In December, it became known that Marat Galikhanov nevertheless left the post of head of the investigative department of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Samara Region. The reason was incomplete compliance with the position held after an inspection by a commission of 40 employees of the department’s central office. Let us recall that the inspection was organized after personal appeals to Bastrykin from Samara residents regarding crimes among migrants.

But, unfortunately, despite the fact that Galikhanov no longer heads the department, his work lives on. On the page of the information center of the Investigative Committee of Russia "Vkontakte" there are numerous complaints from residents of the Samara region regarding the actions and inactions of the employees of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee, namely Dolgopolov, Takhautdinov and Kirillov. Thus, commentators draw attention to the complete chaos, absolute incompetence, and mutual responsibility that reigns in the regional Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee. The Regional Prosecutor's Office of the Samara Region, naturally, does not respond to citizens' complaints regarding the actions/inactions of the investigative body. In Samara, due to agreements between the Investigative Directorate and the Regional Prosecutor's Office, headed by Berezhitsky, a system of impunity for investigators has developed, and all violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation are not taken into account when investigating criminal cases. Rumor has it that this is due not only to the low level of knowledge of the criminal code and the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, corruption, but also to the newly formed team under Galikhanov, and therefore the prosecutor’s office has to not respond to violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure, even to the extent of criminal actions of investigators, such as: falsification, abuse of power, official forgery, bribes, etc.

Under Galikhanov, the department underwent major changes. For example, the management of departments for the police department has changed. The head of the 1st department for the police department was a member of Galikhanov’s team from Tatarstan, Major of Justice Danila Kirillov. Investigator Takhautdinov was appointed acting director of the 1st department, subordinate to Dolgopolov, a seconded employee from Pokhvistnevo, Samara region. Often, the leadership of the region’s Investigative Committee, entrusting some “interesting” criminal proceedings to a “seconded investigator”, is guided by the principle: “you investigate, and then we will somehow formalize it”...

By the way, he has been seconded for several years now. Thus, an unsinkable group was formed - Dolgopolov, Takhautdinov, Kirillov. The result was a kind of convenient system, where a “task” came down from above, and each of the above-mentioned employees of the Investigative Committee had their own role.

How do employees of the Investigative Directorate for the Samara Region speak about Galikhanov and his team: “He arrived pompous and cutesy, like a Romanian prostitute, grabbed all the tax materials for himself, swindled insolently, who did not want to pay, they were a nightmare, they initiated wrongful cases, he treated his subordinates thoughtlessly and disgracefully , drove the professionals out onto the street, clearing places for the Tatar and handsome majors. As a result: there is no one to work, no one to hire for vacant positions. He forbade working on corruption, embracing high-ranking swindlers of all stripes. Good riddance, but we believe in the best; I would like the small cluster of complexes to return to their native logging sites. Grateful employees of SK."

Thus, during the inspection of the department, the central office commission became interested in the large number of rejected cases in the field of corruption crimes. According to media reports, more than 20 criminal cases were initiated after Galikhanov’s removal

Meanwhile, on the page of the information center of the RF IC, residents of the Samara region in the comments directly point out violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure and federal laws by the employees of the Samara IC of the IC - Dolgopolov, Takhautdinov and Kirillov:

- “However, investigators deliberately terminate the criminal case and refuse to initiate a case under 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, without hesitating to include false information in the resolution. The management of the Investigation Department does not respond to numerous violations of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Federal Law by investigators and department heads. The victims and applicants of the Samara region have a strong belief that management is carried out according to some unknown laws, because procedural documents do not even contain references to the application of certain laws or departmental orders, i.e. There is a complete lack of motivation. There was no such legal chaos in the Samara region"

- “I have repeatedly, including at a personal reception with Marat Fayzurakhmanovich, pointed out that investigators Dolgopolov and Vasilyeva allowed deliberately false information to be included in the decision to terminate a criminal case as evidence for the purpose of precisely terminating/refusing to initiate. Based on these complaints, an inspection in accordance with Articles 144-145 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation was not carried out. These facts of falsification are categorically ignored by the manager. Therefore, I turn to A.I. Bastrykin to conduct an inspection based on the facts I have stated.”

- “During the investigation of criminal cases, I was faced with endless deceptions, falsification of evidence, loss of property material evidence, infringement of my rights when ordering examinations. My questions are not put to the permission of the experts, the experts I nominated are not included in the expert commissions, I am not given the opportunity to give explanations to the experts.”

- “Dear Alexander Ivanovich! We ask you, against the backdrop of the ongoing inspection at the Investigative Directorate of the Russian Federation for the Samara Region, to hold a meeting with you and the victims, for the objective consideration of our complaints, problems in the investigation of our criminal cases, take into account that 99% of them are under your personal control. ",

- “I have already written many times that all decisions on the refusal of the VUD on the basis of falsifications, which Galikhanov M.F. recognized as legal and justified,”

- “The investigation is not aimed at establishing the truth in the case, but at creating false examinations, which the employees of the Investigative Directorate for the Samara Region refer to in their replies,”

- “Unfortunately, the Investigative Directorate for the Samara Region takes a defensive position in relation to the suspects, as Takhautdinov, Kirillov and Galikhanov regularly report to me.”

- “What iron patience must be in order to read the replies of the deputy of the 1st Regional Department of Internal Affairs of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Samara Region Takhautdinov. I just received a response to my complaint about disagreement with the timing of consideration of complaints filed in accordance with Article 124 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. …. I ask you to terminate his powers regarding the resolution of my complaints. This is how they investigate criminal cases, ignoring the Code of Criminal Procedure and departmental orders.”

- “I have evidence that the investigation of the Samara region works only after the Central Election Commission gives them instructions. I am a victim of three criminal cases, I have court decisions that recognized the inaction and red tape of the Samara region investigation. Even a crime committed in obvious conditions - falsification of the investigator, was investigated for more than 9 years, because... For the investigation of the Samara region, the MP inspection protocol is an unofficial document. Only a personal reception of citizens will show how the investigation in the Samara region actually works.”

Sources of the telegram channel VChK-OGPU and report that having not found protection from the arbitrariness of investigators in the regional prosecutor's office, some complaints against the trio of Dolgopolov, Takhautdinov and Kirillov achieved their goal and are now being considered in the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, as well as in the General Prosecutor's Office RF.


Unfortunately, the Samara region has developed a vicious practice of protecting investigators. They say that, for example, the extension of the investigation period through illegal decisions of the local Samara Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee has actually been put on stream. While the population needs an objective, fair attitude, as it should be in a legal society, the prosecutor's office of the Samara region, represented by Berezhitsky, deliberately turns a blind eye to the methods of work of the Investigative Committee of the region. In other words, the lack of proper verification of the actions of investigators led to a complete loss of confidence on the part of the population in these government structures, and to an outflow of the population from an area not protected from arbitrariness. What has the Samara region become: from once occupying 10th place in terms of GDP per capita, where people wanted to go and live, the region has slipped to last place, from where everyone is leaving en masse from lawlessness, lack of work, lack of motivation, when it is already clear who who will be investigated by the UD, and whose side the prosecutor’s office and the court will take. As a result, residents are replaced by migrants, and violent crime increases. Residents of the region actually have to survive in the conditions in which they are placed.

There is only one thing left - for the authorities in such historically complex regions as the Samara region to set an example of the application of these laws not only to the population, but also to government officials. People ask for justice, not one-sidedness, but equality before the law, as it should be in a rule of law state. Sooner or later, the FSB of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will pay attention to the chaos that this trio caused by the former head of the Investigative Directorate for the Samara Region, Marat Galikhanov.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin