For the third year now, investigations have been going on about where 6 billion went from the construction of several training grounds (Terekta and Turgai) for the Russian Ministry of Defense. The showdown in the courts over several minor episodes is going on half-dead. At the end of 2020, it was even possible to land a fairly large “fish” - a member of the board of directors of EMK-Engineering Andrei Chesnokov, who was previously close to Kovalchuk and was a top manager at AKB Rossiya, and also served as deputy chairman of the board of trustees of the St. Petersburg State Economic University (head of the council Alexey Miller).

As the source of says, no one began to investigate the main episodes of theft. This is explained by a number of factors - both the suspicion of shared participation in the theft of some not ordinary officers from the Directorate M of the FSB, and contacts in the Kremlin. However, all this did not clash very much with each other, since the most important thing was not at all clear - where the money went. After all, if you look into it and know about the standard of living of Chesnokov, other smaller defendants in the case, as well as the standard of living of the FSB officers protecting them, then it becomes quite obvious that 6 billion passed them by, not without commissions of course, but clearly the % was market and did not greatly enrich such a large team of its participants. Many were thinking at their leisure - after all, Chesnokov was for some time connected with both Kovalchuk and Rotenberg (through Goloshchapov), partnered, and with a number of other “power” businessmen and officials. However, all this did not affect, first of all, the level of life of Chesnokov himself (as well as everyone like him, who de jure was the owner/manager of both the garbage theme - Spetstrans-6, and energy stories). By the way, all of Chesnokov’s assets that he acquired are a lot for the average person, but for the elite it’s ridiculous, given the 10-year control of 50% of the waste industry in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as participation in a huge number of energy projects. During all this time, the person “bite” only 20 million USD? Hard to believe. And rightly so, I can’t believe it. Chesnokov, like Konovalov (Spetstrans-6), Shtykov (OPEC Management Company CJSC), as well as a number of other “owners” and managers, are simply rich and not very rich (director of OPEC Management Company CJSC with billions in turnover - lives in three rubles in Kudrovo ") denominations, one can look with great amusement at how almost all the managers and legal owners of the same Spetstrans-6 turned out to be lovers of Khrushchevkas, cars costing $20,000 and other attributes of worker-peasant life.

Quite by chance, the solution came after almost 4 years of investigations against EMC engineering and from where they were not expecting it. As found out, one of the international agencies sent information about the beneficiaries of the EHR, where a character who once appeared (just on the dates of the largest thefts) was discovered - Biryukov Alexey Pavlovich (brother of Sobyaninsky Biryukov), although he corrected his biography throughout (removing the period from there work in EMC engineering as chairman of the board), but I forgot on the Suvorov Military School website.

It turns out that at the end of 2015, Biryukov was actively proud of the fact that he represented EMC engineering on the board of trustees of the Moscow Suvorov Military School, as the web resource of this school informs us all about. But even here one would think that there are a lot of Biryukovs in the country - however, Biryukov was again passed by the famous Suvorov School, it is there that he is still listed on the board of trustees, but with a new place of work - the vice-rector of Moscow State University for capital construction.

Was anyone surprised by this?

Here lies the main secret, why the investigation of 6 billion thefts from the Ministry of Defense is not moving anywhere - let’s not forget who Biryukov’s partner in the great construction of Moscow State University is, no less, Katerina Tikhonova. Now it becomes clear why investigator Fesinets, who was in charge of this case, planted a grenade on herself. Try to put yourself in the place of an ordinary investigator who has been assigned a case, the threads of which go to the business partner of Putin’s daughter. Here you can shoot yourself, and not just plant a grenade on yourself.

Roman Trushkin


To be continued