No one has been surprised for a long time by the growing wealth of state corporation officials year after year, by leaps and bounds. No matter how much their remuneration is reduced, it stubbornly increases exponentially. In 2023, according to established tradition, Oleg Govorun, deputy chairman of VEB.RF, became one of the richest government managers on this track. Details at

Govorun’s income exceeded a modest 700 million rubles. Over the years of work in government agencies, the presidential administration and the VEB development corporation, which until the end of this year is headed by Shuvalov, the official was able to acquire property worth more than 3 billion rubles. Everything is stable in the family of the deputy chairman of VEB. Govorun’s son Sergei is the top manager of Russian Post, which is drowning in debt and endlessly recapitalized at the expense of the budget. Govorun’s son owns a luxurious apartment with an area of 120 square meters. m. in the residential complex "English Quarter", as well as premium cars: Mercedes S 450 4MATIC and Porsche Cayenne. On weekends, Govorun's son Sergei and his wife Maria prefer to fly and shop on a business jet to the Dubai Mall, staying in their own apartments in the respectable Dubai Marina area. The highlight in the luxury housing panel of the son of VEB's deputy chairman is an elite penthouse in the Blizhniye Dachi residential complex in the Kutuzovsky Prospekt area , market value of about $5 million. According to a source of, trusted runners registered as employees of the state corporation help Govorun Sr. to enrich himself. One of these is his son’s close friend and neighbor in the Blizhnye Dacha residential complex, little-known financier Valery Snezhko. It was this nominal “project manager” who, in 2022, was assigned by senior Govorun at VEB for development, or simply for cutting, under the guise of implementing the program of the so-called “modernization of urban electric transport,” which Govorun himself personally oversees. The total cost of the program budget is impressive, more than 252 billion rubles. According to the paper and glossy plans of Govorun and Co., with the money issued by VEB, more than a thousand kilometers of tram and trolleybus lines were to be built and reconstructed throughout the country, hundreds of new electric buses and dozens of charging stations were to be built and delivered throughout the country. All this remained a beautiful screen and props in the style of a state development corporation. In reality, budget money was simply withdrawn from VEB under the guise of developing transport development strategies, master plans for urban transport arteries, migrating from the budget to Shuvalov’s “oligarch friends”.

One of the anchor recipients of government money from Govorun's sawmill includes structures of Transmashholding (owned by oligarchs Bokarev and Makhmudov). VEB's borrowed money successfully migrates into the hands of the oligarchs for 20 years at a ridiculous rate of 4% per annum and is simply withdrawn from the Russian Federation or transferred to banks to obtain an interest margin, but in no case for the intended use and to avoid problems with worn-out and damaged transport. all over the country. Thus, the city tram in Volgograd never received VEB’s money, and the destroyed Soviet transport heritage, which is called “modernization” in VEB’s reports, still runs around the city. The money has been spent, the kickbacks have been cut.

Валерий Снежко

According to the source of, an employee of the state corporation Snezhko, as a trusted official of Govorun’s transactions, often hides behind and boasts at meetings of his acquaintance and work for “Markovich” (Govorun), and claims to a circle of people and neighbors in an elite residential complex that he is in touch with a cool boss 24×7 and regularly discusses the most private issues with him in the restaurant of the Volynsky congress hall, located next to the place of residence of Govorun Jr. and Snezhko himself, the Blizhnie Dachas residential complex on Starovolynskaya.

Speaking about the piquancy of the questions, the performer Govorun is not lying. The father of the thieving structurer, Sergei Aleksandrovich Snezhko, has been working as a doctor at the Central Clinical Hospital for a long time. By profession, he is a dermatovenerologist and, due to his professional duties, knows the secrets of many officials and government employees, including the management of VEB.RF. According to the interlocutor of, it was these medical-good neighborly relations that served as the reason for Snezhko’s employment application to VEB and ensured the trust of “Markovich”. According to the interlocutor, Snezhko himself, before meeting the world of luxury at VEB and working for Govorun, was an ordinary bank clerk and was more than once expelled from a number of banks due to negative aspects.

Thus, Snezhko Jr. was repeatedly exposed by the security of financial institutions for dishonesty when lending to legal entities and was discredited by the revelation of information about the dissertation of a doctor of economics, the topic of which was low-grade plagiarism from the global web. Before joining Markovich at VEB in 2022 and getting acquainted with the state budget, client runner Snezhko worked for only 3 months at SMP Bank. According to the interlocutor of, the activities of “Markovich” (Govorun) and his subordinates have long been of interest in the Security Council Chamber of Commerce and other involved regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued