In the night on December 16, at the popular nightclub “Music bar 11” located in Malaya Morskaya Str. 11, one of the visitors was killed. The famous crime boss Leonid Khristoforov was among the visitors of the club at the time. Saly Kuzgov and a certain gentleman “resolving issues in the sphere of Azerbaijani business” were also having a good time in the club at the same time.  “With him rested and a, "the decisive issues in the Azerbaijani business.

It is unknown for certain what caused the quarrel. However, after Chechen Adam Dashaev and his friend from Ingushetia left the club about three o'clock in the morning, four Azerbaijanis followed them. There was a fight began on the pavement and the Chechens, despite they were half the number of opposite site, began to overpower the opponents. Then three of them took out guns (TT and PM, according to preliminary data), shot Adam Dashaev at close range, and disappeared.

The police arrived at the scene tried to find out the names of shooters by asking Khristoforov’s companions but failed.  But the next day, a plane landed from Chechnya at Pulkovo. There were friends and relatives of murdered man arrived on board. Probably, they are going to make their own investigation. We can only guess what results it will give.

Khristoforov himself tries to distance himself from the incident. This is not surprising. His name has became known to the world thanks to a prosecutor Baltasar Garson’s scandalous statement about Russian mafia after Alexander Malyshev, Gennady Petrov and their colleagues, one of whom Leonid Khristoforov was, had been arrested in Spanish.

Shortly after the arrest, Khristoforov and Petrov were permitted to go to Russia and didn’t return. As a result, the entire resonance trial on Russian mafia and its links with the upper echelons of Russian authorities was under threat. In the summer of 2012, the Spanish judge Santiago Pedras issued a warrant for Khristoforov’s arrest. At the request of Interpol, Russian police found him where it was supposed - in St. Petersburg. He did not even try to hide. However, he is safe from danger of extradition to Spain, because “Khristoforov is a Russian citizen and cannot be detained on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region”. It was stated by the Russian law enforcement agencies. Moreover, Khristoforov recently had a conversation with an Interpol agent, assuring the officer of his “decency”, loyalty and obedience to the law. So, now he doesn’t need to be involved in an ethnic conflict.


Leonid Christoforov's existence became widely known to the public in the autumn, 2003. Then in Resort area of St.-Petersburg armored "Mercedes Gelentwagen" of Christoforov, at that point in time the sales manager of travel company "Prima" got under bombardment. Incident occurred on October, 25 about 1 am on 38th kilometer of Primorsky highway. Unknown persons fired from the unstated weapon at the car moving on highway. Christoforov was driving the car and did not suffer. Based on this fact a criminal case under article 30 and article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempted murder) was opened, and it is still not solved. 
Source: news agency "Rosbalt", 10/27/2003

In December, 2003 Leonid Christoforov became of interest to journalists of the Petersburg newspaper «Your Private Councilor» in connection with the conflict between founders of "Kolpino food industrial complex» - the largest manufacturer of deep frost products in St.Petersburg. During that conflict the general director of industrial complex Vsevolod Timoshenkov (he related to Christoforov) declared to journalists that he was under the pressure from the widow of the killed co-owner of the enterprise Sergey Kuznetsov and another co-owner Georgy Ivanov. Thus Timoshenkov informed journalists that pressure upon him occurred in the office of the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Oleg Korjakin.

Journalists informed also that shortly before killers tried to kill one more co-owner of industrial complex Valery Bogdanov. Attempt at Bogdanov took place on May, 11th, 2003, but Bogdanov and the child that was in his car both survived. After that Bogdanov with a family lived abroad and were not going to come back to Russia.

For information: Valery Viktorovich Bogdanov was born on January, 7th, 1945. As well as other participants of this conflict which splashed out on pages of mass-media he was convicted twice. In 1975 he was convicted for a swindle, and in 1980 – for a crime provided by almost exotic article of the Criminal code - violation of safety rules. Thus, there is one interesting episode in Valery Bogdanov's biography – before the first court he served in Escort Guard. In prisons carriers of such biographies face the most serious problems – then the friendship between Valery Bogdanov and another participant of the case, deceased Sergey Kuznetsov began. They were sentenced in the same prison, made friends and Kuznetsov supported Bogdanov in every possible way by protecting him from aggression of underworld conformists.

Having recovered from wounds, Valery Bogdanov openly accused Sergey Kuznetsov of the organization of the attempt. Personally Leonid Christoforov declared that to journalists. By that moment he was on Bogdanov’s side opposing other founders of industrial complex.

For information: Sergey Anatolyevich Kuznetsov was born on April 8, 1942 in Uzbekistan; the youngster arrived to Leningrad. In February, 1974 he was already convicted by Dzerzhinsky regional national court of Leningrad for a crime by a part of 3 articles 147 of the Criminal code («Swindle which has caused a considerable damage»), and sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment from which he "stayed" almost half and the remained term he spent on national constructions. The following sentence – in 1983 at once under two articles: 146th (robbery) and 212th («stealing of vehicles»); term of imprisonment – 13 years with confiscation of property and deportation for 3 years. In 1994 Sergey Kuznetsov returned to Petersburg where he was engaged in business together with Sergey Bogdanov.

On September 14, 2003 on Sunday Sergey Kuznetsov was killed. His widow, Kuznetsova Anna Vasilyevna considered Valery Bogdanov and, probably, Christoforov as the organizers of the murder of her husband.

Vsevolod Timoshenkov did not follow instructions of Ivanov and Kuznetsova which demanded to give them the enterprise. And he asked for support from Leonid Christoforov, old friend of Kuznetsov and Bogdanov well aware of the situation at industrial complex to. Christoforov told to journalists about it: «When in the end of the last year I returned from prison Valery Bogdanov and Sergey Kuznetsov proposed me an interesting offer. We agreed that I would join their business by a shop chain and Kolpino industrial complex would have own firm retail network. I think, they offered it not only from commercial reasons – they hoped that as the person knowing them for a long time I will manage to help them to agree. I thought that it will turn out and I have laid down only one condition: to change the structure of founders in Company «Kolpino food industrial complex» LLC. I did not wish to put up money in firm where there were six owners besides me, four of them – people from an environment of Bogdanov and Kuznetsov. Everybody knows that there are two real owners at industrial complex – Valery and Sergey, i.e. in our joint business there should become three owners – they and me.

On a consensus the needed documents were prepared; when it was necessary to put their last seals and signatures, there was an attempt at Valery Bogdanov. It became clear: plans about the «firm for three» would never come true. But Leonid Christoforov didn’t completely give up “pelmeni” business – Valery Bogdanov who departed abroad asked him to represent his interests in industrial complex and to support general director Vsevolod Timoshenkov to protect him from a pressure. Timoshenkov began to appear everywhere together with Christoforov and quite impressive security. They even have lodged nearby – in two leased cottages in Dunes on the bank of Gulf of Finland. After that there was an attempt at Christoforov.

Christoforov connected the occurred attempt with Anna Kuznetsova.

After that the majority of votes in industrial complex appeared to belong to «Ivanov's team», that was even before of rights of succession of shares of the killed Sergey Kuznetsov had come into force. 
Source: «Your Private Councilor», 12/1/2003

In 2005 Georgy Ivanov was killed. This crime was connected with the mentioned conflict. Before the incident he gave interview to journalists of the newspaper «Your Private Councilor». He told his version of murders of Kolpino industrial complex’s founders. According to Ivanov, he sold the Jeep for 20 thousand dollars, while Kuznetsov - three apartments. With this money their old partner Valery Gusev constructed the industrial complex. But as a result of the described conflict by the end of 2004 Ivanov already lost possibility to participate in a management of the pelmeni firm. He said that together with the supporters and lawyers he would try to return the grasped enterprise to a legal way.

Georgy Nikolaevich explained: “Aggressors introduced the person - general director Timoshenkov who then forged signatures on documents and as a result we lost the industrial complex…”

Ivanov commented also the events which happened in 2003 in connection with Kolpino food industrial complex. According to businessman’s version attempt for Bogdanov as well as and attempt for Christoforov was nothing else but performances. «Kuznetsov and Bogdanov have quarreled because of Kuznetsov’s greed, he told. Bogdanov promised Kuznetsov that he would stay in Spain and simply receive money. As a result Kuznetsov is killed, Bogdanov is in Spain... He was laid the blame. And Christoforov supervises the enterprise now. It is easy for understanding if you know that Timoshenkov is Bogdanov’s person...»

In the middle of December, 2004 by decision of Arbitration court «Kolpino food industrial complex» LLC was recognized as the bankrupt and bankruptcy proceedings for a period of one year had been started. Journalists assumed that Ivanov somehow disturbed to absorption of the enterprise-bankrupt by another company. 
Source:, 10/31/2005

Less than in a month «Kolpino food industrial complex» was in the centre of attention police again. On November 18, 2005 Alexander Timoshenkov – the father of director Vsevolod Timoshenkov - was wounded. Two attacks for short time are difficult to be understood only as the category of accidents...

Alexander Timoshenkov is a well-known person in the city. From 1971 year he worked in state security bodies. He finished this activity in 1992 year in a rank of the colonel. But till the end of 90th years he did not leave department, working as the assistant to chiefs of Petersburg management of FSB including Victor Cherkesov. 
Source:, 11/21/2005

In the beginning of 2007 journalists wrote about communication between the head of administration of the chairman of Legislative Assembly in Petersburg Alexander Zaragatsky and Leonid Christoforov. The point was that the following persons have been noticed at Zaragatsky’s birthday party: Alik Beglov (Kazan criminal group), Leonid Christoforov, businessman Dmitry Mihailchenko, Bobovnikov Sasha (Izmailovo criminal group), businessman Mikhail Sliozberg. 
Source:, 2/8/2007

In June, 2008 Leonid Christoforov together with Gennady Petrov and several people of their environment were arrested by Spanish police. After that a new splash of interest of the press to Christoforov followed. They were accused of financial frauds and laundering of criminal money.

Leonid Christoforov (Kristo Folov) was detained in Marbella at 4 am on June, 12th, 2008. Spanish Special Forces stormed his house by throwing dazzle grenades to bedroom windows and flinging the doors open in the opposite direction as they acted with other arrested persons from among unfortunate owners of coastal private residences. These sounds took unawares millionaires just fallen asleep after celebrating Independence Day. Definitively they came round only in chambers having manual and foot shackles. "As if I were Doctor Lector, Leonid Christoforov said indignantly, - I thought that our OMON (special force police) is sapheaded but Spaniards are even worse. They took me to the toilet for three days under escort of six submachine gunners". 
Source: newspaper "Private councilor" (Petersburg), 10/6/2008

In 2008 journalists paid attention to Christoforov already as on the representative of Gennady Petrov’s interests in Petersburg. Journalists wrote that Christoforov is registered in the former Petrovs’ apartment on Bolshoy prospect of Vasilyevsky Island. It was informed that Christoforov gave grateful evidences within the limits of the criminal case raised upon murder of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Galina Starovoytova. He admitted that together with the companions he bought and resold to Pavel Stehnovsky (condemned for this murder) a pistol-machine gun «AGRAM-2000» from which Galina Starovoytova subsequently was killed. According to the interrogation report, in autumn of 1996 Christoforov together with Mikoelyan, Fedorov, Karasev on a summer residence "Chaeva" located on Stone Island adjusted two pistols-machine guns «AGRAM-2000». The weapon of Starovoytova’s murder was adjusted in 200 meters from Mikhail Gluschenko's office where the huge "grave-stone" of white marble «Deputy of the State Duma» was hanging. 
Source:, 6/23/2008

Mass-media wrote also that together with Petrov Christoforov adjusted deliveries of cement from Russia by having hidden the production origin. It was mentioned that the legal declared income of Christoforov was not more than 100 000 euros per year, but still he was able to purchase a boat for 400 000 euros and real estate for 1.9 million euro. 
Source: «New newspaper», 7/14/2008

In the end of 2008 in Spanish press there was an information that contenders of "Zenith" [Ruspres: the president of "Zenith" Sergey Fursenko is acquainted with Gennady Petrov on the base of common business in bank "Russia"] in semifinal and final matches of an UEFA Cup — 2007/08 — German "Bavaria" and Scottish "Rangers" were bribed by Russian mafia.

