The information attack on the Ministry of Defense and its subordinate structures is going on In the electronic media (in fact, as in the printed ones), as Rumafia analytical correspondent states. There are many reasons, and they look different. But their common denominator is obvious, and it can be conventionally described as “Putin's new course”. The rigid disciplining of the ruling elite under anti-corruption slogans, a kind of repairing of power vertical is cutting down not only the military department. These processes are going on literally everywhere.

Time to tackle down to defend

Anatoly Serdyukov's resignation from the post of the Defense Minister, arrests of commercial Ministry functionaries close to him have become a symbolic starting shot of the anti-corruption campaign. The steam was being saved for too long, the Ministry of Defense was one of the privileged departments. A blow in this direction is a signal for the elite in whole.
Sergey Shoigu, appointed to replace Serdyukov, vigorously proceeded to the clean-up operation, creating vacancies for his own team. In parallel, someone in the administration of the President became suddenly concerned about the state of the defense capability of Russia. And it is high time - the situation on the southern borders is heating up: from the Caucasus to Central Asia. “Peacekeeping forces” of Ramzan Kadyrov can be physically not enough in a major conflict. Something is necessary to be done with the army.
There is one more specific factor. “Arctic doctrine” of the Russian Federation is actively rejected by a number of states - NATO members (first of all, the United States, Canada, and, to a large extent, Norway). Strengthening the defense industry becomes a necessity from this party as well. And this necessity is critical, as the military factor can reliably guarantee the development of oil and gas shelves of the North. Thus the strategic business interests of the elite contributed to the government course.
Let us briefly outline the main facts that filled Websites, specializing in shady politics.

Field military novel about corruption

Proceedings on the pyramid of “daughters” of the Oboronservis begins (this structure, engaged in logistic and technical supply occupied under Serdyukov,  has turned into the epicenter of corruption of the military department). A “granddaughter” of the holding, the division of Oboronenergo - Oboronenergosbyt JSC - has become a focus of the last days. It was established in 2010 and with the best of intentions to provide electricity supply to military facilities bypassing greedy intermediaries. Minister Serdyukov personally was struggling for the theme. The constituent documents were signed by the head of the government of that time, who is also the current head of state.
The company was created as a 100% subsidiary of the state-owned Oboronenergo enterprise. However, even in 2011, 80% of shares of Oboronenergosbyt JSC passed into the hands of the 20th Design Institute JSC, owned by a friend of Serdyukov and a former senator from the Leningrad region Grigory Mikhailovich Naginsky. The price of the question is 24 billion rubles ($ 750 million) of annual turnover.
A new theme on machinations with military real estate has been raised too. It is reported about the sale of 3 acres of land in Sokolniki for 17.9 million rubles ($ 560000 is the price of a three bedroom apartment in the district). The seller is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) 17th Central Design Institute of Communications of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The buyer is Voentelekom JSC. One of the members of the board of directors is Evgeniya Vasilyeva, the head of the Property Department of the Ministry of Defense, who destroyed the home of the former minister. The estimated value of the land is $670 million.
A newsmaker now is another female character - the general director of the Centre for the Legal Support Expert Ekaterina Smetanova (representing the interests of the ministry and the FSUE). Talking about the “impropriety” of such a sale, the journalists still pay more attention to the circumstances of the arrest Smetanova. It is striking that she has an allocated lawyer, that is, not trendy and not employed, but granted under the law on protection by the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. It is also striking that up to now she contains in the temporary detention center of the GU MVD in Moscow. And it is striking that she has two minor children, and her husband Maxim Zakutaylo also has been brought to criminal responsibility. The conclusion is clear: Serdyukov begrudged money, and Smetanova started to give evidence on a wide range of issues. As they say, to be continued ...

Deputy is applicant on Deputy
Attacks on the State Duma deputies, running for the post of the chairman of the new Duma committee on mass media, are continuing a little less intensively, but rather methodically. Eventually, Alexey Mitrofanov, once the right hand of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and now a leader of A Just Russia, was elected. He is in charge of adoption of laws toughening information policy in the interests of the authorities. Immediately numerous publications on the criminal case against him go in the media. Even though there is no any case, generally speaking.
In May of this year, a certain pensioner Zharov passed 2.25 million rubles (over $ 70,000) to citizens Sautiev and  Derevschikov – “for a positive decision” in the 9th Court of Arbitration. And Derevschikov allegedly called himself an assistant of Mitrofanov, and the Mitrofanov was present at the transfer of money. Mitrofanov officially stated that he “had no regular assistant” Derevschikov, and that he knew Sautiev as “a party-goer” (however, an interesting question is: how did he know him in that capacity) and met him only occasionally (but for some reason in luxury hotels). It is obvious that Mitrofanov is not to blame or his guilt cannot be proved. However, his explanation reveals the face of a statesman from an unexpected side.
It is even more interesting that the name of the applicant has been found out. For some reason, it has appeared to be not the “victim” Zharov, but Mitrofanov’s colleague, the State Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov. What do you think, of what faction? That's right: the Communist Party.

Ministry’s gone - it's time to investigate
The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation continues to gently probe the commercial operations of the Ministry of Health and Social Development at the time of Tatyana Golikova. Although the ministry has gone (reformed), but the tension existed between the ex-Minister Golikova and former President Medvedev is well-known. Moreover, according to recent opinion polls, it is the field of medicine, along with housing and communal service and traffic police, is considered to be the most corrupt sector of the Russian social life.
The statement of embezzlement, made by officials of the Ministry of Health and Social Development whithin the fight against HIV infection, appeared on the official website of the Prosecutor General's office. The staff of the supervisory authority found that in August 2011, the officials concluded obviously unprofitable contract on development of strategy of information support of the fight against HIV. Three firms were allowed to participate in the competition. They offered to execute the order for 21.5 million, 7.4 million and 22 million rubles (respectively, more than $ 670000, more than $ 230000 and $ 687500). But in the end, the tender was won by the company, which proposed to fulfill an order for 21.5 million (over $ 670000). “In violation of the law, the members of the commission didn’t review the applications and evaluated them based on an expert opinion, signed by the former assistant of the Minister of Health and Social Development of Russia”, the prosecutor's office said, but the names of the officials were not called. The materials of the inspection were sent to the Investigation Committee for criminal prosecution.

Help the poor bank 

Finally, there is news from the financial front. The state Rosselkhozbank (RSHB), as it turned out, needs additional financing of 100 billion rubles ($ 3.125 billion) - almost 70% of the capital. The State Bank is preparing an additional issue of shares. The Ministry of Finance is ready to provide 40 billion rubles ($ 1.25 billion), other sources of funds are unknown. Perhaps this is preparation for privatization. If so, then the process will go over specifically:  in the opinion of most experts, the state corporation Vnesheconombank will privatize the state Rosselkhozbank.
The Supervisory Board of Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) headed by Dmitry Patrushev (son of Nikolay Patrushev - the former director of the FSB and now the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation) approved an additional share issue of 100 billion rubles ($ 3.125 billion), is listed in the bank message. “The number of shares, which the bank is entitled to place in addition to the placed shares, amounts to 100,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 1 million rubles each and a total nominal value of 100 billion rubles”, is stated in the approved amendment to the charter.
Now the authorized capital of the bank amounts to 148 billion rubles ($ 4.625 billion). The placement of the announced additional issue in full volume will increase it to 67.5%. The question of additional capitalization of Rosselkhozbank, specializing in lending to agribusiness projects, was discussed in the government. But it was not about 100 billion ($ 3.125 billion), but only about 40 billion ($ 1.25 billion). The Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said that on behalf of the President, amendments on the additional capitalization will be prepared “to-day or to-morrow”. “This money will be used to increase loans to rural residents and improve balance of Rosselkhozbank”, he said. The first is questionable, but the second is definite. By the way, until recently, Sberbank and VTB coped with the financing of agro-industrial complex being almost uncompetitive.
The negotiations on amending the budget are going on at full speed. This is confirmed by the chairman of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia Alexander Murychev. So, soon more work will be added to financial analysts with political and criminal bias.