As head of the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Markin Russia develops gold


In the last days of December will summarize the bidding for the sale of property of "Kolyma Refinery" (KAZ), which was bankrupt at the beginning of 2015. The reason for the collapse of the company was stealing 2 tons of gold and 16 tons of silver. This precious metal has mysteriously disappeared from the factory, and no trace of him could not be found. Gone was not time, and for several years right "under the nose" Assay Chamber of Russia, which is the parent organization and had to follow all the "flow" of gold and silver at the factory. All activities KAZ recent years, under the control of "growth-Bank", whose owner is Oleg Karchev longtime partner of chief administrative Ahpolova Finance Alexander and his deputy Andrei Glinova, who built his own chain of "power" in the Russian gold industry. One of the participants of the "vertical" is the head of the Assay Office, Alexander Markin.


From prison to the refinery


"Kolyma refinery" is still at Magadan region Governor Valentin Tsvetkov managed in voluntary-compulsory convince largest cooperative Kolyma ore for processing to take it to KAZ. The main victim of this party was "Novosibirsk refinery" (NAE), which since 2001 is under the control of the "golden vertical" (namely in 2001, with the advent of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ahpolova, she began to line up). Recently, the majority of cases to the head of the NAE runs Markin Assay Office, part of the company's board of directors.

Before Tsvetkova Kolyma ore miners preferred to take on the NAE, and then switched to KAZ. In 2002, Valentin Tsvetkov was shot dead in Moscow, but the situation has not changed with KAZ - Artel continued to cooperate with the factory. KAZ controlled Magadan officials, as well as the top management of the company, including its long-term previously convicted CEO Vladislav Feoktistov.

In 2010, representatives of the "golden vertical" took a stroke of genius by which KAZa disappeared from the 2 tons of gold, the farm back on the NAE, and the Kolyma plant in the near future will come under the supervision of officials of Minin "vertical".

"Sunset" at KAZ was made by the very Feoktistov, or rather through his son Denis, who was unexpectedly called to work in the capital, "the bank's growth."

The owner of "The growth of the bank" was extremely secretive millionaire Oleg Karchev. His banking activity is not very izobretatelnostyu- he bought one bank, part of his money to start up on their commercial projects and part- to buy a new bank. This kind of "pyramid". All purchased banks "joined" to the "growth of the bank", which gradually formed "financial hole" (As a result, the bank has failed and has been sanitized). And then, quite unexpectedly Karczew and "growth of the bank" expressed interest in the gold industry. Initially, the bank began lending to the farm, and then "caressed" the son of the general director of KAZ.

However, such moves seem surprising only from the outside. "The growth of the bank" and Karchev has long been cooperating with the company "Alrosa", but rather with members to its Board of Directors and Ahpolovym Glinovym. "The growth of the bank" actively credited the jewelry and diamond cutting factories to purchase diamonds from the "Alrosa" when "Alrosa" has decided to get rid of non-core asset - MAK banka- buyer was selected Karchev etc.

And, of course, Karchev could not refuse to representatives of "Alrosa" in the face of Ahpolova Glinova and in such a service, as an organization approach KAZ. Pretty soon Denis Feoktistov went on increasing, leading the Magadan branch of the "Growth of the bank", followed by "Rostbank" has acquired 20% of KAZ. And then there was a special bank vice president to work with the asset. They, on the recommendation of the "golden vertical" became Veniaminovich Boris Levin. The same Boris Levin, who previously served as vice president of security company "Euroset" Evgeny Chichvarkin. At the time, Levin spent a long time in custody on charges of organized Chichvarkin kidnapping and extortion money from him. And when he was acquitted by the court, in transit through the company "TNK-BP", he moved to the "growth of the bank." First Levin just oversaw KAZ, and then joined the Board of Directors of the Company.


2 tons of gold disappeared in an unknown direction


At the same time as Denis Feoktistov was treated kindly, "the bank's growth," the factory, headed by his father, began to happen strange events. Artel, surrender to the processing of ore, began to get back much less gold than it should. Some prospectors first "kept silent" under pressure from the creditors of "Growth of the bank." But when the account is not received gold went to hundreds of kilograms, began to overwhelm the police statements.

Since KAZ is actually sensitive sites, and oversee them should Assay Office, it is in her treatment, and forward security forces. Initially, the ministry Alexander Markin dismissed them, but then still had to organize checks. Most of the audit took such a "serious" violation how wrong an employment contract with the storekeepers and drivers. And in the end, "in passing" mentions that the January 1, 2012, the debt of the company to return the precious metals to its counterparties of 500 kilograms of gold and 5 tons of silver. However, the Assay Office immediately assured that nothing in this terrible there, saying that the plant is not working gold, and he was soon all will pay. However, on January 1, 2013 this debt has increased to 1.6 tons of gold and 8.5 tons of silver. Six months later, July 1, 2013, the company has already had more than 2 tons of gold and 16 tons of silver.

There is already the FSB and Investigative Committee did not wait for the next Assay Chamber assurances that "nothing bad to KAZ no" and have started to carry out the operational work. It showed that 2 tons of gold and 16 tons of silver were stolen corny, but the loss of the precious metal began just at the time when the "growth of the bank" at the request of the representatives of the "golden vertical" began to "sunset" at the factory.

As a result, it was initiated five criminal cases, KAZ declared bankrupt and closed. It comes ore miners moved into the NAE. Property Kolyma plant is now being implemented through auctions. Magadan authorities have promised that in 2017 KAZ resume work, but not as an independent plant, and as part of some other entity. It is easy to guess that it will become part of the NAE, which has long been a prominent participant runs the "golden vertical" head of the Assay Office, Alexander Markin.


The Assay Office through communication


Way 41-year-old Alexander Markin to the post of head of the Assay Office was very short-lived. His father is Vladimir Markin, who not only public posts held: Chief of the Secretariat of the Minister of Defense of the USSR; Head of the Secretariat of the Security Council of the Russian Federation; Head of the working apparatus of the president of the Russian state company "Rosvooruzhenie"; Chief of the real estate, head of the Board of Directors of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines"; Director of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. Markin senior secured first son of a decent education, and when he worked in the "Aeroflot", that took the company and Alexander. And, of course, the future head of the Assay Office have got many regard his father, among which are the current senator and former head of the Department of Administration and Personnel Ministry of Finance of Russia Vyacheslav Shverikasa and Shota Boterashvili, whose firm provided "Aeroflot" system of payment settlements.

Boterashvili perennial business partner of a prominent Petrograders Otar Margania that never official posts in the government of not doing (well, only that he was a freelance adviser Alexei Kudrin, when he headed the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation), but in reality is a shadow minister "without portfolio." He easily puts his people in responsible positions bureaucratic, decides the fate of the largest state-owned enterprises, and so on. D. That Margania at the time and began to build a "golden chain of" why the Ministry of Finance has defined his longtime friend Alexander Ahpolova.

With a "credit" of new friends as Shverikas and Margania, not surprisingly, of "Aeroflot" Alexander Markin went to work, as he writes in his biography, "to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in the field of precious metals and precious stones" . First curator Markina "in the" Ministry of Finance was another member of the "golden vertical" the deputy head of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation Gokhran Alexander Abramov, who drew the young man to the activities of "Sotsialzolotofonda." This is a very funny structure which Gokhran of Russia took so transferred nearly $ 2 million. Budget under the guise of "social issues of employees Gokhran." And the purpose of the payment was actually fulfilled: the money spent on the needs of two or three representatives of the Gokhran. However, Abramov got on another: in 2009 UPC opened a case of embezzlement in the repair of buildings Gokhran. Abrams leaned on the run, he was declared an international arrest warrant.

By this time, Markin is already a few years had another kuratora- head of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Ahpolova, with the filing of which he became in 2005 the deputy head of the Assay Office at the Ministry of Finance, and in 2010 - the head of this gostruktury.


"Altyn" no, but his cause lives


As soon as Markin more absorbed in the Assay Chamber, better things were going at jewelery chain "Altyn", which worked on a fairly simple scheme. In Turkey, from nowhere who took Russian gold produced jewelry. Then they crossed into Kyrgyzstan and smuggled out of the country delivered to Russia. There products are made out, as the product of the Russian Federation and its related stigma staged Assay Chamber. So, in the criminal case of smuggling of gold for the "Altyn", it was found that these were the genuine hallmarks. The record featured the tested gold items with a total weight of 1.5 tons (in reality, the goods arrived in Russia at times more). Interestingly, from whose knowledge on similar volumes of smuggled products could appear hallmarks Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation?

As part of the investigation "case Altyn" in the KGB there were many questions to his colleague the FSB officer Georgy Cherkasov. As a result, he was forced to leave the bodies of counterintelligence and immediately became General Counsel Assay Chamber, which only led Alexander Markin. George Cherkasov grim shadow everywhere follows Markin and his absolutely all business trips.

A lot of these trips. Firstly, Markin is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Prioksky Nonferrous Metals Plant", which lost 5 tons of gold the state treasury, as well as a member of the board of directors "of the Novosibirsk refinery." Secondly, the Assay Office - parent organization to most refineries and factories of nonferrous metals and Markin can build there the "rules of the game." It may be added that only the Assay Office put the stamp on the jewelry products.

Thus, Markin is a very important member of the "vertical", which for nearly 15 years, "crushes" for themselves all the gold industry of the Russian Federation. And as much as tens of tonnes of gold during this time mysteriously disappeared and continues to disappear from Russian companies, and then "pops" in Turkey and other countries, and returned to Russia in the form of products with the stamps of the Assay Chamber, and not counted. After all, the "Altyn" was closed, and the "golden channel", supplied the network "yuvelirkoy" remained.


Sergei Perepelkin