1. Alexander Averin’s organization


(See scheme “Alexander Averin’s brigade”)






Alexander Averin


Averin Alexander Sergeevich nicknamed "Avera Junior" or "Junior" was born on 12 April 1959 in Moscow and had Russian passport 41 № 0977665. He is the brother of Viktor Averin156. Подозревается в незаконном обороте оружия, вымогательстве, разбойных нападениях и отмывании денег. 157He had conflict with Arnold Tamm, but he changed his mind after Mikhailov was released from prison158. According to the information his Moscow address is :14  -127 Glavmosstroyevskaya str.


Averin's gang consists of 35 people. He is a leader of other gangs:

А)two independent organizations :

1. Ivanovo criminal gang of 50 people headed by Tochilov Igor, his nickname is "Graphon",born in 1963.

2. The criminal gang of "Fyokla"(Vladimir) with 25 criminals, headed by Fyedori Nikolay, he is also "Fyokl Senior"

В) Three brigades:

1. Gurchenkov Brigade



  1. 30 people.160


Gurchenkov Vladimir




  1. The citizen of Russia Gurchenkov Vladimir was born 31 October 1960 in Moscow, his nickname is "Chief". He is a leading person, responsible for racketeering and considered to be the head of one of the brigades  responsible for murders committed by "Solntsevo" criminal group .Gurchenkov is a holder of Russian passport № 43 N 4964038, valid till 18 November1999 г. and passport № 0861692. He controls the extortion of money of rom Moscow banks.161 Gurchenkov was suspected by Austrian authorities in committing murder of Ziegfrid Golukh in Vienna on 9 May 1989.On May 16, 1998 issued an international warrant for his arrest, which was repealed September 1, 1998. He participated in meetings of criminal bosses in 1995 in Prague.163



  1. 25 people.164

  2. Anisimov Anatoly


Anisimov Anatoly nicknamed "Bulyolya" was born in Moscow 13 August 1958.165According to the information from the NCB of Interpol in Washington he was born on 15 June 1948 and managed the activity of Solntsevo gang from " S.V.H Holdings165 He also was inspected by the Czech police in "v Holubu" restaurant in 1995.167 Anisimov is the owner of private customs terminal “Dixel” and used it for furniture contraband. 168


He also controls 5 other brigades such as:

1.Alexander Petrov’s brigade



This brigade consists of 30 people. It is managed by Petrov, he is nicknamed "Duren' " (a full) born on 9 February 1960.

Petrov Alexander

Petrov Alexander born 9 November 1960, nicknamed "Duren’" is the leader of the gang. 169 He also belongs to the "combat" group.170


Petrov controls 6 other brigades which are headed by:


a​ Laptev Sergey ,he is also "Lapteksi Senior", born 21 April 1995,this brigade consists of 25 more people.


b​ Danilov Sergey, he is also "Danila",born 24 March 1962.10 more people are included in this gang.


c​ Myatizov Ildar, he is also "the Tatar" born 30 September 1955.


d​ Laptev Andrey also nicknamed "Laptey Jr."born 23 May 1960.


e​ Gladchuk Vladimir,nicknamed "Dushman",born 6 October 1963.His brigade includes 10 more people.


f​ Myakotin Viktor,"Bold",born 1 January 1958.His brigade includes 5people.he controls:


g​ Korobov Alexey,nicknamed "Korob"(box) born 24July 1974,he manages the group of 7more criminals.

2. Viktor Korobov’s brigade

Brigade consists of 10 people. It is headed by Korobov Viktor, he is also “crucian carp”, Born 31 January1963 г.

3. Kolesnikov Mikhail’s brigade

Brigade consists of 15 people. It is headed by Kolesnikov Mikhail,"Kolesnik",born 22 January 1955

4. Sergey Zubrilin’s brigade


5. Andrey Skrylev’s brigade


Brigade consists of 10 people. It is headed by Zubrilin Sergey, nicknamed "Zubrila",born 16 October 1957.




Brigade insists of 29-25 people,it is headed by Skryilev Andrey*,also "Skryil*" born 20 December 1962 г., who also controls the organization “Arkhangelskaya Borisov" or "Aekhangelskaya" which includes 35-40 people 171 .






Skrylev Andrey



Skrylev Andrey,also "Skryil",born 20 December 1962.According to the information from NCB Interpol in Washington,he heads the group managed by Mikhail Kudin,which is engaged in hijacking of vehicles.Skrylev had conflict with local criminal groups in Bulgaria,as a result one brigade was shot in Sofia. Skrylev and Kudin were engaged in extortion, car theft and drug trafficking.. Besides Skrylev participated in purchasing of "Cosmos" hotel by Solntsevo criminal gang.He did it with the help of the citizen of Israel Igor Kievsky,who moved from Russia to Israel in 1980s. 172 Skrylev is the "authority" of this organization. His brother is also the member of "Skrylev " brigade. According to the information Skrylev died of the overdose".173


3. Kudin’s brigade




  1. 15 people.174


According to the information of NCB Interpol in Washington, brigade of "Kudin" consists of two sub-brigades, which are headed by Skrylev Andrey "Skryil" (born 20 December 1962), and Garabaty Petr ("Petya"). Kudinja Brigade was engaged in collecting payments extorted from the bankers and businessmen in Moscow, the traffic of cocaine imported from Colombia, and stealing cars, "Mercedes" with "victims" (dummy) in Poland, Bulgaria and Eastern Germany.For ordering expensive Mercedes cars they used shell companies . KUDIN paid to individuals so that they take time off and leave the cars in a certain place where they should in the future be kidnapped. In addition, on behalf of the Solntsevo KUDIN supervised work in Moscow two jewelry stores "Vitaly" and "Diamond175


  1. The murder of Russian showman Listyev ,according to the information, was also committed by Mikhail Kudin.176


  3. Kudin Mikhail



Kvakin Mikhail also known as Kudin Mikhail ("Kvakin"), was born 23 September 1958 and according to the NCB in Washington, he headed one of the most active brigades of "Solntsevo" criminal group, he was considered to be the "golden boy" or the "rising star" of this organization.

Kudin was arrested by Greek authorities in the airport of Athens 6 July 1995 for having 0,025 kg of heroine with him. During the arrest he was expropriated $ 25000. Kudin was taken to "Koridallos" prison in Piraeus Greece, but soon he was released and soon returned to Moscow. 178 As the others he was arrested by the Czech police in Prague in May 1995 in "v Holubu" restaurant.179 According to the information, currently Kudin and Petr Garabaty are in Prague. He is engaged in heroin trafficking from Afganistan to Russia through Europe and smuggling of migrants from China.180