A deputy with a dark past from the 90s, a pseudoscientist with a stolen dissertation, a failed candidate for governor of several constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a “truant” (according to Vyacheslav Volodin) - this is all about Vladimir Gutenev. Rucriminal.info sources say that he now plans to take the post of head of the Russian MMA Union instead of Fedor Emelianenko.

Since 2011, Vladimir Gutenev has been sitting in the State Duma. All these years he has represented the Samara region in the chamber. In the State Duma, Gutenev tells everyone that he is the closest associate and first confidant of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov. The constant “trading” of the authority of the head of the largest state corporation allows Gutenev to resolve personal commercial issues and successfully get away with it after various scandals. And there are plenty of the latter in his biography.

Suffice it to say that the entire period of work in the 90s is shrouded in secrecy. Even on the official website of the State Duma deputy there is not a word about his work activity during this time. I graduated from college and defended my dissertation. What did the people's representative do during these 9 years of his life? He is in no hurry to tell his voters about this. Media investigations claim that during this period Gutenev worked in companies involved in raider takeovers of enterprises in the Samara region. His name is also associated with the withdrawal of 17 billion rubles from the collapsed Gazbank to Swiss deposits.

Gutenev likes to position himself as a major scientist, doctor of sciences. However, as experts found out, 66% of his dissertation was copied (read “stolen”!) from other sources!

In his official biography, Gutenev claims that in 2003 he received the State Prize of the Russian Federation, allegedly for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of the country's defense capability. This already sounds quite strange, considering that he graduated and defended his PhD at, frankly speaking, not the most prestigious Novocherkassk Reclamation Institute. Journalists discovered that Gutenev’s name does not appear on the list of State Prize laureates for 2003, 2004, or even at all!

Gutenev also talks about his unprecedented super-productivity in the State Duma. It's no joke - he is a co-author of over 200 bills. He emphasizes his special status in parliament, claiming that he is one of the most influential deputies. But it’s unlikely that a truly “outstanding” parliamentarian could receive such a public flogging from Volodin. In March 2022, the Speaker of the State Duma publicly reprimanded Gutenev for absenteeism: “If you do not participate in the work of the State Duma, you simply do not exist. This is where committee chairs and those who represent the committee are needed now. Absenteeism!". This is how Volodin commented on Gutenev’s absence at the plenary meeting.

Gutenev is regularly named among the candidates for the post of governor of a particular region. He was wooed to the Orenburg, Omsk, Rostov, and Ulyanovsk regions. But he never became a governor anywhere. Perhaps the reason is that the person who heads the State Duma committee on industry has not actually worked a day in real production. Or, what is even more likely, all the rumors are spread by Gutenev himself to give himself additional status and importance!

By the way, many people pay attention to the too “sweet” image of Vladimir Gutenev. And they say that his marriage is just a cover for real interests in his personal life.

They say that Vladimir Gutenev has now decided to take the post of head of the public organization “MMA Union”. The legendary fighter Fedor Emelianenko announced his resignation from this post at the end of the year. The newly minted candidate for his place promises everyone that with his arrival, Soyuz will receive huge funding from the Rostec State Corporation.

Yuri Prokov

Source: www.rucriminal.info