This news was published also in other information sources including on a tape of news agency AFP and on a web-page of Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport. The fact that edition ABC in 2006 first informed about the organization of contractual matches by Turin "Juventus", which subsequently were excluded from the Italian series “A” in favor of Spanish sources. According to ABC, in two intercepted telephone conversations between the chief of «Tambov criminal Group» Gennady Petrov and one of his most entrusted people Leonid Christoforov both bragged each other that they bribe semi-final and an UEFA Cup final for the sake of "Zenith" victory — the main soccer team of Petersburg which "Real" met yesterday in the League of champions.

As ABC informs, there were sums from 20 to 40 million (the currency is not specified) mentioned in conversation; apparently, they were intended for payment of the specified matches with "Zenith" participation. Even more detailed information was given by the newspaper El Pais. According to Madrid edition Christoforov «bragged that he knew result of a return match (with «Bavaria») beforehand — 4:0».

El Pais and ABC informed also that judge Baltasar Garson had several sent the data to Germany to the Office of Public Prosecutor weeks ago. He was running the case of organized criminal group based on which in the beginning of June together with six more figurants Petrov, Izgilov and Christoforov had been detained (they were incriminated with the long list of criminal actions: murders, weapon traffic, extortion, swindle, forging of documents, trade in influence, payoff, illegal transactions, contraband, drug-dealing, custom-made attacks and blackmail).

Therefore on official web-page of FC "Zenith" there was a statement that "Zenith" achieved its goals fairly and the press told a lie. 
Source: "Sports day after day", 10/2/2008

In the end of January, 2010 the National appellate court of Spain admitted to bail three Russians who were suspected of monetary frauds and considered as members of "Russian mafia".

Pledge at a rate of 600 thousand euro was appointed for the leader of "Tambov-Malyshev" criminal group, Gennady Petrov who has been living in Spain since 1996. Other two suspects were released also - Alexander Malyshev and Leonid Christoforov were “estimated" in 500 thousand and 300 thousand euro accordingly.

Passports of Malyshev and Christoforov have been taken away and they are obliged to get registered daily in the morning and in the evening in the commissariat of police nearest to their house. 
Source:, 1/29/2010



In the mid of 90's Alexander Malyshev was seen by reporters as follows:

Malyshev's OPG - the most numerous, organized criminal network. It has mafia connections in the middle management of the city. It includes a large number of criminal elements. It is dangerous in a physical clash. The main objective was large commercial entities (including banks). One of the used methods is employing their people at work in the structures and companies, acquiring a controlling stake, and educating their economic workers in the formal educational institutions of the city.

Spheres of influence: Krasnoselsk, Kirov and Moscow regions, part of the Central and Kalinin regions of St. Petersburg.

Hotels: "October", "Ohtin", "Baltic";

Restaurants: "Polar", "Universal", "Petrobir";

Markets: carmarket in the Frunze region, Marshala Kazakova st., and allegedly it is taking control over the Nekrasov market;

Antiques trade, Gambling - especially on Nevsky Prospekt.

Malyshev's residence located in the hotel "Pulkovo"; he had an office on Birchen alley (Stone Island), where he accepted traders and, in particular, met with the chairman of board of the bank "Petrovsky" - Oleg Golovin. Mediator in the negotiations was a citizen of Cyprus -Getelson.

He kept relations with Moscow through a leader of Krylatsk gang, Oleg Romanov (killed in fall of 1994). He created a series of gang firms: call out of prostitutes at home, cafes, saunas, buying non-ferrous metals, etc.

He used Caucasians to obtain debts. Money was transferred to financial institutions (banks) of Cyprus; with its help he sought to influence the largest banks in St. Petersburg. For the money of Malyshev a music center by Kiselev has been created, celebrations «Vivat St. Petersburg! » and "White Nights of rock-n-roll» have been held. He organized the clandestine manufacture of small-caliber revolvers. At the gang meeting in 1993 he secured the drug trade, giving the "Azeri’s» agricultural products trade only.

After Malshev's arrest the Moscow thieves in law tried to get hold of the St. Petersburg criminal activity. Andrei Berzin (Beda) was killed after speaking against it in the Moscow-St.Petersburg gang meeting in March 1993. In the same year there had been attempts on nearly all the prominent St. Petersburg bandits.

Despite the fact that Malyshev had been in prison for a long time, his prestige was still high. He continued directing affairs through his lawyers. His structure consisted of 350-400 gangsters by 1995. 
Source: "" of 1996

On June 13, 2008 Alexander Malyshev was arrested in Spain in the high-profile operation "Troika".

Some time after the high-profile arrests journalists were able to broadly understand the essence of the offenses alleged by the Russian gangsters in Spain.

First, they published a list of detained on June 13, 2008 in different cities of Spain:
- Gennady Petrov; 
- Yuri Salikov (longtime companion of Petrov); 
- Julia Ermolenko (Counsel to Petrov); 
- Leonid Khristoforov (right hand of Petrov); 
- Alexander Malyshev, alias Alexander Lagnas Gonzalez; 
- Svetlana Kuzmina (wife of Sergei Kuzmin, an old comrade of Petrov); 
- Leonid Khazin; 
- Olga Solovieva (common law wife of Malyshev); 
- Ildar Mustafin (Malyshev's accomplice in the early 90's); 
- Huan Antonio Felix (Spanish lawyer); 
- Ignacio Pedro (Spanish lawyer); 
- Julian Peres (Spanish lawyer); 
- Janna Gavrilenkova (wife of Victor Gavrilenkov - Stepanych Jr.); 
- Vitali Izgilov (Moscow thief in law nicknamed Vitalik-Beast); 
- Vadim Romaniuk.

In this sequence their names were listed in the official papers of Spanish justice. Of those, the court released only Janna Gavrilenkova and Leonid Khazin on bail of 100 thousand euros and 6 thousand euros respectively. The remaining thirteen were arrested.

According to journalistic sources, the operation began several years ago. Since autumn 2007 the Spanish police had been actively surveilling mobile phones of the seized gangsters, conducting secret surveillance of them, fixing the guests' arrivals. Within the framework of international cooperation, investigators received information from Greece, Germany and Russia.

The press drew attention that even general parts of the prosecution contain documents with accurate information about past convictions of Petrov, Malyshev, Khristoforov, Kuzmin, and Mustafin. Moreover, the Spanish Themis was aware of who and when had been brought together on trial and how they had met the decade before.

