Interesting events are unfolding in North Ossetia around a criminal case against one of the most odious “ministers” of the law.

Meet Gaev Soslan Tamerlanovich, a former detective officer of department “M” of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for North Ossetia-Alania, dismissed from service for negative reasons. Having already been relieved of his position, our hero did not lose his previous ambitions of power, and after a short time he attacked a man and almost killed him. Details at

On March 14, 2023, in the afternoon, Gaev’s wife, driving a white BMW X5, stopped at a prohibitory traffic light at one of the intersections in Vladikavkaz, where at that moment a BMW 318 car, driven by a previously unknown to her, Kolkhidov, was already waiting for the permitting signal. He remembered the registration plate of her car, and through the social network Telegram he found out the mobile number she used.

In the evening of the same day, Kolkhidov, still unaware of the possible consequences, tried to meet Gaev’s wife by sending her messages in the WhatsApp messenger.

Having learned about this, the angry Gaev went to sort things out with Kolkhidov. Having found the offender in one of the households in the village of Suadag, Alagir district, our hero, without saying a word, got down to business - he took out a traumatic pistol that was illegally kept in his possession and immediately dealt one blow with the handle to the area of Kolkhidov’s left temple, from which the latter immediately fell to the ground. This seemed insufficient to our punisher, and he unleashed a hail of pistol blows on the head on Kolkhidov, who was trying to cover his head with his hands. According to the interlocutor of, the end of this action was marked, ATTENTION, by a pistol shot at point-blank range in the area of Kolkhidov’s temple, who remained alive only thanks to his left hand, crushed by the shot, which Ossetian surgeons subsequently had to collect.

Gaev’s failure to carry out his intention to its logical conclusion is due to two factors. Firstly, immediately after the shot was fired, the pistol fell from Gaev’s hands to the ground and, upon impact, crumbled into several component parts. Secondly, Kolkhidov’s mother ran out of the house screaming at the sound of the shot.

Now about the legal side of this crime. Any even more or less literate lawyer in the field of criminal law understands that the nature and method of Gaev’s commission of this crime indicate the absolute need to qualify his actions as “attempted murder,” that is, as a particularly serious crime under Part 3 of Art. . 30, part 1 art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for which punishment ranges from 6 to 15 years. But in the case of Gaev, who found “points of contact” with the head of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for North Ossetia-Alania, Alan Khuriev, the crime was classified as of medium gravity and qualified under paragraph “h” of Part 2 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (intentional causing of harm moderate health).

Immediately after the initiation of the criminal case, Gaev, who was put on the federal wanted list, went on the run and maintained contact only with a narrow circle of trusted persons.

According to the source of, further events began to develop even more interesting. The “tanker” (for the uninitiated, “tanker” is an innocent person who volunteered to bear criminal responsibility instead of the criminal) came to the investigative body, accompanied by lawyer Kasayev I., and told the investigation that it was not our hero who committed the crime, but he.

At the same time, the “tanker” turned out to be the brother of the wife of the head of the investigative department investigating this case, Hasan Ramonov, subordinate to Khuriev.

Kolkhidov said at the confrontation that it was the first time he had seen a “tanker” incriminating himself. Investigator Abaev, not understanding what was happening, seeing that he could not carry out the instructions of the management (Khurieva A.) due to the intractability of the victim, interrupted the confrontation and sent the “tanker” along with his lawyer until the next attempt.

After these events, in order to prevent Gaev from escaping responsibility, the progress of the case began to be secretly controlled by the regional FSB Directorate, and the chief police investigator (A. Khuriev) had his hands tied. For this reason, both the investigation and Gaev himself chose a wait-and-see approach. What can you expect in such a situation? Everything is very simple. The fact is that there have long been rumors in the Republic about the imminent resignation of the head of the republican FSB Directorate. This is exactly what Khuriev A and the wanted Gaev were counting on - to wait until the unfriendly head of the FSB was replaced, and then to embody a single intention aimed at completely stopping the criminal prosecution against our hero, especially since under the charged article, which belongs to the category of medium severity, no one, including the police detectives entrusted with the relevant search, will tear their hair out in the hope of finding our hero, because... firstly, in cases of crimes belonging to the categories of minor and medium gravity RAs simply do not physically have the ability to carry out the entire list of investigative activities (surveillance, wiretapping, etc.), and secondly, the search for persons who have committed crimes of minor and moderate gravity is not very important to them as a result.

However, the insidious plan was not destined to come true, at least in the form originally conceived. These plans, by his very appointment to the position, were destroyed by the new Minister of Internal Affairs of RNO-Alania, who was one of the first to ask A. Khuriev to leave his position, which he did, and therefore did not have time to fulfill his obligations to Gaev.

As always happens in such situations, notes the source of, our heroes came up with a “plan B”, which consisted of the following. Considering that Alan Khuriev could no longer independently fulfill his obligations, he, together with his brother Artur Khuriev, who by a lucky coincidence heads one of the investigative departments of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasian Federal District, initiated the transfer of the case from the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs to the one headed by Arthur investigation Department.

Currently, the necessary investigative measures are being carried out aimed at the systematic, “logical” completion of the investigation of this criminal case - the removal of Soslan Gaev from the case, that is, the termination of criminal prosecution against him, and the involvement of the “tanker” in his place. Gaev’s father-in-law, Zangionov, is currently persistently trying to achieve all this.

Using his previous connections, Zangionov is almost one step away from snatching his beloved son-in-law from the hands of justice.

To be continued

Yuri Prokov