Olga Mirimskaya, a defendant in a criminal case involving four bribes worth $2 million, seems to have decided to play around with the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office again. A businesswoman is preparing to sell her bank BKF, taking advantage of a technical loophole in the decision of the Basmanny Court to seize her property as part of a criminal case.

The bank is 90% owned by four LLCs: Lantress, Maxima Capital Management, Stardom Management and Simlex, the only participant of which is Mirimskaya. The remaining 10% of BKF Bank belongs to Mirimskaya’s ex-husband, Alexey Golubovich. For several years, he tried to sell his share to Mirimskaya, because by the forces of the former he was deprived of any opportunity to participate in the life of the financial organization, but he carried the risks of subsidiary liability.

And there are enough reasons for this: since 2017, the BKF bank has become a cash-out platform for a number of managers of the Moscow Federal Tax Service and an “envelope” window personally for Mirimskaya, who, after a criminal case was initiated against her, withdrew all her capital from Russia.

In 2022, the Basmanny court seized four Mirimskaya firms that owned the bank. However, the court ruling states that the ban applies only to the disposal of these firms, but not their property. That is, the companies themselves can easily sell shares of BKF Bank. The priority right to purchase shares is from Alexey Golubovich, to whom Mirimskaya cannot make an offer for obvious reasons.

As a result, Mirimskaya decided to buy out her ex-husband’s share herself in order to consolidate the shares in one hand and then sell them to any third-party buyer. After the shares of the BKF bank are sold, Mirimskaya’s four arrested companies will immediately turn into a formality and turning them into state income to pay the 500 million fine that Mirimskaya faces for giving bribes will become pointless.

Even a year and a half of being in a pre-trial detention center did not discourage the heroine of numerous publications of the Cheka-OGPU, Israeli citizen and owner of the BKF bank, Olga Mirimskaya, from the desire to continue her machinations. Now the woman is trying to drag into them the judge of the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, Olga Zatomskaya, who is hearing case No. 01-0017/2023 about allegedly fraudulent actions against the BKF bank.


The persons involved in the scheme are the same: the chairman of the board of the BKF bank, Sergei Orlov, who has already acted as an intermediary in giving a bribe to the investigator of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow region Nosov, and the former "UBOPovets" Andrei Inozemtsev, part-time husband of lawyer Mirimskaya Yulia Zhuravleva (a married couple has been successfully married since 2015). got a job with a banker, carrying out delicate corrupt assignments).

The scheme for the Mirimskaya organizing group is standard: give a bribe to initiate a criminal case that does not contain signs of a crime, fill it with copies of “evidence” without providing their originals, and give knowingly false testimony.

And, if in the case of criminal case No. 90764, which Nosov investigated, Mirimskaya got burned in this scheme and ended up on trial for four counts of giving bribes totaling $2 million, then in the case that Judge Zatomskaya is hearing, the banker does not give up trying complete the scheme successfully. 600 million rubles are at stake.

In addition to the trial, Mirimskaya and her accomplices are also fooling the Bank of Russia, to which they have been providing falsified statements from the BKF bank since 2015. The meaning is simple: in criminal case No. 01-0017/2023, the bank included documents that substantiate the existence of damage from the alleged crime, but documents that cannot be shown to the regulator, otherwise a violation of the N6 standard will be revealed and BKF’s license will be revoked.

The story is extremely entertaining, so the Cheka-OGPU begins another expose of Mirimskaya. Stay with us, it will be interesting.

The death of Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin also buried the market for purchasing parole from prison under the legend of the participation of criminals in the war.

Last year's recruitment of people serving sentences by Prigozhin personally and their subsequent pardon by Putin is just the tip of the iceberg. The Cheka-OGPU has repeatedly written how wealthy inmates and crime bosses who allegedly took part in the SVO rested in front-line hospitals and then returned to freedom as “heroes.”

According to the source, Israeli citizen, owner of the BKF bank and the Russian Product company Olga Mirimskaya, who appeared before the Izmailovsky Court of Moscow for giving 4 bribes in the amount of $2 million to the ICR investigator for the Moscow region Yuri Nosov and judicial corrupt officials, had similar plans.

For the crimes committed, Mirimskaya faces 20 years in prison, so she, even at the investigation stage, discussed with Wagner the possibility of becoming the first female mercenary to “take” part in the war after the verdict. The asking price is $5 million.

Yuri Prokov

Source: www.rucriminal.info