The documents also contain information about the hierarchy in the world of "Russian mafia". According to the Ministry of Justice, after Vladimir Kumarin's arrest in 2007 Gennady Petrov became the most influential figure. It happened due to huge amounts of money accumulated by him, and his relations with senior people in the period from 1996 to 2008. The Spaniards believe that Petrov's relations with Malyshev were not overly close. Nevertheless, Alexander Malyshev was the boss. Thus, according to one report, "Malyshev financially depended on Petrov, and Petrov depended on Malyshev historically. Only Malyshev was able to command and use force».

Near Gennady Petrov the Spaniards put the figure of Salikov Yuri and Sergey Kuzmin. A trusted Counsel to Petrov is Julia Ermolenko. Leonid Khristoforov is also present in the scheme -he is a person specifically responsible for the security of Petrov's business in Russia.

And in the immediate vicinity to Malyshev, according to the calculations of the Spaniards, Ildar Mustafin is. His area of responsibility is similar to Khristoforov's. Personal clerk of Alexander Malyshev is his common law wife - Olga Solovieva.

Alliance of Malyshev — Petrov is accompanied by Viktor Gavrilenkov and his wife, Janna. Thanks to Gavrilenkov the Spaniards added to the adjective "Malyshev's" the brand "Tambov". Indeed, Victor Gavrilenkov - brother of "Tambov gangster", Nicholas Gavrilenkov nicknamed Stepanych, killed in 1995, St. Petersburg .

At one time they lived in peace in one team with Vladimir Kumarin, unless in 1994 Kumarin was shot by nine bullets. Kumarin always believed it was Stepanych who had decided to eliminate him. After the shooting, after which Kumarin lost his arm, it happened so that Gavrilenkov Sr. was buried in the Kiev-Pechora monastery, and in Gavrilenkov Jr. was fired from rifles in the hotel "Nevsky Palace" in 1996.

Victor Gavrilenkov appeared in St. Petersburg only after the arrest of Vladimir Kumarin — in 12 years.

In connection with the interest in the origin of private property and the Russian capital in the provinces of Malaga, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, journalists mentioned Vitaly Izgilova - Moscow thief in law nicknamed Vitalik-Beast. They did not support the point of view that Izgilov was closely linked to the thief in the law of the federal level Shakro-young. They referred to the legalized in the court records' listening of telephone calls by Izgilova. According to the Spanish law enforcement officers, many of the films reflected the stereotype of Russian gangsters behavior in Spain.

Although the charges emphasize tax crimes mainly, all the arrested have been incriminated two combine articles of the Criminal Code of Spain - 517-I, Part 1, 517-I, Part 1, 2. They relate to the organization of criminal community.

Then accusations on the following articles have been claimed: 301 - money laundering, proceeds of crime; 390 and 392 - the falsification of financial and other documents; 305 - tax offenses against public property; 251 - fraudulent contracts.

An analysis conducted by law enforcement agencies allows to assume that since the mid 90's those accused had established in Spain several joint-stock companies of closed type, which received huge funds from the offshore companies of Cyprus, Panama and the Virgin Islands. In turn, those companies laundered money by buying land and houses in Spain through their subsidiaries, specializing in real estate transactions. The Spanish side explicitly described the two main structures implicated in illegal transactions: Inmobiliara Calvia 2001 and Inmobiliara Balear 2001.

Besides the charges of tax evasion at dozens million of euros, the Spaniards accuse those companies of illegal transactions with real estate, and they are confident that they will confiscate the assets of 30 million euros.

A lot of Russians have been targeted in the criminal cases filed against our "authoritative" countrymen, and the Spanish Crown Prosecution Service failed to catch them napping.

Prosecutors believed that the following persons could have been involved in the machinations together with Michael Rebo - the financial brain of "Tambov-Malyshev’s gangs", who was arrested by German police in Berlin:
Sergey Kuzmin (Petrov’s partner); 
Salikov’s wife, Marlena Barbara Salikova (a Pole by nationality); 
Ruslan Tarkovsky (Mustafin’s Partner); 
Suren Zotov (a large merchant from Russia); 
Botishev’s family (Sergey's wife Nina, and daughter Anna) is the owner of the five offshore companies in Cyprus; 
Tatiana Solovieva (Solovieva’s mother) and Irina Usova (Solovieva’s sister), 
Dordibay Khalimov; 
Boris Pevzner.

The court of Spain has also frozen 25 million euros, credited to the accounts of the companies controlled by defendants from the banks of Russia, Panama, Cayman Islands, United States, Latvia, Switzerland and the UK.

But the core of the charges is materials received from the tax police in Spain.

Thus, for example, on May 30, 2005 ZAO “Internasion", owned by Gennady Petrov acquired a yacht "Sasha" for 3.5 million euros, but did not pay VAT. That means it concealed 530 thousand euros from the payment. On June 22, 2005 Gennady Petrov introduced seven major land parcels in favor of ZAO “Inmobiliara", and in return received 4000000 shares at 1 Euro per share, for which he did not pay any tax again.

There are hundreds of such examples.

The Spanish government is convinced that it understands how they legalized the money through the JSC to the offshore companies. Then they bought up property in Spain and Germany. Meanwhile it is unclear where the money came to the offshore came from, and whose money it was.

Information: Articles of the Criminal Code of Spain, brought to the members of the imputed "Tambov-Malyshev’s" community: 
515, 517 - creation of illegal (criminal) associations - up to 12 years imprisonment; 
390, 392 - forgery of an official or commercial paper - up to three years imprisonment;
305 - damage to the state treasury of Spain - up to six years imprisonment; 
301 - Acquisition of property, knowingly acquired through a crime - up to two years imprisonment; 
251 - attribution of false rights to property - up to four years imprisonment.

One should note that, in accordance with Spanish law, penalties for individual articles might be summarized in sentencing. 
Source: on 06/07/2008

Olga Solovieva - Alexander Malyshev’s wife and partner had indirect relations with other defendants. Malyshev lacks economic education, so Solovieva’s knowledge helps him manage the community finance. They laundered funds derived from criminal activity with the help of lawyers Huan Hezus Angulo Peres, Ignacio Pedro Eriho Sierra.

Solovieva collaborated with her mother and daughter - Tatiana Solovieva and Irina Usova, and with lawyer Nikolay Egorovich, who had been running their businesses in Cyprus; as well as someone named Armand who represented their interests in Switzerland.

Regarding the relationship between Malyshev, Solovieva and Petrov, for example, on July 31, 2001 the company owned by Petrov (Inmobiliaria Balear 2001 SL) made a fraudulent deal to sell the boat «Standing Ovations» of 100 000 Euro to the company (Peresvet SL) which only leader was Solovyov.

Money from Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, Estonia and Latvia came to the accounts associated with Solovieva and Usova. Then an amount of 970 972 Euro was transferred to Boris Pevzner, and sent to the company (SBZ Investments Ltd). That Cyprus-based company returned the money to the company Peresvet S.L. in Spain, which invested them in real estate.

The money transferred from Cyprus were cashed or invested. They have cashed 3 100 000 Euro and invested 5 100 000 in such a way. Cyprus SBZ Investment is the largest recipient of funds and hides Solovyov and Malyshev behind it. In reality, that company’s money went back to Spain, arrived in deposits which guaranteed income of Solovieva, then again went to Cyprus, returning again to the name of another person. Thus, inflation of the Cyprus company capital was artificial, and it was necessary to justify the presence of large funds.

According to the indictment, Alexander Malyshev has a general business with the entrepreneur Sergey Kuzmin. Kuzmin’s wife Svetlana is also charged of having knowingly participated in the community activities, and having interacted with Gennady Petrov.

Kuzmin, owns 80% of Spanish companies "Inversiones finantsas inmuebles» (Inversiones Finanzas Inmuebles SL, in translation - "investment in real estate finance"). 20% of the company is owned by businessman Leonid Hazin, who is also appearing in a criminal case.

The firm is located at the same address and has the same phone number as the company "World of Marbella» (MYR Marbella SL) located in the resort town of Marbella. Hazin is its leader, as well as representative of the Swiss MYR SA. As it is stated in the site "World of Marbella”, the firm has been operating from the 1980's and is a part of the" World ", which brings together nine companies involved in marketing, financial planning, real estate transactions, as well as research and development of industrial technologies. The group declared that for the period it had implemented investmanet projects for 500 million euros in Europe. They listed industrial buildings, residential complexes, and prestigious villas, which had been worth of several million euros each. In 2006, the group "World" planned to invest 70 million euros. In particular, they stated the following completed projects on the company's website: recreational complex in the Southern Spain, apartments and restaurant in Marbella and villa in Sierra Blanca.

One of the arrested persons who were considered to be the leaders of a criminal association by the Spaniards, had talked with representatives of the Bank of Russia shortly before his arrest. According to the indictment, on April 3 someone Koba said to Vitaly Izgilovu that he could get a serious interest, if he transferred 11 million euros from the Swiss bank to the Bank of Russia, and thus would become a major shareholder. As stated in the Spanish paper, later a meeting of Izgilov, Malyshev, and chairman of the Baltic Development Bank Denis Gordeev happened in Puerto Banus.

The Baltic Development Bank was established in 1994 in Kaliningrad. By 2000 it had moved to Moscow. According to a former affiliate of the bank, it was founded by a Korean citizen Te, he had good relations with representatives of the Central Bank of Russia in the Kaliningrad region.

Before coming to the Baltic Development Bank, Denis Gordeev was the head of the department at MDM Bank. Affiliate of the Baltic Development Bank, Sergei Medvedev used to be the Head of Cash Operations at MDM Bank, former chairman of the Baltic Development Bank Igor Nizovtsev had also been a member of MDM Bank. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 50 dated 16.07.2008



In May 1997 the unit on organized crime combating from Commissariat of the Spanish city Marbella asked for assistance through the Spanish Embassy in Russia. In Spain, the case of significant money laundering invested in real estate had been investigated; they came the Russian citizens, who in January 1997 created the company "Isparus» (Hisparus). Then the investigators drew their attention, in particular, to Gennady Petrov and Sergey Kuzmin.

The Spanish police got interested in individuals who had already come in view of Directorate for Combating Organised Crime in Russia. They appeared in the operational notes ( editorial board disposed of them), according to which they were known members of organized crime groups. Judging by the Spanish indictment - their names were known to law enforcement agencies of the U.S. and the EU. But that did not mean that future convicts had been marginalized in Russia's society. At least in 1998-1999, they were co-owners of the bank "Russia", which brought together friends of Vladimir Putin.

Both Gennady Petrov and Sergei Kuzmin owned 2,2% of the bank shares, and at the meetings of shareholders they had been represented by Shumkov Andrew, who in 1998-2000 was a member of its Board of Directors (first reported by the business newspaper «Vedomosti»). In 1998-1999, 14,2% stake in «Russia» belonged to the Petersburg company "Ergen," Forward Limited", and "Fuel Investment Company» ( "FIC"), which were associated with Shumkov. Shumkov and Kuzmin owned "Ergen", and co-owners of "TEC" were the firms "BHM" and "Finance Company Petroleum», affiliated with Kuzmin and Petrov.

Among the shareholders of the bank "Russia" St. Petersburg there many friends of the former president and current prime minister of Russia. The main shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Yuri Kovalchuk, created a dacha cooperative "Lake" together with Vladimir Putin. Shareholder Nicholas Shamalov and former shareholder Viktor Myachin were also co-founders of the «Lake».

Press found out that the bank "Russia" was also associated with partners of the son of Gennady Petrov. Anton Petrov, 28 years old. He is co-founder and chairman of construction company "Baltic monolith», which is building luxury properties in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. The general director of the «Baltic monolith", a partner of Petrov - Arkady Buravov was co-owner of the «Concern Ekomt-Investconsalting». According to data by 1995, the firm owned 5% of the bank "Russia", and Buravov was a member of its audit committee at least until 2001.

Among the co-owners of the "Concern ..." Oleg Noskov was listed - a former shareholder, board member of the bank "Russia", and partner of Anton Petrov. Together with his son Alexei Noskov and Petrov Jr., they established a Moscow company "Capital Plus". Its co-founder was also Olga Solovieva.

Created by Anton Petrov, Olga Solovieva and Noskov family the Moscow "Capital Plus" had a subsidiary - « Transinvest 2000». According to the database SKRIN, it was connected with the "Center of Business Cooperation" in Novosibirsk, which owned a half of “Left shore sandpit" in the Novosibirsk region, as well as 18% of Baikal mountain-metallurgical company" Zabaikalstalinvest». 25% of the company was under the control of the «Russian Railways». Since 2003, "Zabaikalstalinvest» has become a part of «Basic Element» of Oleg Deripaska. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 48 dated 13.05.2009

12-13 June 2008 in Spain 20 Russians were arrested - mostly from the lucky residents of luxury villas on the famous Mediterranean coast: Leonid Khristoforov, Alexander Malyshev-Gonzalez, Gennady Petrov, Yuri Salikov, Julia Smolenko, Vitaly Izgilov and others - all of them were accused of money laundering, arms trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug delivery, forgery, smuggling of cobalt and tobacco. It is in this context the media started talking about Gennady Petrov, who could have been hardly called a resonant figure before.

13 out of 20 detainees were imprisoned without the right to be released on bail - among them Gennady Petrov was. The four, whose fault before the Spanish laws was insignificant, got released from custody. Cash deposits paid at that ranged from 6 to 100 thousand euros. 
Source: "Novaya Gazeta" on 19.06.2008

With reference to the Spanish police the media wrote about the Spanish activities of Petrov the following:

Petrov helped get released to his subordinate Yuri Mikhailovich Salikov, who was in custody in Spain on charges of fraud with VAT (value added tax) - the so-called " VAT carousels."

Petrov created the company together with Yuri Salikov, Victor Gavrilenkova and Sergey Kuzmin, was also associated with George and Peter Vasetsky. Submission to Petrov was undisputed; for example, Leonid Khristoforov when turning to him called him "boss." And once he was asked to use his influence and prevent the murder. Petrov also used the influence to remove data from the archives of law enforcement bodies of Russia and Greece.

Constantly communicating with other members of the community, Petrov gave orders for the bribes and penalties if somebody did not obey.

An analysis of the Petrov companies showed that since 1998 they had amassed movable and immovable assets of 30 million euros. The latest acquisition was the property in Mallorca for 7 million euros. The money came from five companies on the Virgin Islands.

During the preliminary investigation the accounts of companies had been frozen, on which there were more than 10 300 000 euros. Those revenues were not confirmed, because the company had not been conducting commercial activities.

Gennady Petrov got settled in Calvia in Mallorca, and was a tax resident of Spain. He is charged with large-scale tax evasion: so for 1999 Petrov and his wife had not declared the income of $ 2 270 000 euros, nonpaying approximately 880 000 euros. In 2000, they did not specify 52 million pesetas, not having paid 120 000 euros for the year, in 2001 they forgot to declare 985 000 euro, not having paid 350 000, for 2003 had not paid 180 000 euros to the treasury.

On May 30, 2001 Company ( «Inversiones Gudimar SL»), administrated by Petrov solely, bought a yacht in Italy "Sasha" (registration number 6-PM-1-01111-01) for 3.5 million euros, while in Spain it indicated that the yacht was not worth even of 700 000 euros, 530 000 euros of underpaid tax.

Finally for 2005 Petrov had not declared any income, but on June 22 , 2005 he allocated the land as a contribution to «Inmobiliare Calvia 2001 SL», and received 4 156 900 shares, each was worth of 1 euro, thus he did not pay more than 1 million euros of taxes. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 50 dated 16.07.2008

At the background of journalistic interest in the Spanish arrests, the media found information about the search, which Spanish police conducted in a Spanish villa of the State Duma Deputy Vladislav Reznik as a part of the same criminal case.

The search could have been considered a provocation against Russia, as stated by the State Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov, if only a circumstance had not appeared. In 2004 and 2006, the deputy had connections with the three Spanish firms, associated with Gennady Petrov.

PR Assistant to Reznik Oksana Altynova reported that the deputy had reported the circumstances of deals on houses and boats: villa was purchased in 2004 from the firm Inmobiliaria Balear SL 2001 for 1,2 million euros. And in 2006 Reznik bought a boat for 2.27 million, for which the firm Centros Commerciales Antei had been acquired from Inversiones Gudimar SL; it had owned the boat. Villa was included in the authorized capital of the company. And its shares were transferred to family trust of Reznik. The same company (Trust) owned all the property in Spain.

Inmobiliaria Balear, which has sold villa to Reznik, appears in the 15th paragraph of Spanish indictment in connection with the lawyer Huan Antonio Untoria Augustine, who is believed by the Spanish justice to be adviser to Petrov and allegedly a member of the criminal community. The indictment says that the lawyer worked out the financial schemes, prepared documentation, managed 59 bank accounts, and had the right of individual signature. He participated in the creation and management of Inmobiliaria Balear 2001 SL, Inversiones Gudimar SL and 7 other companies which had been serving in order to disguise the origin of Petrov's money.

From 1998 to 2007 more than 16 million euros from Panama, Latvia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands and Russia had passed on numerous bank accounts controlled by the lawyer. The indictment alleges that Juan Antonio used the relations for his own influence, and once even threatened to a person, that someone would send Russians and that person would just disappear.

According to the indictment, Petrov was the sole manager of Inversiones Gudimar SL, from which the company Centros Commerciales Antei had been acquired together with the registrated on the company boat for Reznik. On May 30, 2001 Inversiones Gudimar bought the Italian yacht "Sasha" (registration No. 6 RM-1-01111-01) for 3.5 million euros for Petrov. Petrov stated in the declaration that the yacht was not worth of 700 000 euros even, and thus underpaid 530 000 to the Spanish treasury.

The boat was registered on the Centros Commerciales Antei. The deputy also put his villa in the charter capital of the acquired firm. The indictment alleges the company is also mentioned in the paragraph on the legalization of capital, bank accounts and cash entries, which, in the opinion of investigation, connected Gennady Petrov, Alexander Malyshev, and his partner, Olga Solovyova (she engaged in financial communities).

The company was authorized to conduct operations in the bank "La Caha» (La Caixa). On October 31, 2003 it received 600 000 dollars from a Swiss Shimer Finance Corp, which in the same 2003 was noted by transferring of 413 547 dollars at the expense of Irina Usova — sister of Olga Solovieva, and sister-law of Alexander Malyshev.

Crossing of the deputy with a firm, appearing in the Spanish indictment, could be regarded as accidental. But there three companies like this.

Assistant to Reznik Oksana Altynova noted that the deputy was only a client, and was familiar with Petrov in so far as to buy a house. Altynova believes that one can not be accused of buying something because he is not obliged to verify who had owned the company in the past, the transaction was legitimate, and Reznik had a deal with legal entity.

Investment in real estate and construction business - an area in which Petrov family has been mostly noticeable. Coincidentally interests of Anton Petrov and his partners have intersected with the largest investment and construction group in Russia - "Baltic Construction Company (BSK) by Igor Nayvalta. This group is also close for Vladimir Putin and his entourage. The Bank "Russia" until February 2005 was among the shareholders of the branch "BSK SPb». A son of Putin's cousin Michael Karlin from May to December 2007 was listed as founder of "BSK-65».

Anton Petrov and Oleg Noskov owned the St. Petersburg firm "Finance and Administration». However, together with "BSK" it created the Consulting Group the”Baltic management system», it was also a shareholder of Samara manufacturer of cranes JSC" Sokol ", part of "BSK ".

Andrew Shumkov, who represented Gennady Petrov and Sergei Kuzmin at the meetings of shareholders of the bank "Russia", as well as some firms associated with Kuzmin and Petrov, was directly related to fuel and energy complex and the chemical industry in St. Petersburg. Those links led to Vladimir Kumarin (Barsukov).

According to SKRIN, Shumkov was a leader of the «Industrial Group Kinbou" and "Fininvest", which 100-percent owner was stated the «Kinbou Trading Limited» from the British Virgin Islands.

Both firms in Russia were the shareholders of St. Petersburg "Red Chemist". Since 1996, the principal owner and CEO of the company was Vyacheslav Rutshteyn, which was one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Charity Foundation «IMTO-XXI Century»(Foundation for Support of the University of Information Technologies Mechanics and Optics). One of the founders of the fund was Vladimir Kumarin.

Gennady Petrov and his son are familiar with some of the leaders of state-controlled companies. Anton Petrov was a founder of the Moscow firm "Severfinans" together with Naila Malyutin - currently CEO of the Financial Leasing Company (FLC), a member of the state "United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

Sources close to the Spanish investigation, reported that the arrested Russians supposedly had been discussing shipbuilding projects relating to "the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC)». As journalists managed to find out, Gennady Petrov was familiar with the former first deputy general director of "FLC" Andrew Burlakov, who is currently co-owning Wadan Yards (shipyards in Germany and Ukraine).

Journalists contacted Burlakov, and he explained that he was familiar with Petrov, and met with him a couple of times, but they had never discussed any joint projects and business issues. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 48 dated 13.05.2009

Some interesting things became known from the Spanish telephone Protocol of Petrov. Thus, on 23 August 2007, according to the wiretapping protocols. St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev "Barmaley"called Petrov to talk to Reznik, since at the moment Petrov and Reznik were together. "Barmalei" Reznik asked to speak with somebody G. to stand up for Mikhail Blinov, who was supposed to take a position relevant to real estate issues. By coincidence, Blinov indeed served as head of territorial directorate of Federal Agency for Federal Property Management for some time, and then almost moved to Moscow as deputy of the local territorial administration, allegedly on personal order from German Gref.

On August 28, 2007 at 9.36 Ilia Traber managed to call Petrov (known businessman in St. Petersburg who has long lived in Spain). Traber is known for being involved in antiques. And then he had a relationship, in particular, to the "Information Bureau Peter" together with a former KGB officer Viktor Korytovs, who later became deputy chairman of Gazprombank; and with Michael Sirotkin - then deputy head of the legal department of «Gazprom». In the late 90's the bureau was a co-owner (12%) of St. Petersburg Fuel Company (SFC). Traber who got through to Petrov said he wanted to talk with Reznik and discuss with him a number of cases. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 122 from 02.11.2009

On October 1, 2007 at 11.50 special division of the Spanish police recorded a call to Gennady Petrov from Igor Borisovich Sobolevsky. Sobolevsky told Petrov that some people gave him documents, that he was going to study them and to think on what could be done. According to Spanish police, it was about the land apparently illegally seized from the people (they used the term "raids").

The same day, a few minutes later Petrov got a call from his partner in St. Petersburg. During the conversation, they talked about problems with teeth that Igor Borisovich Sobolevsky suffered, so he was in the dental clinic for treatment. Apparently, Igor paid for medical assistance, and Petrov gave instructions to his partner that he did everything necessary, and those costs were to be paid by Petrov.

On November 10, 2007 someone named Andrey Begemot called Petrov. Begemot reminded Petrov that it was the Militia's Day, and Petrov replied that it was their holiday also. Andrey reminded that they needed to call Igor (they were talking about Igor Sobolevsky - Comment of the Spanish police) and others, to congratulate them. Later Igor Petrov called Sobolevsky and congratulated him on the Day of the militia. Petrov took the opportunity to convey greetings to the wife of Sobolevsky. Petrov also said that he was going to arrive in St. Petersburg on November 12 and in Moscow on November 18, and proposed to go to Moscow together.

By coincidence, Igor Sobolevsky is a quite famous person in Russia. Exactly the same name has former deputy chairman of the Investigation Committee under the Prosecutor's Office. Igor Sobolevsky - classmate of Vladimir Putin and of Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee - became deputy head of the Investigative Committee in 2008, and was relieved of his post by President Dmitry Medvedev in June 2009. Sobolevsky left "voluntarily".

On September 20, 2007 Petrov had a conversation with Alexander Zolotoy (person from his environment, who was engaged in the business of jewelry stores and precious metals. - Comm. Spanish police). In the course of three conversations they discussed a bank credit, which they had to ask for. Judging by their conversation, the sides hoped that the money (700 million rubles) would be provided by Savings bank, and had to be returned within one year. Alexander Petrov said that someone Nail was going to provide them with a service acting as guarantor. Also, they talked about money, which they had to pay to Savelyev (person from the bank "St.-Petersburg". - Comm. Spanish police) in the amount of 15 (perhaps they were talking millions of dollars) by the end of January.

On November 1, 2007 at 13.59 Nail called Petrov <...>. Nail said that Gref, "a friend of Petrov” invited him to a banquet on November,12 at the 160 th anniversary of the Savings Bank.

The name specified in Spanish materials matches the name of the former Minister of Economic Development and Trade Herman Gref, who has been the head of the Savings Bank from November 28, 2007

Gennady Petrov also discussed the possibility of obtaining a loan in the bank "Saint Petersburg". September 20, 2007 Petrov told his son that he had agreed on bank loan finally. Also, they discussed the change of Saveliev's position, who refused to grant the requested credit to Petrov, whereas originally he had accounted on his support. As it followed from the conversation, the bank credit committee refused the loan, citing a large number of applications.

Head of Press Service of the Bank «Saint Petersburg» Anna Barkhatova told reporters that the chairman of board of bank Alexander Saveliev did not deny the negotiations, though he could not remember exactly if they had happened.. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 124 from 09.11.2009

There is a testimony given by the former Spanish military and lawyer that Gennady Petrov had a relationship with the colonel of the National Intelligence Center of Spain, as in the past he had been connected with the KGB, and was familiar not only with some members of Russia's parliament and a very influential people, but also with Vladimir Putin.

Defender of Mario Martinez-Peсalver representing the interests of the retired officer and lawyer Juan Antonio Untoriya Agustin, presented a statement to the Central Investigation Court number 5 in which it was stated inter alia:

"Mr. Juan Antonio Untoriya met with Mr. Gennady Petrov in 1998 through his friend, Colonel Mr. Hose Alises Saens: The two studied together at the main military academy, and then wore the rank of major.

Mr. Alises belongs to Spain's National Intelligence Center and had a relationship with Gennady Petrov, when he was in the KGB, and the first was in charge of counterintelligence in the Superior Center of Information and Defense of Spain (Centro Superior de Informacion de la Defensa CESID). The said gentleman told my client that he was familiar with Russia's largest businessman, a close friend of the then President of Russia Mr. Putin since the days they both had worked in the KGB; and that gentleman, named Gennady Petrov wanted to get settled in Spain, to set a business in real estate, import and export of food products between Russia and Spain, and for doing that he needed a lawyer in Spain. Similarly, he reported that Mr. Petrov had several major companies in Russia, among them: a jewelry store chain with more than 350 salons located in the most prestigious residential areas of the capital and other cities, a construction of luxury housing, mostly in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, one of his companies obtained several major government contracts for the construction of highways and reconstruction of roads, for controlling the port of St. Petersburg, where Mr. Petrov had more than 30%, import of cement, a supermarket chain and retail trade centers (as he was told, about 200) <...>.

"My client has always believed Petrov is a big businessman associated with the higher political circles of his country. This view was confirmed when Mr. Petrov introduced him to the two close friends who were interested in buying housing in the city of Palma de Mallorca, - to Mr. Reznik <...> and Mr. Leonid Reiman <...>. Mr. Reznik and Mr. Reiman, who had been introduced by Mr. Petrov, were customers of my client (a lawyer also gives the address of the villa, bought by Reiman: Palma de Mallorca, Santa Ponsa, street Malgrats, 10).

The name Leonid Reiman mentioned in the statement of the lawyer coincides with the name of former Minister of Information Technologies and Communication, who is now an adviser to Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev. 
Source: Novaya Gazeta № 127 dated 16.11.2009



On October 16, 1998 Garzon issued an international warrant for the arrest of Augusto Pinochet, who was then in London. On the same day, despite the fact that Pinochet had entered the UK on a diplomatic passport, British police arrested the General. While waiting for the decision on his extradition to Spain, Pinochet was under house arrest until March 2000, when British Foreign Secretary decided to release him from legal liability due to ill health of the suspect

Source: NEWSru, 14 May 2010 


On June 13, 2008 20 Russian citizens were arrested in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia, Alicante, and the Balearic Islands on suspicion of money laundering, arms trafficking and contract killings. Allegedly they were members of the so-called Tambovskaya group. Law enforcers seized from them about 200 thousand euros in cash, 23 luxury car, a boat, firearms, and works of art, including painting by Salvador Dali. Authorities also froze 12 million euros in the accounts of the detainees. Later, Garson, who was investigating the case, had to release seven of the detainees. 

Source:,, 11 March 2009 


In autumn 2008 Garson took part in the case related to the final matches of the UEFA Cup. On October 1, 2008 Spanish media suggested that the scores in the games of football club Zenit (St. Petersburg, Russia) against Rangers (Glasgow, Scotland) and Bayern (Munich, Germany) could have been pre-planned. Spanish police, wiretapping the telephone conversations between "the leaders of the Tambovskaya group, Gennady Petrov and Leonid Khristoforov, received information about bribing players and leaders of Bavaria and Rangers. The articles, however, reported that Spanish police were not sure of the credibility of the information. Nevertheless, Garzon who investigated the case handed materials of the case over to prosecutors and investigators in Germany. 

Source: Gazeta.Ru, 20 April 2009 


On October 11, 2008 Garson authorized a search in a house owned by Vladislav Reznik, chairman of the Committee on Financial Markets of the State Duma. The reason for the search was that Reznik was familiar with Gennady Petrov. 

Source: Inopressa.Ru, 18 August 2009  


In March 2009 the Supreme Council of Judicial Power of Spain (CGPJ) began disciplinary proceedings against Garson, who was accused of tax evasion. In 2005 and 2006 he received a fee of 200 thousand dollars for his lectures at New York University, but he did not notify the National judicial board about it.  It was not the American side who cover his travelling costs; it was the largest Spanish bank,Santander. Having returned from the trip, Garson closed the criminal case instituted against the bank over gross violations of financial laws. 

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, 20 April 2009 


In spring 2010 in Spain a criminal case was instituted against Garzon. The judge was charged with violating the 1970 law that guaranteed pardon for suspects in crimes committed during the Civil War when in 2008 he began the investigation of the murders committed during the Civil War. In connection with the initiated case, on May 14 Garson was suspended from judicial office. 

Source: Kommersant, 09 April 2010 


In 2011 Garson faced a new charge in authorizing recording of conversations between detainees and their lawyers. 

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, 14 April 2011