services department Denis Blokhin, and then the former adviser to Klychkov and ex-mayor of Orel Alexander Muromsky.

The transportation of waste is carried out by “Ecologist”, owned by Muscovite Igor Partsiba, with whom the governor likes to go hunting. Garbage is “sorted” at the “Ecograd” of the above-mentioned Dmitry Khromenkov. Residents of the village of Naryshkino repeatedly complain about the plant. The enterprise is located 50-80 meters from residential buildings, and not 500 meters, as required by law. In addition, the plant only simulates processing and sorting (for a fee, of course), but in fact all the garbage is buried in a landfill. The same situation exists at MSK Rusresurs. Garbage from there is also sent to a landfill for burial. The testing ground belongs to...Igor Partsiba. Residents of the Mtsensk region constantly complain about the landfill. But the situation does not change, which in general is not surprising given the high “roof”.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued