In late January 2013 Russian TV star Masha Malinovskaya turned 32. Ukrainian city of Odessa saw a lavish celebration of her birthday. At the event she introduced everyone to her new mysterious boyfriend, a Moscow businessman by the name of Pavel.

Karpov at video 00:37

In late April Vladimir Kolokoltsev, minister of the Interior, met with former and current staff of law enforcements agencies who are on the so-called Magnitsky list. The minister assured the disgraced policemen that the government is on their side.

These two events do have something in common. One of the people on the list and at the meeting with Kolokoltsev was Pavel Karpov, former investigator of the Investigation Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This is the same Pavel who is the new rich boyfriend Masha Malinovskaya introduced everyone to at the birthday party.

The couple, however, is very unlikely to get married. sources note that Pavel Karpov is a close friend of a certain Forbes list entrepreneur, who would try to keep Pavel away from marrying down and spend his life with some TV star.

It was only by chance that Rumafia came across the juicy details of private life of one of the most controversial Interior Ministry investigators. Future of those on Magnitsky list, including Karpov, was discussed at a meeting with a high-ranking law enforcement officer. Our source knows Karpov personally and says the following about his future: "Well, Pasha will certainly be fine. His patron will always support him, especially in terms of money". It is easy to interpret the phrase as a hint to corrupt activities and high-ranking protection for those on Magnitsky list. However, it appears that this story should be approached from a different prospective.

According to the source in law enforcement agencies, Pavel always stood out among other investigators at the Ministry of the Interior: he had year-round tan, pedicure and manicure, great muscles that he maintained everyday at an expensive gym, etc. Karpov never had any money issues, even before the whole Magnitsky business. According to our source, the investigator’s well-being and meticulous care he takes after himself have a simple explanation. For many years Pavel has been a close friend of an extremely rich and extremely influential businessman. "Of course, this businessman is not as rich as Abramovich, but he made it to the Russian Forbes hundred of richest and his position there is quite high," said the source, though reluctant to give the name of the businessman. Our source also said that Pavel, despite the strong friendship with the oligarch, does not shy away from the pretty girls. As an example, the source mentioned the romance between Karpov and Masha Malinovskaya that erupted in early 2013. "It is clear that there will be no wedding because Pavel will not part with his friend, but his friend also will not give Pavel away to some Masha. Perhaps he would have gladly taken Karpov to France now, where new amendments to the legislation have been introduced, but the Magnitsky list is a hindrance", says our source.      

After searching the Internet, Rumafia reporter found several Ukranian web-sites that had photos from the Masha Malinovskaya’s 32nd birthday party. The event was held in January 2013 in one of the priciest restaurants in Odessa. Mass media pointed out that during the celebration the TV star introduced her new boyfriend to the other guests. Watch video.

"Popular TV host Masha Malinovskaya appeared at her birthday her with her new lover. It turned out the new boyfriend is a Moscow businessman under the name of Pavel. Masha still keeps a secret what business he is engaged in, but she says she is deliriously happy in this relationship. Guests could see the happy couple cuddling. Pavel followed Masha everywhere, was holding her by the waist and looked into her eyes with tenderness," says one of the articles.

From pictures and videos from the event one can easy see that the mysterious Pavel is Pavel Karpov on the Magnitsky list. It is noteworthy that Maria Malinovskaya told reporters that she had decided to celebrate her birthday in Odessa not only because she is now living in the city. She also wanted to avoid Moscow reporters who could cover the celebration “in a wrong way”. Rumafia opinion is that Moscow mass media was also likely to uncover the identity of the mysterious boyfriend.

Russian media posted only few photos from the celebration. was the first to do it. However, for some reason all the information was taken down quickly.

After just three months Pavel Karpov made a completely different public appearance. On 27 April 2013 Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev met with six former and current law enforcement officers, including Karpov, whose names were included in Magnitsky list introduced by the USA, and assured that this American document will have no legal consequences for them.


"No decisions by any other foreign state that it should make in respect of our fellow citizens can or will have any legal consequences for the citizens of our country ... Any such acts made by representatives of other states, any resolutions in these acts will not affect the citizens of the Russian Federation and in no way should the law-abiding citizens of the Russian Federation worry about such acts, whether the citizens are civilians or military personnel, as long as they do not commit any crimes, "said Kolokoltchev

According to Hermitage fund used as the bases for the Magnitsky list, "Major Karpov played a key role in the theft of 5.4 billion rubles from his fellow citizens. He personally led a fictitious criminal case in accordance to which all title documents and financial records of the three companies in Hermitage fund were confiscated and handed over to him by Lieutenant Colonel Kuznetsov. Then this documentation was used for re-registration and seizure of these companies, judicial rulings fraud and theft of 5.4 billion rubles from the Russian Federation.” According to Hermitage, lawyer Sergei Magnitsky wrote a statement about these thefts, after which he was sent to prison, where he died.

Pavel Karpov worked at Main Investigative Directorate at Moscow branch of the Ministry of the Interior and later at the Investigative Committee of the Russian Interior Ministry, from which he resigned in July 2012. Hermitage fund announced that Karpov’s family members own property worth more than $ 1 million.